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  • Meanwhile, you’re sick of putting in all of this effort into trunk shows, social media and website traffic without making money
  • All your friends and family tell you they love your jewelry, but you have no idea how to turn those compliments into sales outside of your “network”
  • You struggle to build steady demand and get the RIGHT kind of wholesale, online, and media exposure for your jewelry business
  • You feel exhausted or overwhelmed all of the time, because you’re pulled in so many directions and don’t know where to start
  • You scratch your head wondering how those “other” independent jewelry brands get so many people sharing their work
  • The idea of earning five-figures a month feels like a pipe dream

You probably left your job (or you have one foot out the door) because you wanted to get away from all of the 9-5 madness and be on your own schedule.

You CAN make a comfortable living as a jewelry designer — but you can’t do it alone.

Here’s what the top independent jewelry brands are doing differently than you — every successful person you admire, without exception, got to the top because they received help.

Now that I have your attention, let’s start to shift the way you see running business.


Of course, in our industry, the hardest part is finding the right people who are willing to share the right information in the first place.

Carefully guarding their valuable secrets to success: material distributors, outsource methods and marketing strategies, jewelry designers can be a competitive and therefore tight-lipped bunch..

We get it. Robin and I (Tracy) have both worked in this industry for over 20 years each and finding someone willing to share these types of insights is rare.

In fact, you may be wondering…


Simple! We love this industry, and we want YOU to experience all the joy it has to offer. The joy that comes from living your life from a place of creativity, passion and freedom.

We operate out of abundance and believe there’s MORE than enough to go around. When we support one another we have the opportunity to learn – to Flourish & Thrive! That’s why we’ve made community, connection and collaboration a HUGE part of this program.


You won’t find this level of inside information, community and support anywhere else.

If you’re ready to join nearly a thousand independent jewelry designers and makers who have created their own engaging (and profitable) jewelry brands and become our next success story allow us to introduce...




Laying the Foundation Live is our signature eight-week virtual program designed to teach you how to create desire and demand for your independent jewelry brand, you’ll build your DREAM business that supports your lifestyle and allows you to unleash your creativity to yield cash, clarity and freedom.

We’ll give you the insider secrets to promoting desire for your jewelry through collection development, effective (and profitable) pricing, marketing and PR, and cutting-edge sales techniques.

We’ll teach you how to identify, locate, and connect with people who are already primed to fall in love with your jewelry – we call them your DREAM clients.

And we’ll help you replace all the fear, doubt, and overwhelm that comes with starting your own independent jewelry brand with peace, motivation, and confidence in all your business activities.

We’ll quickly and practically show you the fundamentals of building an engaging jewelry brand that gives you the freedom and independence you crave as a designer.

Heard enough?

Discover How to Get Your Jewelry Worn and Shared by More of Your DREAM Clients.

We’ll give you the best kept secret in the jewelry industry up front…

Jewelry sells best when it’s desired.

People don’t buy jewelry out of necessity. They buy jewelry because they WANT it. They buy jewelry because it makes them feel beautiful, fashionable, unique, and gives them a story.

Selling jewelry isn’t about convincing prospects to buy; it’s about creating a burning desire to share your brand. It’s about sharing your jewelry with the world and allowing your story’s magnetic force to attract a crowd of raving advocates who become lifetime customers.

Once you’ve learned to promote desirability, everything else will fall into place.

Flourish-Thrive_ComputerOf course, that’s easier said than done which is why we created Laying the Foundation for you.

As your Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founders, Laying The Foundation isn’t something Robin and I just recommend and lead. It’s something I’ve used to scale my own design business and Robin has taught these exact sales strategies to independent jewelry brands.

As an emerging designer, I had a stable corporate job. But I knew I was meant for something more and I wanted out of retail hell, working long hours every single weekend and holidays.

So I started making jewelry as a creative outlet and was LOVING it! Friends and family wanted pieces so I knew I was on to something.

It got to the point where my husband at the time and I agreed. I would leave my job to pursue my design business full time. Suddenly I had all the freedom I needed to create what I loved.

As you might already know, stepping into a new venture with no structured plan to scale the business can get messy fast. I was more than obsessed with making the Tracy Matthews Designs, Inc. collection perfect, because that was way easier than going out and getting sales.

When I walked into stores with my jewelry, I felt like a fraud and didn’t think they would take me seriously.

Well meaning friends and family would give me advice but it was never the right advice for my business model. And so none of it was really relatable.

