The Custom + Fine Jewelry Growth Accelerator


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When you build your custom + fine jewelry business without a solid sales system or the right tools, you’ll attract difficult customers who end up wasting your time. 

The result: miniscule profit margins, massive stress, and a terrible experience for everyone.

So if you’ve ever…

Had a prospect ghost you after you’ve spent weeks of time designing and sourcing materials

Talked to someone who had unrealistic expectations of what’s possible

Found it challenging to get referrals from friends, family, and previous customers

Had a hard time converting cold leads into a customer during a sales conversation

Let me show you a more efficient, lucrative way to grow your custom, fine jewelry business.


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  • Landing high-paying clients who are practically begging YOU to design their engagement ring or reset Grandma’s ruby cocktail ring from the 80’s
  • Setting and communicating clear expectations with your pricing and the value you deliver to increase your average order value, everytime
  • Building a referral network that is just an extension of your previous delighted customers so you barely have to market your business
  • Regularly having a waiting list of customers and repeat buyers who are primed and ready to commissions you for their next piece
  • Enjoying every sales conversations because you know that the majority of the qualified leads will convert at 75% of the time
  • All around just feeling profitable and wealthy because you’re landing projects from $5K to $50K or more each time


The Custom + Fine Jewelry Growth Accelerator

During this 6-Week Intensive, We’ll Help You Optimize Your Custom, Fine Jewelry Sales Process So That You Can Take On More Clients Without the Overwhelm Or Stress.

The Custom + Fine Jewelry Growth Accelerator is Designed Specifically for Fine Jewelry Brands Who Offer Custom, One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Like Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Heirloom Redesign, and Private Fine Jewelry Commissions For Individuals.

During this 6-Week Accelerated Sprint, You’ll…

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Develop a high converting custom jewelry “offer”

that attracts the best clients and pre-qualifies them

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Create a solid sales system

including sales call and follow up scripts, contracts, and customer presentation systems

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Improve your profit margins

with a pricing and production strategy that sets you up for the most profit

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Set up your CRM strategically

so that you’re delivering and incredible experience long after the sales

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Explore various options for production

and manufacturing to take on more clients and expand your design skill-set

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Generate organic referrals

with a solid long-term follow up process and customer appreciation system

Ready to uplevel your custom jewelry business?

Jennifer Dawes

"Working with Flourish & Thrive Academy has been like working on a Masters program for my business, but with a support system that is essential for any studio artist that works in solitude."

After being in business for 20+ years, I was burned out and ready to throw in the towel. My creativity had been sucked dry and I had nothing left for my family. Flourish & Thrive is like an MBA for artists. During the year we worked together, I was able to streamline my operation and save over $18,000 a month. I finally feel joy in my business again and can bring that home to my family.

KAJAL NAINA testi reduced

"Sold 54 pieces of jewellery and made $53k in sales in 10 days!!!"

Feeling like I’m walking in a dream. I launched my new collection last Tuesday. Sold 54 pieces of jewellery and made $53k in sales in 10 days!!! Today was my second $10K day and it feels surreal.


"It has worked!!"

On the advice of a coach, we upped our prices in hopes of attracting our dream client and IT HAS WORKED!! Even in this incredibly slow month we now have 4 fully custom engagement ring clients on the books and another 2-3 in beginning talks. This is the part of designing that I love and I am unbelievably excited!


Here’s what to expect during the 6-Week Accelerator

The Custom + Fine Jewelry Growth Accelerator

The 6-Week Intensive Style Program Is Structured Around One Training Session and One Feedback Session Per Week With Tracy and Our Expert Coaching Staff. Training Days are Monday. Feedback + Implementation Sessions are Fridays.

Week #1:

High Converting Custom Jewelry Offer

During the first week of the program we’ll walk you through how to use your website assets to convert more sales. You’ll create a high converting landing page, optimize your offer, create compelling marketing assets that improve conversions and build trust, and ask the right questions on your custom jewelry forms so that you repel the wrong people and attract the right clients.

Week #2:

Sales Conversations: Scripts, Language, and Systems.

The second week of the program is all about closing sales! We’ll walk you through and hand over sales scripts, language to increase sales call conversions, and hand over the systems that will make taking on new clients easy.

Week #3:

Production + Pricing: Increase Your Profit Margins

Price your product properly and produce your product efficiently and your custom jewelry offer will be highly lucrative. On the flip side, if you aren’t pricing or producing your custom work profitably, designing custom work will be a financial drain on your company

Week #4:

CRM Set Up: Tools, Options, and Basics

Having a CRM set up that you actually use for your custom work can be a huge benefit to growing your jewelry business. We’ll walk you through our favorite CRMs and help you get the basics set up so that you can work more efficiently and track customers effectively.

Week #5:

CRM Set Up: Automated Follow Up for Repeat Customers

After you get the basics of your CRM set up, we’ll help you optimize your CRM for long term follow up and repeat business. Your CRM process will be one of the most important things for long term success and follow up (ie. repeat customers and referrals).

Week #6:

Customer Experiences: Delivering a Great Experience That Gets Referrals

Now that you’ve got the customer, it’s time to deliver a great client experience! From keeping the vibe high to handling sticky situations (let’s face it, sometimes things go wrong), we’ll get you to a place where your customers are raving about your business to their friends and family – ie. referring you tons of new clients.

The 6-Week Sprint is Valued at $10,000

Your Investment: Only $3000

Your Head Coach:

Tracy Matthews

Hi there! I’m Tracy Matthews, a private jeweler who specializes in fine jewelry commissions like engagement rings, wedding bands, and heirloom redesigns. I’ve been a jewelry designer for over 25 years and have sold millions of dollars of my own jewelry.

For the past 12 years, my focus has been to create incredible experiences for my clients. The result? I often have a waitlist of people waiting to work with me, my previous clients come back to me whenever they need or want a new special piece of jewelry, and I barely market my business because I have so many referrals.

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It’s easy! My business is extremely profitable, brings in multiple 6-figures a year, and I work on less than 5 hours a week (by design). Whether you want to work 5 hours like me or 40 hours making beautiful high-end jewelry, I want to help you make more by developing a solid system in your custom jewelry business.

Here’s your official invite to join my custom jewelry growth accelerator.

Here’s your official invite to join my custom jewelry growth accelerator. My passion is helping jewelry brands scale with better systems and sales processes. I’d love to teach you mine so that you can have the same phenomenon in your business. Spend more of your time doing more of what you love – making your customers happy and creating beautiful jewelry.

tracy signature
Ashleigh Branstetter headshot

"I've been having consistent sales each month!"

Before I started Momentum, I would say my online sales were zero... I had people going to my website, but nobody was purchasing. Since starting the program, I've been having consistent sales each month! I totally feel supported with all the coaching I've received… If I had to describe Momentum in three words, I would say, ‘lots of support!

Gemma Rose

"It’s been empowering knowing that I can create sales."

Before it felt like I was at the whim of destiny - I would wait for it to come to me. I now have these tools that I can use whenever - I look at my numbers and think 'if I want to get from here to there I can do X,Y,Z'. It’s built my confidence. I feel more self reliant.

F_T - Testimonials V2_Katy Beh


It’s June 4th, and I just beat my last year’s TOTAL SALES for the whole year. Huge win!

– Katy Beh, Katy Beh Jewelry

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