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The 5-Traits of a 6-Figure Jewelry Brand

An inside look at how 6-figure makers call in repeat customers and reach their monthly sales goals without selling out or burning out.

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In just 60 minutes you’ll discover, how 6-figure brands:
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Build a solid customer base outside of their friends and family zone

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Price for profits and create best selling items (you’ll be surprised by this one)

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Have a wait-list of customers ready to buy

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Be an effective leader: work smarter not harder

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I doubled my sales from the previous holiday season… and I more than doubled my income for the entire year.”

- Alyssa Miner,

I’ve found that my business at least went up by 25%.”

- Ann Sanicola of Ann Sanicola Jewelry
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I’ve had a 200% increase in sales.”

- Peggy Houchin Jewelry

I made $35K. The next year, I more than doubled my sales, bringing in $75K.”

- Nicole gariepy, FantaSea Jewelry
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I went from one online sale every couple of weeks to multiple $300-600 sales every day.”

- Ana Maria Andricain, Jewel of Havana

Now, I’m doing so well that I quit my full-time job to focus 100% on my jewelry business!”

- Toby Myles, Ride Like a Girl Designs
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