It got to the point that my husband stepped in and gave me an ultimatum to make sales or go back to a regular job.

So I put together a proper business plan and started selling at trade shows. There was no way I was going back to retail hell.

That's when business skyrocketed! Over the course of 11 years, I was in 350 stores and we scaled up to nearly $4 million in total revenue.

During that time, I met Robin at a trade show. She was the Director of Sales for Dogeared Jewels & Gifts. Robin helped Dogeared grow from a small company into a well-known jewelry brand. Sales grew over 800% in just a few short years.

The line went from being sold in specialty boutiques to include major department stores and chains like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus Direct, Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor, Von Maur and South Moon Under. Robin and I became fast friends and I was all ears when she gave advice about how to grow my own brand.

Like many designers at some point in their career, I made the move to New York City and by then I even brought four team members with me. I paid for them to move, and we started showing internationally in Paris and London. My jewelry collection was sold in 350 stores. I even got an order from QVC. That’s when I started losing money because all of the new opportunities I was exploring were with the WRONG audience.


So while my jewelry was in Twist, Sundance Catalog, Fred Siegel, Anthropologie, and Bloomingdales and celebrities like Halle Berry, Orlando Bloom, and Jessica Alba were wearing my pieces, I was barely covering payroll. Working hard to please the wrong customers sent my business on a downward spiral for 6 months.

After telling myself time again and again I couldn’t afford it, I finally invested in a consultant to show me all the holes and gaps.

With the help of my consultants and some serious soul-searching, I decided to switch directions and move into a different business model. Most of what I learned in the first 11 years of my design business was trial and error and being a constant student of how to market my jewelry.

Eventually, I made the decision to close TMD, Inc. and file for bankruptcy.  


And then I started over, this time I started my business the right way knowing my audience, and having someone else show me what was missing. It was a huge shift! I felt like the skies opened up and angels looking down on me were giving me the thumbs up... cue operatic music. 

Within 18 months, I had the most profitable month in the history of my jewelry design career— to the tune of 30k in profits.

AND the profits keep climbing!

When I first started out I always said to myself, “I wish there was someone who would teach me everything I needed to know about about starting and running a jewelry design business so I could spend more time being creative and focusing on the things I love.”

When I look back at the last two decades of my career. I’m so grateful I got help when I did. It changed my life!

I was no longer walking around in the dark without a flashlight trying to find my why. I now had the clarity and vision to see exactly what needed to happen to create a business that was profitable and supported me.

At the end of the day, I really didn't want anyone to have to go through what I went through. I built a business to nearly 4 million dollars in sales, and then in one year, the whole thing spiraled out.

Laying the Foundation Was Born…

That’s when I reached out to to Robin to grab coffee with me in NYC, I proposed the idea of an online “school” to teach aspiring designers everything they needed to know about building the jewelry business of their dreams. But most importantly to make it fun in the process.

So independent jewelry designers could skip past all the mistakes and quickly grow into a profitable jewelry business that fits their creative vision.


Robin was instantly interested and we both knew we wanted to create something that was way more affordable than the $1500 a month I paid a private consultant for two years.


We created Laying the Foundation for designers like you who don’t want to feel trapped by having to run the business while not getting the sales results you deserve.

Instead, we will show you how to come from a place of service and make sales naturally using what we call the Sharing Economy method.

Your clients will become your raving fans telling your story and practically selling your jewelry for you.

So that you have more time to spend with the people that matter most to you, knowing you have the right mentors by your side, and getting back to your zone of genius of designing and being creative.



  • Transform your passion for design into a successful and desirable brand
  • Turn your customers into raving fans (as well as your best sales reps and media channel!)
  • Uncover your brand voice and the confidence to shout it from the mountain top
  • Effortlessly leverage your PR and marketing to put a spotlight on your jewelry
  • Create a burning desire and buzz for your jewelry brand
  • Drastically increase your profits by discovering how to set your business up the RIGHT way
  • Create the life you’ve always dreamed of while doing what you love



I now run a successful jewelry business that consistently makes more than 5 figures monthly.

I started FT&A with a full-time job and a jewelry-making hobby. Fast forward 9 months– after implementing the very helpful and actionable tools Tracy and Robin provided, I was making enough profit to quit my full-time job and move my production from my dining room table to my a professional design/office space. Before Laying the Foundation, I had exactly 32 paying customers. Since taking LTF, I'm over 8,000 paying customers and 34.6K followers on Instagram. I now run a successful jewelry business that consistently makes more than 5 figures monthly and best of all, I get to work doing what I love. I pinch myself every day. —MELISSA CAMILLERI, SHOPCOMPLIMENT.COM

Before taking the course I hated sales, now I feel excited to approach wholesalers and they’re saying yes after one visit!

