What If You Could Skip Past ALL The Mistakes
“Most” Independent Jewelry Designers Make?

… AND Design Your Dream Jewelry Business
Complete with Consistent Sales, Exposure
+ a Proven Path to Success

You, m’dear, are ready to earn more and work less while becoming the next 'it’ girl (or guy) jewelry brand.

What you’re missing is a path that shows you the exact steps to take from where you are now
to your biggest dream scenario/goal/fantasy business.


  • It’s hit or miss with your sales, you get tons of views and likes but you really need helps with getting consistent sales
  • You tell yourself you’ll get it done, but at the end of the day, “it” often just gets pushed onto tomorrow’s list (you need some support and accountability!)
  • You’re busy when you get exposure but you can’t figure out how to stay there, especially online.
  • You often think that if only you could pick the brain of your favorite designer (or read the mind of the store owner you're trying to contact), then you would know exactly what you're doing wrong – and how to fix it!
  • You feel isolated because, well, running a jewelry business can be lonely (and your friends and family just don’t understand your challenges)

If you can relate to any of those… something needs to change SOON!

In this day and age of increased competition, fast-moving trends and complex sales & marketing strategy for your brand, it is essential to stay on top of your GAME (or you’ll get lost in the sea of indie jewelry designers).

You’ve designed jewelry, you’ve designed your brand, now it’s time to design your business.

But you can’t do it alone… 

Diamond Insiders has everything you need inside to go from barely keeping up to feeling accomplished with daily support and productivity tools.

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Diamond Insider members who are "all in" for at least a year notice big changes in their business. They go from scattered sales to focused growth by following our proven path to brand exposure and business success.

Tisha Abraham

Before Diamond Insiders, I felt completely alone in my business. I didn’t have a community to ask questions to or get a better understanding of how to grow. I didn’t know what I didn’t know! I was convinced Diamond Insiders was way above my head, my business wasn’t “ready” and everyone in there was way more advanced than I was, and couldn’t possibly be interested in supporting me in my little bead business. I’m so glad I took the leap!

I can share my doubts and frustrations right along with each success, grow my courage and confidence and share my own knowledge and support with an amazing group of designers. It’s a very small monthly investment for the access to information and resources you just can't find anywhere else.

I would absolutely recommend Diamond Insiders! I have a much clearer vision and thanks to all the information and support, I understand how to reach my goals. My business is growing at the pace that works for me in my life right now and since joining Diamond Insiders, I feel 100% more confident in my direction.

-Tisha Abrahamsen, Andre Glass

This is the ONLY membership out there designed to meet you at your stage in business and help you grow from having a business idea to earning multiple five or six figures, or even more (dream big darlings!), as an independent jewelry designer.


Follow the exact step by step guide to going from where you're to where you want to be, and learn how to track what matters most to measure your success.

Learn from special guest experts from all areas of the jewelry business, all while knowing you’re actually getting the right things done for achieving the success you’re dreaming of.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the fear that holds you back from having the business you desire, what if you could be the one in control of your success?

Just because you’re an independent business owner, doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. This is a community of kick ass jewelry brands that will be there to support, uplift, and inspire you.

The accountability is the added bonus and secret ingredient to the Diamond Insiders magic.

If you’re truly committed to taking action then you’ll be the one who gets results. Inside Diamond Insiders, you’ll know you’re focusing on the right things first instead of everything on your list. Forget your fear and take control of your business again. Move forward and finally experience that well-deserved sense of accomplishment. Check in and celebrate your progress, then know exactly what steps to take to make your business wildly successful.

That’s why we created 


This is not just another course, overwhelming you with piles of information and leaving you on your own to figure out what to do with what you’re learning. In Diamond Insiders, you will find the much-needed support and ongoing accountability to keep you moving in the right direction.

In other words, we’re bridging the gap between giving you insider information and inspiring you to implement what you learn in your own business.

Whether you’re ready to go from making some sales to generating steady revenue each month, or you're consistently making sales every month and looking to take your business to the next level, you’ll find someone who can relate inside Diamond Insiders.

Someone who has been where you're and someone who knows how to help you fill in the gaps. We’re bringing the jewelry world’s top influencers to you (and they’re ready to answer your questions)!

Diamond Insiders will be active and go beyond just being educational. Along with Tracy & Robin, you will have access to our coaches on a daily basis for support so you can get “shiz” done in your jewelry biz.

