Email Service Providers Revealed: Which One is Right for Your Jewelry Business.


Does email marketing for your jewelry business overwhelm you? Are you uncertain about what the difference is between Constant Contact, MailChimp or many others?

Building a web presence for your jewelry business is tedious enough! Selecting an email marketing provider shouldn’t be. We’ve broken down some of the big guns here to demystify this whole topic. We’ll show you which ones have the most useful qualities so you can target your DREAM clients and keep them clicking on (and reading) your newsletters!


  • Economical, free for up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails.

  • Website form builder

  • Lush auto-responder capacity

  • Mobile friendly

  • Social media integration

  • Split testing

  • Simple list segmentation capacity

  • Strong analytics

  • Overall great options to cater specifically for your biz


  • List segmentation (compared to competitors) is quite simple

  • Various email templates are not as customizable as others



  • $1 month trial with a 30-day money back guarantee

  • Comprehensive list segmentation

  • Website form builder

  • Unlimited autoresponder messages and sequences

  • Detailed analytics for tracking

  • Flexible design templates and themes


  • No free service after the trial period

  • Not as user friendly–bigger learning curve



  • Detailed list segmentation

  • Simple autoresponder

  • Customizable templates

  • Drag and drop editing

  • Permission-based email marketing for few subscribers

  • Social media integration


  • Does not have a lush autoresponder system so can be difficult to create multiple opt in offers

  • No free email marketing options



  • Comprehensive resources for email marketing

  • Helps make it through spam filters

  • Simplified “How’s” and “Why’s” of email marketing

  • Provides surveys and tracking

  • Affordable entry level option at $10/month


  • No Free marketing option

  • list segmentation is very basic

  • Not as many autoresponder options


  • More advanced email marketing integrations

  • Date based autoresponders

  • Custom design or template options

  • Split test subject lines

  • Analytics for tracking

  • Pay per campaign for those who rarely send emails

  • Affordable entry level pricing


  • Complex for beginner marketeers

  • Can get pricier as subscribers jump up

  • Not as user friendly


So there you have it! There are many others email providers out there. If one of these isn’t for you, go ahead and do your research, decide which PROS you need to create a successful email marketing strategy.

We want to hear from you! In the comments below, tell us the following:

1. What is holding you back from creating an email marketing campaign?

2. Which email service provider are you using? What do you like about them?

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8 Responses to Email Service Providers Revealed: Which One is Right for Your Jewelry Business.

  1. A major con of Aweber, at least insofar as moving your list from another emailer, is that everyone on your list must positively opt-in to your list again when you move. This is going to cause a lot of your list to be lost. Mail Chimp does not require this. I’m not sure about the others mentioned. We’re on Constant Contact and looking to move, but Aweber is out for us because of that loophole.

  2. I switched from Constant Contact to MailChimp a couple of years ago and have had absolutely no regrets! At that time CC was 2x the price of MailChimp for the same services. Also I find MailChimp easier and quicker to use than CC. I didn’t lose any of my list when I transferred over either as you can just import it. I did consider AWeber when I moved too, but they didn’t seem as user friendly/intuitive as MC.

  3. Wow this article came at the perfect time! We are with constant contact now however we want a program with a better auto-responder! AWebber looks the best however a bit nervous with the complexity!
    Thanks so much for the research on this!

  4. Nothing is holding me back, I actually send out a newsletter! I love Mailchimp right now because its really easy for me to use and suits the needs I have in my businesses!

  5. Thank you for such an informative and timely article!
    I signed up with AWeber recently just to test it out but will be switching to MailChimp due to the learning curve and user-unfriendliness. As someone just starting out, there are a boatload of things to piece together (website, email, blog, branding etc), MC seems to be a time saver. Plus I love the interface and design.

  6. Just started using Mail Chimp. It’s taken a few week for me to start liking it. Mail segments are a pain in the a** and I hate how I have to enter emails in separately for everything (I want a cut and paste option). Making groups also is a hassle. I’ve condensed all emails into one list which is making things easier now. Some of the options they offer which would make things “simpler” are actually quite complex to start up. I’m keeping it basic for now and so far so good.

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