Before taking the course, I had on my vision board "find the perfect sales person," because I hated sales so much and felt this was holding me back more than anything. Robin and Tracy gave me tools, advice, and most importantly the correct context for approaching sales in a way that feels really good and is extremely effective. Since the course, I reached out to three local stores for wholesale opportunities and two of them said yes to my line after one visit to their stores. I now feel excited, rather than dreadful, about introducing my line to potential wholesalers, and realized that *I* am that perfect sales person I was trying to manifest on my vision board. —ALLISON GEMMEL LAFRAMBOISE, PRASADAJEWELRY.COM


Instead of spending my weekends at markets, I focused on my website and the sales ROCKED this year!

Purchasing a home and a bout with breast cancer forced me to cancel a majority of my shows last year. I am happy to say that even in light of my life changes and challenges, I ended my year within $1000 gross sales of the previous year while taking back all of my weekends. Plus, instead of spending my weekends at markets, I focused on my website and it ROCKED this year! Instead of 3 web sales a month in the $60-$100 range, I averaged 3 web sales a day in the $300-600 range during the holidays! I would have never been able to figure out all of this information so quickly on my own. —ANA MARIA ANDRICAIN, JEWELOFHAVANA.COM




  • All of the essentials of marketing your business both on and offline, the things that your jewelry making training simply didn’t cover.
  • You will learn how to make your competition irrelevant as you implement the lessons that show you how to stand out and be seen by your DREAM clients.
  • Leave your fear behind as you gain confidence and charge what you’re worth.
  • Map out a six month marketing strategy and remove doubt about exactly what steps you need to take to ensure you are visible and selling without feeling sleazy.
  • Finally learn how to grow your social media following in a way that translates into clients without being constantly chained to your laptop.


Course begins January 30th, 2017




We’ll walk you through each aspect of developing a strong brand identity to create demand and desire for your brand. You’ll clarify exactly who your DREAM clients are so you can stop wasting time chasing the wrong customers and take one step closer to developing brand advocates who become customers for life. You’ll also identify your desired sharing proposition which will be the foundation for holistic, long-term growth toward your ultimate business vision.

  • Building Desire: The 3 Crucial Questions (and Answers)
  • Creating Your Brand’s DSP (Desired Sharing Proposition)
  • The Simple Business Road Map to Build Desire and Momentum
  • The Right Fit: The Truth About Your Desired Model for Business
  • Finding Your Inner Desire – Because YOUR Jewelry IS Worth It!
  • Course Kick-off Call with Tracy & Robin


During this week, you’ll have invaluable time to implement what you have learned. It will be your opportunity to find support and brainstorm with the community, bounce questions off of Tracy & Robin and get live feedback. We’ll also host an interactive collection review.

  • Free Time To Implement What You Have Learned And Soak Up The Content
  • Group Coaching Call With Tracy & Robin
  • Bonus Guests & Trainings


Learn to create a collection that fits perfectly into your DREAM clients’ hopes, desires, and expectations. You’ll merchandise cohesive collections, implement the right pricing formulas and create desirable branded assets. Discover the sweet spot between what you most enjoy creating & what your clients most want to buy.

  • The Truth About Merchandising to Attract Your Desired DREAM Clients
  • Defining Your Signature Style: The Difference Between Struggle and Success
  • Cultivating Your Assets Make Your Brand Irresistibly Desirable
  • Pricing Strategies for Stellar Sales (2 Part Series)
  • Group Coaching Call with Tracy & Robin


During this week, you’ll have invaluable time to implement what you have learned. It will be your opportunity to find support and brainstorm with the community, bounce questions off of Tracy & Robin and get live feedback.

  • Free Time To Implement What You Have Learned And Soak Up The Content
  • Group Coaching Call With Tracy & Robin
  • Bonus Guests & Trainings


This week we’ll talk about everybody’s least favorite topic… sales! But we’ll show you how to approach sales from a place of service to inspire the Sharing Economy. At the end of this module, you’ll feel comfortable and confident about sharing your jewelry in ways that attract brand advocates, increase sales, and move your business toward your goals.

We’ll also host an interactive collection review. You’ll have the opportunity to submit your collection. A select number of collections will be chosen for the review.

