An Inside Look at
a 7+ Figure Jewelry Brand


What 7-Figure Jewelry Businesses Do to Grow Big Profit Margins

and how YOU can implement the same practices (for immediate results)


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Discover How Top Jewelry Brands Structure Their Business for Growth

so that you can spend more time in your creative zone of genius, including....


The Consistent Actions High-Performing Creatives Take Every Day That Make Them Successful


The 3 Most Important Functions of a 7-Figure Business That You Can Implement Now to Grow Quickly.


The 7+ Figure Scale Ladder that Shows You Exact Actions to Take to Hit Your Next Growth Tier


Plus, Featured Case Studies and Real-Life Examples of How This Works.

Hi There,
I’m Tracy Matthews,

The 8-Million Dollar Maker!

If you’re a 6-Figure A-player jewelry business owner focused on breaking into the 7+ figure super bracket, my free training ‘An Inside Look at a 7+ Figure Jewelry Brand’ is your solution. I’ll show you how to fast track your jewelry business growth to scale your sales to 40K to 100K months by optimizing your internal structure for growth.

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‘An Inside Look at a 7+ Figure Jewelry Brand’ was created for a niche audience of creators, designers and jewelry business owners motivated to secure their businesses into, and for the future. It’s based on what I personally know in growing multiple businesses in the jewelry industry to 7 figures and beyond. I’ll also share case studies of brands who have used my system to scale to $400K to $1M in annual revenue set up so that you can see for yourself what it takes to reach those BIG goals you have.

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My sales increased 72% within 3 Months.

Twyla Dill,
Twyla Dill Designs

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I had a 430% increase in April and a $6000 increase in May.

Karina Harris,
Waffles and Honey


I went from extreme burnout to a 200% increase in sales with Flourish & Thrive.

Nicole Gariepy,
FantaSea Jewelry

My 7 Figure Scale Ladder highlights your next steps and exact actions you need to take to reach your next level of growth and sales success. What got you to 6-figures is not what’ll get you to 7-figures and I’ll show you exactly what that looks like.

Will I see you there?

An Inside Look at
a 7+ Figure Jewelry Brand


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