From hand-picked success coaches to specially-created, in-depth trainings, you’ll get all the knowledge and support you need to become a wildly successful jewelry designer.

We founded the membership on the idea that being a part of a like-minded community is the best environment for starting and growing a jewelry business.

And we’ve proven it over and over again with the success of our members!

Who Have We Helped Along the Way?


I joined almost a month after having major surgery and nearly having a huge mental breakdown. I wasn't sure if it would really help, but I decided to take the leap and join. I know I've said it before, but I'll never stop saying it.

Becoming part of DI was one of the best decisions I've made for our business. Tracy & Robin have helped me become more focused and driven. I love the weekly commitment and check-in posts, but I also love the camaraderie in the group. It's like having a second family, but one that understands the nuances and difficulties of having a jewelry business.

-Nyssa Stem, Shadow Box Studios

Our jewelry brand Juvelan had just started getting more attention from press and more after we launched our first bridal jewelry collection. Because of all the trainings in Diamond Insiders we’ve been able to grow our wholesale side of the business. Fredrik and I had no idea about how many things needed to happen when it came to managing a growing jewelry business.

Over the past 2 years, our business started taking off in ways we’d never expected it. Last year we did a full rebrand, and launched our very own online shop hosted fully on our website. During that process, I’ve repeatedly turned to the Diamond Insiders community to ask for peoples opinion on what works, or to get ideas on things we knew we somehow wanted to do but didn’t know how. (I even think the way we did our about us page is the result of that). We also grew the wholesale side of our brand to 17 stores (and we’re adding some more in the next months) in different countries in Europe.

-Johan VanDamme and Fredrik Andersson Juvelan.net

If only this had been around when I was starting out.

There was not anything like Diamond Insiders when I started making jewelry. I don’t even think Google was around yet! I can’t tell you how many days I stopped working at the end of the day, feeling like I had checked things off my to-do list but had gone nowhere in my business.

It’s true what they say that hindsight is 20/20. I can look back at each phase in my growth and see what I should have been focusing on at the time. And I’ve translated that into plans and lists and experts to share with you inside Diamond Insiders.

It’s great to have ideas, but if you don’t have support to execute them, you’re not going to move them forward. And obviously you’re not going to make any money from them.

Every business is constantly growing and evolving. Whether you need to map out systems, write production manuals, or step back from the day-to-day operations so you can focus on higher level leadership and meeting your BIG goals, Diamond Insiders has got you covered.

When I first started out, I often felt frustrated and confused about what I needed to do. I felt like I was spinning my wheels to put it mildly.

I always said to myself,

 “I wish there was someone who could tell me exactly what I needed to do so I could overcome these obstacles and reach my goals.”

During that time, I met Robin at a trade show.

She was the Director of Sales for Dogeared Jewels & Gifts. Robin helped Dogeared grow from a small company into a well-known jewelry brand. Sales grew over 800% in just a few short years.

The line went from being sold in specialty boutiques to include major department stores and chains like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus Direct, Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor, Von Maur and South Moon Under. Robin and I became fast friends and I was all ears when she gave advice about how to grow my own brand.

Now, we’ve created a platform where you can learn everything you need to know about starting and running a jewelry design business so you can spend more time creating and doing the things you love.

We knew we had to create resources to help indie jewelry business owners along on their journey. This is a huge industry with so much potential, and we wouldn’t want you to miss your opportunity because of a lack of support and accountability.

Each Month You’ll Master How To Become an Unforgettable Jewelry Brand by Following Our Proven F&TA Jewelry Brand Success Path

The membership has gotten a complete makeover and we’re so excited to invite you inside!

for the first time in 2018.

It’s designed to meet you at your stage in business and help you grow from having a business idea to earning multiple five or six figures, or even more (dream big darlings!), as an independent jewelry designer.

You’ll take a quiz to know you where you’re at and you can pull resources created specifically to support you at your stage in business…


Your Jewelry Idea Incubator

The jewelry idea incubator is the first stage to becoming a jewelry brand superstar. Here you're going to lay down the groundwork of your brand and create a strong foundation for your business.

This is just the beginning where you can take your business idea and build a solid model while checking off all the basic items you need to get started.


