How to Find the Perfect Price Point for YOUR Jewelry...

(Plus Increase Sales, Profits, and Clarity in your Business)

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"How do I incorporate overhead into my pricing?"

"What markup do I use if my material costs are low, but my labor costs are really high?"

"How do I pay myself and include that in my pricing formula?"

"How do I account when the time and expensive model fees for designing something the first time?"

Those are just a few of the actual questions we receive about jewelry pricing on a weekly basis. Pricing is, by far, the most elusive challenge of building your jewelry business (and if it isn't a struggle for you, there is a good chance you might be doing it wrong!).

This is mostly because there are so many different business models, and such a wide range in the types of jewelry, that no single pricing formula can accurately cover them all. Even with the most flexible of formulas...

Cost of Goods Sold + Labor + Markup % = a Price that is merely ballpark figure meant to get you a little bit closer to your pricing "sweet spot."

The hard truth is...

There is No Perfect One-Size-Fits-All Method for Pricing Jewelry...

(Every Single Brand Is Completely Unique)

But there IS a perfect way to price YOUR jewelry! All you need to do is...

  • Know and understand all the important factors that are involved in pricing your jewelry for profit...
  • Determine the value of your jewelry as it's perceived by your DREAM clients...
  • Choose the correct formula based on the specific category of jewelry your designs fall into...

If that sounds like a lot to figure out... well it is. Determining the pricing “sweet spot” for your brand is not a short or simple process. That's why we've created...



$198 ONLY $49

After Implementing the Strategies in This Bundle...

  • Your DREAM clients will come out of the woodwork and buy from your brand because the cohesion between your signature style, your brand's core values, and your prices will stir desire for your jewelry.
  • You won’t have to worry about price resistance or meeting your customers “in the middle” because your prices will be perfectly in line with your DREAM client's expectations...
  • You’ll increase your profitability because once you start accounting for every expense your margins will skyrocket...
  • Selling your jewelry will be so much easier when the pressure of finding the right prices has been lifted and you are able to connect with your fans and clients on a personal level.

The Bundle Includes:


Advanced Jewelry Pricing Formulas

The Advanced Jewelry Pricing Formulas guide includes formulas to more accurately price for specialty situations like fine jewelry with expensive materials and gem stones, brands with high labor but low material costs, custom-made jewelry, and more!

We've said it once, we'll say it a thousand times... There is no perfect, one-size-fits-all method for pricing jewelry. Use this guide to find the perfect formula for YOUR jewelry business.


Jewelry Pricing Calculator

Do you have your perfect pricing formula picked out? All you have to do now is fill in the numbers and let our equations do the rest!

Plus, you can save templates for each piece of jewelry an use them for budgeting or to make accurate estimates before you get started with production for a newly designed collection.


Pricing Demystified

Pricing Demystified is an audio training that clears up all the blurry areas of jewelry pricing theory. Tracy collected all of designers' most common pricing questions and then answered them, in detail, one-by-one.

Curious how to incorporate overhead into your pricing? Wondering how to account for the time and expensive model fees when designing something the first time? We got you covered!

Plus the following worksheets:

  • Labor Rates Cheat Sheet - Curious if you are being over-charged? Are you under-valuing your own labor? Find out with this cheat sheet.
  • Pricing Variables Checklist - Every cost that goes unaccounted for in your pricing is robbing you of profits. Don't miss anything!
  • How to Stay Competitive - Do you find it impossible to compete with the rock-bottom prices of big box stores? We'll show you how.


$98 ONLY $49

It’s Time to Stop Playing the Guessing Game with Your Pricing!

You might be pricing too low...

You won’t be making enough profits to effectively grow your business. Or, even worse, you might not be making enough profits to even survive.

You’ll also run the risk of being categorized as a “low end” designer and even your DREAM clients will be turned away when your prices don't meet their expectations for quality.

What if you're pricing too high?

You won't make enough sales!

Even with a higher profit margin, once you've built a reputation for being an over-priced designer your brand won't last long. When the perceived value of your jewelry loses its credibility, your sales will plummet.

Don't miss any factors in your formula...

Because if you do, your profits are really going to suffer!

Without a detailed inventory of the total costs that go into producing each piece of jewelry, your prices are going to turn out low. And low prices impact growth, brand perception, and your quality of life.

There are a lot of different pricing variables (including several intangible ones). Make sure you include them all.

Are you using the correct formula for your business model?

Jewelry businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Each brand has needs different from the next. And when it comes to pricing, the effects of these differences become amplified.

A fine jewelry brand can't markup their cost of goods by 4x because pieces with gemstones would be astronomically expensive. A One-of-a-Kind brand can't simply calculate production costs because they also have to account for the time and costs connected with models for each piece.

Don't settle for a basic pricing formula when your jewelry is anything but!



$198 ONLY $49

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