  • Easy (Not Sleazy) Sales Tactics: Principles of the Sharing Economy
  • The Sharing Cycle on Autopilot: Sell While you Sleep
  • Your Desired Outcome: Creating Reachable Monetary Goals
  • Understanding Revenues vs. Profits for a Business That Thrives
  • Interactive Collection Review Discussions and Q&A
  • Group Coaching Call with Tracy & Robin


During this week, you’ll have invaluable time to implement what you have learned. It will be your opportunity to find support and brainstorm with the community, bounce questions off of Tracy & Robin and get feedback. We’ll also host an interactive collection review.

  • Free Time To Implement What You Have Learned And Soak Up The Content
  • Group Coaching Call With Tracy & Robin
  • Bonus Guests & Trainings


This week, we’re busting the misconception that you need an expensive PR agency or marketing team to get exposure. Armed with with your fully developed Desired Sharing Proposition, you’ll be able to get the press and exposure your brand deserves with barely any budget. Soon your DREAM audience and brand advocates will be doing all the PR work for you!

  • Busting the PR & Marketing Illusion: Accessible Strategies and Tactics to Create a Desired Brand
  • Creating a Sustainable Marketing Plan that Builds and Grows a Desirable Brand
  • Simple and Effective Methods for Media Placement & Exposure
  • Leveraging Social Media to Build Desire in the Sharing Economy
  • Group Coaching Call with Tracy & Robin


During this week, you’ll have invaluable time to implement what you have learned. It will be your opportunity to find support and brainstorm with the community, bounce questions off of Tracy & Robin and get feedback. We’ll also host an interactive collection review.

  • Free Time To Implement What You Have Learned And Soak Up The Content
  • Group Coaching Call With Tracy & Robin
  • Bonus Guests & Trainings



20+ Trainings, Cheat Sheets & Checklists
to ensure that you’re taking action on what you are learning

Video Cliff Notes 
instant access to a summary of each video with your next action steps

The Complete LTF System
including videos, audios, slides, transcripts, and worksheets

Done-for-you Sales, Marketing and PR Scripts
these will save you the headache of figuring it all out the hard way!

100% Online Learning 
(+ mobile friendly) you can learn on the go and review the material anytime you need a refresher

6 Group Q&A Calls
you get the support you need as you implement the material

Private Facebook Community
connect with other designers and support each other to achieve your big dreams

Plus, You’ll Get the Following BONUS Gifts:


diamond-thinBuild A Successful Jewelry Store Without Laying a Brick with Andreea Ayers Creating an online store has become a pretty simple process. But making your store successful will require some strategic planning. Andreea Ayers will show you how to do both.

diamond-thin Grow a Profitable Facebook Group with Lauren Zavlunov  Your Facebook group is where all the magic happens with your raving fans. Lauren Zavlunov will show you how to let your dream clients create desire for your jewelry and brand.

diamond-thinHow to Attract Instagram Followers that Actually Buy with Melissa Camilleri Instagram isn’t just a numbers game. Melissa Camilleri will show you how to attract authentic and engaged customers who actually want to PURCHASE your jewelry.

diamond-thinGrow Your List and Explode Your Sales Bonus Discover why your list is pure gold and an integral part to your marketing machine. Flourish & Thrive will show you how to make sure you’re doing it right.

diamond-thinI HEART Batching: How to get a bunch of content written… all at once with Melissa Cassera Blog posts, articles, videos, social media posts, emails, and free guides… Melissa Cassera shares her strategies and shortcuts for creating them all.

diamond-thinEtsy Shop Optimization Strategies with Melissa Kaiserman Etsy is a great place to sell your jewelry IF you know how to stand out from the crowd. Melissa Kaiserman will show you how.




The information you receive in Laying the Foundation is the equivalent of consulting with either Robin or Tracy for 6 months. But that’s not all. You also get indispensable insight delivered directly from our hand-picked bonus speakers.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $14,000


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Our buyer was so impressed that they nearly tripled their PO!

F&TA gave me the tools to refine my jewelry collection to be more in line with my dream client, and the courage to approach a multi-store wholesale account at the very top of my dream client list! The buyer loved our line so much that to launch, they hosted three successful in-store events. The buyer was so impressed with our high sell through rate that they approved a PO nearly triple the original proposal. Our inventory sold out in less than a month and they immediately placed a reorder. Thank you Robin & Tracy – what you do everyday for our industry and for us as designers and business owners is truly outstanding! —JULES VANCE, WWW.JULESVANCEJEWELRY.COM

Working with Tracy and Robin has been a profound experience.

