F&TA DREAM Client Intensive

::Attention Jewelry Designers::

Want to learn how to connect with your DREAM clients so you can create a steady stream of raving fans, abundant sales and loyal clients for life?


(it’s easier than you think)

F&TA:: DREAM Client Intensive

We have created a 14-day virtual mastermind course specifically for jewelry designers who want to effortlessly attract their DREAM client and leverage them to increase their sales:: regardless of their business model.

Does this sound like you?

  • You aren’t hitting your sales goals and/or you don’t have enough sales to sustain your jewelry business.
  • You have difficulty getting enough clients to pay yourself or to grow your business at the rate that you desire.
  • You have customers that buy from you once, but never again.
  • You are afraid that if you don’t try to appeal to everybody that you will lose potential clients.
  • You find that your marketing efforts are fruitless and you don’t understand why.
  • You have difficulty honing in on your design process and your collection because you are trying to please every client rather than the RIGHT client.
  • You have zero or very few raving fans who consistently talk about your work

If you are twirling your rings, clenching your teeth
and fiddling with your necklace because this is “YOU”,
then the F&TA DREAM Client Intensive is the perfect solution!

By the end of the class you will have a crystal clear picture of the following:

How to create crystal clear picture of your DREAM client

For the longest time you have been designing jewelry with abandon. Sometimes you design toward your taste and sometimes you care toward others. Unfortunately, you can never seem to encourage repeat business and it is a struggle to sell each new piece. Finding your DREAM client will help bring both cohesion to your collections and a band of loyal clients who are dying to purchase again and again!

How to let go of trying to please everyone so you can focus on the ones who matter

You think your jewelry is for EVERY woman, but as you brave the stormy waters of trade shows, etsy, and beyond your products just don’t sell like they should. Since your sales are low you try to reach out to EVEN MORE potential clients and it is exhausting! We will help you laser target your DREAM client so that every person you market to LOVES your jewelry.

How to create a framework for how & where to find your DREAM clients

You may know exactly the type of client who will fall in love with your jewelry, but as you reach your marketing fingers out into the wide world of jewelry you can’t seem to find her anywhere! No matter what rock you overturn, she always seem to evade your reach. You are hemorrhaging money on marketing with meager results. We will show you how to build a marketing plan that ATTRACTS your DREAM client to YOU!

How to target your DREAM client where they are hanging out regardless of your business model

You don’t have time to go to trade shows every weekend, but your etsy account just isn’t getting enough traffic. Or maybe you are trying to market your line to brick and mortar stores and you can’t drum up any interest. Your business model fits perfectly with your lifestyle, but it isn’t effective in attracting clients. We will show you how to keep your infrastructure in place and still reach your DREAM client.

How to use what you have learned to increase your sales by finding your DREAM client

You have used all the sales tricks in the book, your collections are beyond beautiful, and you are ready to handle any and every order that comes your way… but your bottom line sits stagnant on the floor. We will show you how to leverage your DREAM client avatar to massively increase sales!

Here’s why you’ll this Intensive:

In the past collective 40 years in business, Tracy & Robin have really seen and experienced everything.

Get ready to learn the secrets that Tracy has used to reclaim herself from jewelry business failure to a highly successful jewelry brand with many loyal clients who consistently spend a lot of cash!

Access to the wealth of wisdom that Robin amassed from her time as the Director of Sales for an uber successful jewelry brand.

We’ve created a step-by-step program that will help you go deep inside the mind of your DREAM client so you’re never wondering where to find her again. And once you have that knowledge, you can direct all of your sales and marketing efforts to keep her as a repeat client for life.

You will soon learn that turning non-DREAM clients away will actually help INCREASE your sales figures.

Before taking the course I didn’t have a specific person in mind when I was designing my collections, I just tried to market to everyone. Now that I know exactly who I am targeting, my sales have doubled. I am no longer making pieces just to make them and I am not wasting time and money trying to market to the wrong people.

Andrea Wysocki


At the time I took the DREAM Client Intensive, it felt revolutionary because I had never stopped to really think about it before. Taking the course helped me change design directions when I realized that she was someone quite different that I ever expected.

Jane Bartel Viscidi


How else is this intensive going to change your life?