Here’s How You Will Implement What You Learn

Remember those late nights you spent banging your head on your workbench trying to find the solution to your current frustration?

Whether it be with an ordering system, a vendor, or your social media posts?

What if you had direct access to industry experts, Diamond Insiders success coaches and an entire community of designers at the ready to answer your questions 24/7?

Imagine having the tools you need to assess every area in your business, plus instructions to help you identify and break down any roadblocks keeping you from massive success.


Thriving Expert Q+A Access: You’ll discover exactly what your favorite influencers are doing to gain following and attention. We maintain great relationships with some of the most respected leaders in the industry, and we’re always looking for opportunities for you to ask them your questions directly so that you can reach more of your DREAM clients. We’ll bring in these experts whenever we can for panels, interviews, and even the occasional guest expert training.

F&TA Jewelry Brand Success Path: Imagine having access to a simple path that will take you from aspiring to rising indie jewelry designer. The F&TA Jewelry Brand Success Path is your chance to get the inside scoop and access to knowledge from people who have ‘been there, done that’ at every stage in the jewelry biz.

Diamond Insiders Success Coaches: With the help of these success coaches, you’ll stay on track so you can get more done and build your DREAM business. Our Diamond Insiders Success Coaches know the ins and outs and are there to help support you in staying on track towards all that you want to accomplish.

Member Makeovers + Hot Seats:From time to time, we will choose one hard-working, enthusiastic member who stands out and pour our combined expertise into helping them give their brand a makeover. We will help that lucky designer revamp an entire collection of their jewelry brand, and the whole community gets to watch and learn!

The Best in the Biz Resources:  Where do you find vendors that are reliable and consistent? How do you get custom packaging created? What about shipping supplies and options? Save yourself the time and hassle of sourcing supplies and materials and your next graphic designer. Plus a slew of pre-negotiated discounts from some of our preferred vendors.

Member Supershares: Whenever a member has massive success, we give them an opportunity to share everything they learned, tweaked, and implemented along the way. In other words, you get to be a fly on the wall and see the inner workings of mega successful results, that you can then model and tweak to get inspired and market your brand.

We have helped countless jewelers grow their businesses from just surviving to thriving. We’ve also been known to give hand-picked members of our community ‘business makeovers,’ in other words, given them a boost to their next level of growth.


Diamond Insiders Snapshot

Here’s everything you’ll receive when you enroll tied up in a pretty digital bow


  • F&TA Jewelry Brand Success Path, think of it as a roadmap from point A (where you are now) to point Z (where you want to be) in your jewelry biz
  • Accountability Circles with support from our accomplished Diamond Insiders Success Coaches
  • Checklists of what you actually need to be doing at every stage
  • Scripts and systems templates that you can replicate in your business
  • The kick in the pants you need to implement all of the above!
  • Guest expert panels + interviews
  • Recommended resources
  • Member super-shares from mega successful members


Dream Client Intensive: $198  • Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales$398

 Time Optimizer Formula: $98  • Line Sheet & Catalog Templates$98

Advanced Pricing Bundle: $98  •Sales & PR Scripts: $198

Systems Organizer Templates$98   


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Here’s what you’ll get as a Diamond Insider:

  1. Our Diamond Insiders Success Metric Tool to measure your own definition of success so you can celebrate your wins. Forget being caught in the trap of comparing yourself to other designers!
  2. Immediate access to your Jewelry Brand Success quiz that easily pinpoints where you’re at in business. Think of it as your GPS guide to the business of your dreams.
  3. Access to our vault of 100+ trainings, meditations, productivity practices, templates, scripts, and checklists tailored to the 7 stages of business success.
  4. Orientation call with the DI coaches to give you the best possible experience as a Diamond Insider.

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And when you sign up before enrollment closes you’ll get access to all of our bonuses at no extra cost.

What Diamond Members Are Saying...


When I joined Diamond Insiders I was juggling my business with a full-time sales job. I felt overwhelmed by the jewelry industry and I didn’t know where to find the answers to the questions I was facing in my business.

So many of the daunting challenges and questions facing my business have been navigable through the amazing resources and support provided by Tracy & Robin. The money I spend on my monthly membership is unquestionably one of the best investments I have made in my jewelry business.