Working with Tracy and Robin has been a profound experience. I had a vision of growth but really did not understand what that looked like, as this was my first jewelry business. Through being a part of Flourish & Thrive, I was able to understand the landscape of what a thriving and successful jewelry business is. At the end of Laying the Foundation, I had successfully designed my first Summer collection and laid out an action-oriented plan to execute my first Ecommerce website which launched this past May. —JEANNE VERGER, JEANNEVERGERJEWELRY.COM


Tracy & Robin have saved me years in creating a successful jewelry business and the continued lifetime support is invaluable!

Tracy & Robin, you exude an infectious, uplifting aura that is encouraging and motivating. When I am not enough, I can turn to the Flourish & Thrive community to help me push through whatever is causing me to stumble. Whether through the private Facebook community, or reviewing a lesson I have already completed, I can find clarity in areas that are not my strengths and left to myself would leave my head spinning. Could I accomplish creating a successful jewelry design business on my own? Eventually, I might... but it would take many, many years and I think my sanity would be fleeting. I truly appreciate the invaluable, continued lifetime support Flourish & Thrive Academy offers. —JENNIFER LAWLOR, RIVERGLASSCREATIONS.COM

WARNING: This Program is NOT for Everyone

We only work with ambitious, aspiring designers who are serious about taking their businesses to the next level..

This Program is NOT right for someone who:

  • Already makes consistent sales every month whether or not you’re doing shows
  • Is only interested in designing jewelry as a hobby
  • Has mastered the art of sales and marketing (and gets results)
  • Knows how to get the RIGHT kind of wholesale, online, and media exposure
  • Has your pricing and collection development nailed down (without any doubts)
  • Isn’t open to learning new ways to managing time to improve your lifestyle and business
  • Doesn’t desire to explode profits and break past your earning plateau
  • Fears learning how to put yourself out “there” and going after your DREAM


This Program is ABSOLUTELY for you if:

  • You want a step by step plan for reaching new customers and making sales directly between shows
  • You’re tired of people saying your jewelry is a hobby, not a real business
  • Your biggest challenge is marketing and you have no idea how to begin
  • You want to stand out from all the other great designers out there and get your brand noticed
  • You struggle with pricing and merchandising your collections so they are in demand
  • You need help managing your time and staying focused to keep the doors of your jewelry business open
  • You have some sales, but they’re not consistent enough to turn much of a profit
  • You don’t want to appear pushy when you’re selling your jewelry, but you need more sales!


Like we said earlier – jewelry designers who structure their business the right way from the beginning feel more confident than those “just winging it.”

Why? Because they know exactly where they’re heading.

So, we have to ask — Where are YOU heading?

… the likelihood is you’re heading nowhere. Numerous studies have proven that those who fail to take immediate action are unlikely to EVER take action at all.

Translation: They’re left behind.

It’s funny because I know that only a small percentage of the people who have landed on this page will choose to take the next step. The majority of you will wonder if this is the right next step for you.

If you’re telling yourself things like…

I don’t have the time.
I’m already stretched too thin, maybe later.
Investing in myself is just too expensive right now.

We understand money can be tight when starting out — that’s exactly why we jam-packed this program with as much value as humanly possible for a fair + low price.

If you’re spending hours of your life on Google trying to find a tutorial that makes sense for you... then we want to show you how to get back to what you love — making jewelry!

Regardless of whether or not you decide to work with us, we encourage you to begin setting aside money to invest in business education right now.

Take it from us, and learn from our mistakes: That old saying about you being your best investment is the truth.

And then there will be some who realize this is EXACTLY what they have been looking for.

Just give yourself a minute to imagine what life would be like if you knew what the next step was.

You could create a plan of action you know will help your business grow. You’ll stop feeling scared about sales and marketing and start to feel confident about charging what you are worth.

Imagine sitting there with your friends and family... hoping and excited for them to ask you how business is going. You can’t wait to hit them with every last detail of the last three months of hard work.


  • Imagine enjoying long overdue vacation, without an ounce of guilt, because you’ve earned it.
  • Imagine savings in the bank for the first time in what feels like so long.
  • Imagine the sense of freedom that knowing where your next client is coming from brings.


It feels great, right?

Oh, and one more thing…

We offer LIFETIME access so you can keep improving your business as you learn and grow.

Don’t wait until 2018… invest in yourself NOW to create and live the life of which you’ve always dreamed.