Our bite-sized lessons are built to ignite your creative juices and reduce the overwhelm that most people experience when doing DREAM client work. Our goal is to help you:

  • Feel super excited about digging deep into doing this DREAM client work because you’ll finally have a clear picture of her like she is standing right in front of you (or he is standing right in front of you).
  • Discover that the work of finding your DREAM client is cut out for you in about 30 minutes a day with simple, bite-sized exercises (sure to get the juices flowing).
  • Have so many inspired ideas about where to find your clients online and in real life that you’ll create a steady stream of income for your jewelry business in no time (that’s no joke).
  • Feel so confident and comfy when contacting your DREAM Client that it will be like you’ve known her forever (sort of like your BFF).
  • Use everything you have learned to maximize your marketing efforts, saving you valuable time so that you can focus on the things you love (like designing jewelry).

This all sounds like great stuff right? Want to know how we are going to do it?


Let’s break the program down

This intensive will take you through each step of identifying then finding your DREAM client.

In addition to daily trainings and client work, you’ll get our insider tips & tricks to finding where your DREAM client actually is.

Plus, you’ll get to play around with some fun DREAM client avatar building on Pinterest. How cool is that??

We also have a treasure chest of recorded Q&A calls from jewelry designers just like you! Break the curve by learning from their struggles, successes, mistakes, and victories.

Our intensive is all bundled into 14 days of fun that will have you attracting the perfect jewelry customers left and right in no time!

It’s sort of like having a GPS tracker on your future clients so you never have to wonder where to find her (or him) again!

This process is so essential it will soon become the cornerstone of your prosperous business!

Super bonus…

We are offering the DREAM Client Intensive TODAY ONLY for just $49.

This is the only time we will EVER offer the class at this price, so if you want IN – click the Buy Now button below!

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How it all works:

This is a 14-day online mastermind, meaning you can access the course from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

  • Daily assignments are delivered every day direct to you via email.
  • Recorded Webinars and Q&A sessions, conducted by Tracy & Robin, involving other jewelry designers during the search for their DREAM clients.
  • You will have access to a private Facebook group as our virtual classroom.
  • We (Tracy & Robin) will spend time in the Facebook group giving you personal feedback and answering anything about the course that puzzles you.
  • You’ll get oodles of support from your fellow classmates – you will be bouncing tons ideas and thoughts off each other and there will be plenty of cheerleading!

If you want in on this 14 days of DREAM Client clarity, click the payment button and presto – you’re in!

The DREAM Client Intensive really helped me dig deep and visualize who my customer is. I’ve changed my marketing and outreach to better target her, so that not only is my work getting into her hands more often, I’m no longer trying to cast such a wide net and missing the mark as a result.

Simone Richmond


Want More Details?

Here’s the full course curriculum in a nutshell:

  • A 2-hour recorded Q&A phone session where Tracy & Robin have answered tons of burning questions from jewelry designers just like you!
  • Private virtual Facebook Group with full access to Tracy & Robin and your awesome jewelry designing peeps
  • 14 days of fun, digestible assignments that will help you dig deep into who your DREAM Client is

Week 1 :: Getting to know your DREAM Client like a bestie

  • “Oh, no you didn’t!” Learning about your DREAM Client’s fears
  • 10 things you must know about your DREAM Client
  • Before (the course) and After (the course) DREAM Client comparison
  • A 1-hour recorded Q&A phone session with Tracy, Robin, and a group of jewelry designers in search of their DREAM client.

Week 2 :: Getting down and dirty with your DREAM Client

  • Say goodbye to guessing who your DREAM Client is and say hello to knowing her like a BF
  • Be “in the know” with who your DREAM Client is to make marketing to her (or him) ooooooohhhhhh so much easier
  • Totally fun researching methods to discover more cool things about your DREAM Client
  • Learning from your existing clients
  • One 2-hour live Q&A phone session with Tracy, Robin, and a group of jewelry designers in search of their DREAM client.

Are you ready to meet your DREAM Client?

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I have said this before and happily say it again! Most importantly [The DREAM Client Intensive] helped me stop wasting money on shows and marketing where my DREAM client would not be, and helped me focus in on a strategy that engages my DREAM client where she and her friends gather. If you do the work it will help your business!

Heather McNair Horsey


The DREAM Client Intensive really helped me with my design process and putting together a cohesive collection. Now as I design, I think about what she (my DREAM Client) would wear and what she needs in her wardrobe instead of just making whatever I feel like making.

Amy Martin


The DREAM Client Intensive really helped me with my design process and putting together a cohesive collection. Now as I design, I think about what she (my DREAM Client) would wear and what she needs in her wardrobe instead of just making whatever I feel like making.

Rain Hannah