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Does Your Jewelry Brand Need a Makeover?

Ready to start attracting your DREAM clients and raving fans, so you can cultivate a crave-worthy brand and increase sales?

Finish this sentence: I wish …

… making sales was easy

… there were more hours in a day

… I could get online orders all the time

… I had more help and my jewelry business was fun again.


I know. I’ve been there, too. If you’re left wondering how those other designers make more, do more, and sell more with their jewelry businesses, then this is for you, m’dear!


A 10-Day Brand Makeover Party

Get Bite-Sized Branding Lessons

Fall in Love With Your Jewelry Biz Again


So whether you’re a maker handcrafting your jewelry, or a seasoned designer who just can’t get to the next level...  find out what’s missing in your branding and how to skip past the mistakes that trip up most independent jewelry designers and makers.


Simple! We love this industry, and we want YOU to experience all the joy it has to offer. The joy that comes from living your life from a place of creativity, passion and freedom.

We operate out of abundance and believe there’s MORE than enough to go around. When we support one another we have the opportunity to learn – to Flourish & Thrive!

During this brand makeover, you’ll:

  • Start attracting your DREAM clients and raving fans, who want to buy everything you make -- then tell their friends about it, too.
  • Hurdle over your doubt and insecurities, so you can make more sales,  get noticed, and fall back in crazy love with your jewelry business. And …
  • Cultivate a crave-worthy brand that creates emotional connections with your ideal clients and accounts. After all, people don’t buy jewelry because they need it. They buy because they WANT it.


That’s why you’re invited to give your jewelry brand a makeover.

Click the button to watch the videos and get started.

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From Our Students


My business has grown from a friends and family jewelry business to having an expansive yet focused clientele with a solid foundation.



I went from wide-eyed and clueless to quitting my full-time job to work on my business!



My list of paying customers grew by 2500%, my social media following has skyrocketed to 16,000 and I now run a successful jewelry business that is bringing in 5 figures a month.



F&TA has breathed life into an industry I’ve been in for over 15 years! It feels new and exciting again – Thank You both SO much!


Special thanks to our F&TA designers: Bella Vita Jewelry (& Travis Peeples), Gilded Grey Jewelry, Kristen Baird Jewelry, Studio Jewel, Juvelan and Bohemi Jewelry for use of their amazing maker videos.
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