It's so easy to feel alone in this industry, especially during the early phases of growth and learning. I love the DI because I feel like I have a support network of talented, bright and uplifting designers who are all experiencing or have experienced, similar challenges in their business as I have. It's also inspiring to know that I can share my own strengths and knowledge with other group members, who need may need help in certain areas of their business where I have expertise.

-Keltie Maguire, KeltieleAnneDesigns.com

There is a different feeling of support in the Diamond Insiders compared to other makers groups I’m in. It truly is competition free and a place I feel like I can share my wins, help others, and also seek support when I need it. Everyone is so generous with their ideas and solutions while seeking to help everyone succeed. I don’t thrive in competitive environments where people are always comparing one another. I had already had a taste of the kind of community Tracy & Robin cultivated and I wanted to stay a part of their swirl. 🙂

-Melissa Camilleri, ShopCompliment.com

I only spend 5-20 hrs a week on my biz. I started from scratch and I'm not quite sure I would have had the knowledge or confidence to do any of it if I hadn't found this amazing group.

I have a completely different business since joining the Diamond Insiders!

My mindset has shifted from that of maker/hobbiest to Chief Visionary Officer of my growing business! I experienced 100% increase in sales and nearly that in profitability in 6 months. I now have three team members assisting in production, systems development, and web design/graphic design. I always tell people that Flourish and Thrive is my secret weapon. The resources, attentiveness of coaches, constructive feedback and support of the community is invaluable. I couldn’t afford not to be a part of Diamond Insiders!

-Nannette Foster, Wild Island Studio
02 Sarah Muse
Since joining the Diamond Insiders, I am organizing my day more productively, utilizing better pricing practices.

I am implementing better systems to be more efficient, marketing my business more effectively and converting sales. I have accountability partners to bounce things off of, to cheerlead with and to hold up when feeling overwhelmed and the Diamond InsidersI coaches and community to lean in on for advice and support. I’ve built a new ecommerce website that is starting to bring in sales I have gained the confidence to carry my biz into the next chapter with tools and resources that work, with an amazing support group that truly cares about each other.

-Sarah Muse, Sarah EK Muse at Studio 12
04 Ann Sanicola
I’ve noticed the connection that I’m making with customers improved greatly.

I’ve made my business much more customer focused and I’m getting more engagement on my posts and my website listings. I got invited to a fairly exclusive gallery for a holiday show, which was fabulous for me. I’m currently rebranding based on all the knowledge I’ve gained through Diamond Insiders. I finally feel like I’m m no longer feeling like an imposter. In addition to all the knowledge given to us in the course, the support from Tracy, Robin and the staff is fabulous. The peer to peer interaction is so unbelievably helpful, and everyone really strives to help one another, and since this is a jewelry industry specific community it is an invaluable resource.

-Ann Sanicola, Sanicola Designs
08 Jackie Haines
I am so much more organized in my business now as a result of joining the Diamond Insiders.

I used to spend my days making all the time and now I spend a lot more time on business and marketing. I have had some business on my website too, and ran a very successful studio clean out sale that I promoted to my list. At the time I was recovering from a mastectomy and it provided much needed income. I successfully moved all my old inventory out the door, too. I am sure I wouldn't have been as successful if I hadn't learned in the Diamond Insiders how to promote the coming sale.

-Jackie Haines, Jackie Haines Jewelry
10 Stepfenie denault
The Diamond Insiders is great to help you really reflect oh what you are doing right, what is wrong, and how to fix it.

The classes are very relatable and easily taken in one step at a time. The wealth of information is beyond value. If you want to make your jewellery business shine, this is very much for you, no matter what stage you are in. I've written a business plan before I started in 2010, and I can tell you I wish I had all this information from the Diamond Insiders when I was starting out!

-Stephenie Denault, Le Dragon Argenté / The Silver Dragon
03 Anita Shultz
Since I’ve joined the Diamond Insiders, my wholesale account has increased 3x.

I am marketing more retail through my Facebook group and I no longer fear social media promotion. It makes growth fun to be challenged and given some of the tools I need to succeed.

- Anita Shultz, Jewelweed Sprouts
hollie mccollister
I have started time blocking my days and have become much more efficient because of what I’ve been learning in the Diamond Insiders.

My sales have increased and I feel much more comfortable talking about my business. I know the value of my work, and I’m not afraid to reflect that in my pricing. The value of the community support is bottomless! I am so thankful for the unwavering support I receive from the coaches and community of amazing designers in the Diamond Insiders.

