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5 Last Minute Tips to Guarantee Stellar Jewelry Sales for Black Friday or Cyber Monday



If you are anything like me, I am sure you are already sick and tired of hearing about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Well here’s the deal, in the business of retail, whether online or off, Black Friday is part of the retail culture. What do you do if you haven’t quite prepared for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday incentive? Don’t panic, we have a few easy tips to insure stellar jewelry sales that are easy to implement (and perfect for those who like to procrastinate).

Tip # 1: Create an easy to implement time-based offer

There are many ways to create a time-based offer. The main focus should be implementation. You want to make sure that you are offering pieces of jewelry that can be easily produced (quickly) if you don’t carry inventory. The most important part of the equation is to create scarcity into the offer. Maybe it’s limited to a certain number of items. Ideally you want your offer to end on Black Friday at some point. While I am not a huge fan of discounting, Black Friday might be a good time to launch a sale or a 1-day discount for your best clients. Here are a few ideas for your offer:

  • X % off your entire website-get’s people shopping at a discount
  • Buy 3 pairs of earrings and get a necklace Free- encourages multiple item purchases
  • X pieces of Y necklace available at Z price-creates a feeling of scarcity especially when the availability is low.
  • Have an online sample sale with excess inventory or old merchandise that is discontinued.

Tip # 2: Email your Clients/List/friends and family

The fact of the matter is, your clients can’t shop if they don’t know about it. Make sure you communicate with your list (whether it’s a formal or informal list) of clients and tell them what you are up to. If you don’t have an email list, drop everything and start collecting emails now. Send out an email early in the day and follow up later in the day with a second email with the countdown to your time sensitive offer.


5 Last Minute Tips to Guarantee Stellar Jewelry Sales

Tip # 3: Use a Catchy Headline

Part of the bonus round for F&TA Volume 1 was our amazing PR tutorial with Melissa Cassera. Her favorite trick is using a catchy headline to promote your goods. She has a game called the Cosmo Headline Game. Pick one of your favorite fashion magazine (or even tabloid magazine) headlines and cater it to your audience. For instance, “Shop the season’s chicest holiday dresses,” is pulled from the December issue of Cosmo. You can tweak the wording a bit too cater it to your brand to “Shop the sparkliest holiday earrings for 15% off-today only.” Or “How to lose weight during the holidays” becomes “Time Sensitive: How to look great during the holidays with 2 easy steps.” You get the picture, have fun and play around with an interesting headline.

Tip # 4: Add Upsell Incentives

We spoke about this briefly above, but ideally, you want to encourage people to buy lots and lots of items. One way to encourage multiples of items is to create an incentive for high dollar amount or quantity purchases. These include things like, free shipping on orders over X amount or spend $X to get an additional Y off.

Tip # 5: don't Over think it

Listen to your gut. While the ideal scenario is to have had your BF or CM plan already built into your sales and marketing plan, any incentive is better than no incentive. Think of this weekend as a great way to kickstart your entire Holiday Sales. The most important thing is to set yourself up for success and stellar jewelry sales. So regardless if you decide to send out an email for Black Friday or Cyber Monday (or even small biz Saturday), make sure you do it. Follow up by congratulating yourself regardless of the outcome. Take action now:

  1. Write your offer and set up your email.
  2. Tell us what you decided to offer in the comments below!
  3. Come back next week and tell us how your sales went

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