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Customer and Community Success and Sales Associate!

Position Overview:

Flourish & Thrive Academy helps jewelry and creative product brands launch, grow, and scale their sales from start-up to 7+ figures in annual revenue.We are the premier online education resource for the jewelry industry by providing the best branding and business education, the best coaches, a top rated and recognized podcast, and the best industry networking opportunities.


The Customer and Community Success and Sales Associate is an integral part of our customer journey. You’ll be responsible for resolving customer issues and communicating with customers via our tech and social media stack (ie email, Intercom, Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger and social media comments), collecting on failed payments and updating billing information, managing our community conversations on social media platforms, and having sales opener conversations for new inquiries. 


You must LOVE helping and talking to people, feel confident in having difficult conversations while keeping a positive attitude, and feel savvy and confident with social media and having conversations on social platforms. You’ll also be involved in some administrative work for our programs to assist the operations manager and program lead to assist in delivering a great student experience.

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What we do:

We are the industry leaders in mentoring jewelry brands to launch, grow and scale successful 6 and 7 figure brands using our Desired Brand Effect Framework. To date, we have supported more than 8500+ designers, makers, and brands through our products, courses, and coaching programs.

Our main source of lead generation and revenue is through free masterclass, webinars, and workshops that lead into a sales funnel with traffic coming from organic social media, SEO, and paid advertising.


The position is remote with team members from around the world. The CEO lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. You will be required to be available to work during our business hours 9am - 6pm MST. We offer some flexibility for you to work when you’re most productive as long as you are available for meetings and to be online when our team is working.

This position is ideal for you if you…
  • Love working in a fast-paced environment and genuinely enjoy helping and serving people.
  • Call “Team-Player” your middle name and love collaborating with others.
  • Enjoy and maintain a high-productivity rate working remotely
  • Are highly organized with a high attention to detail
  • “Follow-Through” is your last name and nothing makes you happier than completing a task or project
  • Are solutions oriented and a great problem solver (ie. you google and research extensively before you ask a question)
  • LOVE learning new things and enjoy doing different projects throughout the day
  • Enjoy connecting with people, nurturing an audience, and providing insights on what resonates to do the best you can do in your job.
This position is NOT for you if you…
  • Get frazzled easily and don’t enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. 
  • Prefer solitude and working alone instead of being on a team
  • Get distracted in a remote environment and don’t enjoy it
  • Organization and staying on task is challenging for you
  • Have a hard time completing projects or tasks
  • Want your hand held and don’t take direction well when guided
  • Consider yourself shy and don’t enjoy talking to or communicating with people

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Responsibilities and Duties:

Email & Intercom Management:

  • Answer emails coming into both the main Flourish & Thrive support email inbox and the TracyM email inbox.
  • Research tech issues to resolution or ask for assistance if not able to resolve.
  • Handle customer billing, payment, and financial/billing issues and try to resolve, or come up with a game plan.
  • Manage any cancellations/refunds of courses/programs per the refund policy for each.
  • Triage any other misc. customer support issues and pass onto appropriate people if needed.
  • Ensuring all monthly subscription and course members are listed as active/inactive in the facebook community and google calendar based on their payment status.

Community Management | Social Media Engagement:

  • Follow our engagement strategy before and after posting content to increase our social media engagement
  • Check Instagram & Facebook Messenger for messages needing customer support help and send them to the support email for assistance
  • Engage people through social media DM’s who are looking for help with their jewelry business, send to courses, coaching programs, or other resources using Dirty Harry Sales method
  • Organically vet and engage with jewelry owners on social media who might be a great fit for one of our programs.
  • Manage all Facebook Business Page comments to see if there are any comments that need customer support attention and send them to the support inbox for assistance
  • Manage the Free and Paid Facebook Groups accepting new members, community management, posting schedule, and comments management
  • Reply to all comments on running Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Scheduling reminders and events on Slack, Social Media, etc.

Sales Support:

  • Respond to and triage all 9 Word emails guiding FTA community to our courses and coaching programs
  • Collect responses to “reply to” email comments in inbox for customer research and data for the marketing team
  • Support Sales Team in vetting candidates for sales calls or answering questions about programs leading to a sale
  • Open sales conversations for closers
  • Closing sales via email, DMs, and calls during launches
  • Behind the scenes support on webinars, masterclasses, and trainings

Misc. Tasks:

  • Create/update systems and SOP’s for all the tasks need to complete job for our SOP playbooks
  • Attend weekly team wide meetings, department meetings, and one on ones. 
  • Monthly ongoing skillset training, company training, and knowledge improvement directed by your supervisor.
  • Miscellaneous email correspondence with outside vendors.
  • Tracking your time in Toggle.
  • Assisting Leadership team with administrative tasks.
  • Proofreading and Quality Control for marketing assets.
Core Competencies:
  • Advanced Communication Skills: Ability to clearly and effectively communicate with customers, especially in resolving complex issues and maintaining a positive demeanor during difficult conversations.
  • Social Media Expertise: Skilled in navigating, engaging, and managing conversations on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.
  • Sales Acumen: Proven ability to understand customer needs and effectively pitch suitable products or services, leading to sales conversions.
  • High-Level Organizational Skills: Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities efficiently, including customer queries, administrative tasks, and community management responsibilities.
  • Problem-Solving Ability: Strong skills in identifying issues, researching solutions, and implementing effective resolutions, especially in tech-related customer queries.
  • Attention to Detail: Precision in handling customer data, billing information, and in following up on customer interactions and community posts.
  • Proactive Learning and Adaptability: Eagerness to learn new skills, adapt to changing business needs, and absorb training for continuous self-improvement.
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Time Commitment

The Customer and Community Success Sales Associate is a 35 to 40 hour a week position. Because this is a remote position, there is some flexibility in your schedule if you need to go to a doctor’s appointment or take care of personal things during the day. 

We operate on a launch model. During our launch cycle you will be required to work on weekends and longer hours during our sales periods several times a year. 

There is a 90 day trial period where you will be hired as an independent contractor. During that trial period we will train you and set 30-60-90 day KPIs to achieve. 

Full-Time Employment plus company benefits once the trial period is over.

BENEFITS: Health Benefits, Vacation Time, Paid Time Off (PTO), and Paid Holidays.

PERKS: Get paid to learn and improve your skillset

BONUS: Performance bonus paid for hitting KP!s and Team Goals.

MINIMUM WORK EXPERIENCE: 2-3 years of relevant experience a plus


How to Apply

If you’d like to be considered for this position,
please follow the instructions to submit your resume and information

APPLY by June 12th, 2024

DESIRED START DATE: June 20th, 2024

Any questions? Email Jennifer Stewart at [email protected]

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