How long can you carry on smiling through gritted teeth as you continue over giving and underearning?



I went from wide-eyed and clueless to quitting my full-time job to work on my business!

Before LTF, I was a girl with a hobby that I really loved. I went from wide-eyed and clueless to quitting my full-time job to work on my business! My biggest milestones have been: selling from my own website, opening wholesale accounts, creating relationships with industry manufacturers, building a focused social media following, and connecting with celebrities (who are wearing my jewelry)! The course is the reason I have a business today. —IRINA ZHAN, IVJEWELRY.COM

I’m so glad I didn’t wait to join this incredible community!

I was not sure I was even ready to take this course as my business is in the infancy stage. However, after today’s amazing collection review with Robin & Tracy, I’m so glad I didn’t wait to join. It’s helping me to edit my work and focus on one direction at a time. I love being able to rise and learn together in this incredible community. —TOBY MYLES, RIDELIKEAGIRLDESIGNS.COM


F&TA has breathed life into an industry I’ve been in for over 15 years!

The results from taking LTF have been amazing. My sales increased by 50% in 2014 from 2013 and my mindset changed so much that I was able to move into a new studio space and hire help. I feel confident in designing my first ‘real’ collections and excited to approach wholesale prospects now that I am armed with the right pricing and tools. I feel (and act like) a new person – F&TA has breathed life into an industry I’ve been in for over 15 years! It feels new and exciting again – Thank You both SO much!. —SIENNA KITTELMAN, ZOEANDPIPER.COM


Is this course ONLY for new designers?

Not at all! Laying the Foundation is beneficial for any designer who wants to build a better brand and make more sales. Whether you’ve only you sold a few pieces of jewelry, been in the jewelry biz for many years, or anything in between, we promise you our material will improve the way you design, market and sell your jewelry.

Can't I just Google this to get the training I need?

Yeah sure, you can probably Google all of this and sort of find what you’re looking for. But how will you know for if you haven’t built your design business successfully already. It’s going to take you years of trial and error – and even with hard-work and dedication, there is no guarantee that you will ever stumble upon a winning formula.

Tracy & Robin have collected everything you’ll need to know about building a successful, independent jewelry brand in this single course. Plus, they have over 40 years of combined industry experience and personal discoveries to share with you.

With Laying the Foundation you can leverage our experience and expertise to completely bypass the learning curve.

How can I be sure that Laying the Foundation will even help me?

Between the two of us (Tracy & Robin), we have over 40 years of jewelry industry experience. We’ve already been through all the roadblocks a struggling jewelry designer will face and we know exactly how to get you through them.

Also, as you may have noticed on this page, we have already helped nearly a thousand designers build the jewelry business of their dreams through our curriculum and coaching.

We have the insider knowledge and industry expert connections and we want to share them with you.

How will my business / life change after taking Laying the Foundation?


Here are just a few of the ways…

  • Your business learning curve will flatten
  • You will never feel alone or lost as you try to navigate the scary world of entrepreneurship
  • You can forget about the stress and overwhelm from not knowing exactly what to do to grow your business
  • You will be empowered with the exact steps you need to take to reach your goals
  • You will have a TON of support and guidance to keep you on the right track
What if I don't learn everything you've promised?

First of all, our course is a proven, step-by-step process for getting your jewelry in the hands of your DREAM clients, and creating a solid business out of your passion. So we really doubt you won’t love it.

BUT… we guarantee your satisfaction. So if you aren’t impressed by the curriculum for any reason, we offer a no-risk, money-back guarantee.

Try it out for two weeks! If you do the work, show us your results and you are still not satisfied, we’ll refund your money.


What if I don't have time to spend on an education course right now?

The truth is, you might never feel completely ready to invest both time and money in yourself. But once you take the leap and say, “Yes!” to evolving as a designer and an entrepreneur, you will wish you had done it sooner.

Plus, we understand how busy life can get. That’s why we offer lifetime access to the course. You can take it as slowly as you need.


Can I join anytime?

No. We only run this course LIVE once per year. So if you don’t register before January 26th, 2017, you will have to wait an entire year for another opportunity.

Will I get the call recordings?

Yes! Every Q&A call and interview we conduct will be posted on the member site. That way, if there is a call you can’t listen to live, you will always be able to listen at your convenience.


How long do I have to finish the course?

Forever! We offer lifetime access to Laying the Foundation so you can learn at your own pace.



Enter your info below and we’ll make sure you get the update as soon as the course is ready to open.

All fields are required.