- Hollie McCollister, Earth Dragon Spirit
09 Linda Allard
There is a wealth of information inside the Diamond Insiders.

The coaches are willing to share all they know and you feel very supported. Sometimes we can feel alone as a small jeweler, maker or designer. Who in your life really understands? This community does.

- Linda Allard, Linda Allard Jewelry
11 Tammy Borges
I love the Diamond Insiders because as a solo entrepreneur, I did not have the background experience to move my business forward.

It would take years to learn what has been shared with me. There is so much good information, but when you join you get to take that information to the next level and ask questions about things that you don't understand. Since joining, I’ve rebranded, finished my first real collection and have started creating my own website to be launched next month.

- Tammy Borges, Tammy Anne Designs
05 Arathi R
The Diamond Insiders coaches and core team are brilliant & strive to keep us updated with what’s happening in the industry so we level up & don’t miss out.

We are guided at each step no matter what level of business we are at. The group is amazing for receiving help and letting me know I’m not alone.

- Arathi Rajagopalan, House of Kalart
06 Candace Stribling
I have clarity on who my dream client is and my website is one that I am proud of because of what I’ve learned in the Diamond Insiders.

I am learning more about how to drive traffic to the site. It is a work in progress, but I know I’ll get there with the encouragement and support of this community.

- Candace Stribling, Candace Stribling Jewelry
12 Teri Cox
When I joined the Diamond Insiders, being supplied with the many tools for organizing my time has help me to focus on what's important daily.

I have learned HOW to set up my websites, correctly, and how to pitch to my dream magazines. With the help I’ve gotten from the community and coaches, my business has grown by 15%.

- Teri Cox, Handcrafted Jewelry By Teri C.


While we realize this might not be for everyone, we cannot offer refunds. In order to ensure the best possible results, we recommend joining Diamond Insiders membership and applying the F&TA Jewelry Brand Success Path for at least six months to a year in your own business.

If you find that the membership is not for you, we can issue credit towards another one of our digital products within the first 30 days of your membership.



Diamond Insiders is ABSOLUTELY for you if:

  • You’re ready to start getting things done instead of spinning your wheels wondering what you should be doing
  • You want to easily navigate the endless cycle of marketing trends and attract more influencers
  • You're coachable, ready to build REAL relationships with other makers (because you know that a rising tide lifts all boats) and want direct access to leaders in the industry
  • Your biggest challenge is implementing the piles of knowledge you already have


Diamond Insiders is NOT right for you if:

  • You’re not at all interested in raising prices to reflect the time, energy, and expertise you put into each and every collection
  • You aren't interested in the support or accountability so you can stop guessing about how to get the results you want and clearly know your next step
  • You’re not open to loving support and networking with a community of independent jewelry designers and DI Success Coaches
  • You’re not really interested in implementing what you’ve learned

Just give yourself a minute to imagine what life would be like if you knew exactly where you could go to connect with other amazing designers, industry experts, and mentors who know your business inside and out.

You could form relationships that are not only fulfilling, but that actually help your business grow. You’ll stop feeling like you’re wandering aimlessly each day, on your own, figuring it all out.

Imagine sitting there with your friends and family… without feeling like you need to ask them for any support with your business struggles, because your needs are so completely met in Diamond Insiders.

What if, for once, conversations with family were about how great your business is, and the new friends you’ve made in it?

  • Imagine planning to meet up with fellow Diamond Insiders members at events (or just for fun!)
  • Imagine knowing exactly where to go when you’re stuck to find the BEST solution the first time
  • Imagine the sense of being totally supported by people who are cheering you on and who know what it is you do all day.

It feels great, right?


Don’t wait… invest in yourself NOW.

Are You Ready to Joindi-logo-long

Say yes, today! Registration will only be open until Wednesday, August 8th at 11:59 PM Eastern.


Here’s what you’ll get as a Diamond Insider:

  1. Our Diamond Insiders Success Metric Tool to measure your own definition of success so you can celebrate your wins. Forget being caught in the trap of comparing yourself to other designers!
  2. Immediate access to your Jewelry Brand Success quiz that easily pinpoints where you’re at in business. Think of it as your GPS guide to the business of your dreams.
  3. Access to our vault of 100+ trainings, meditations, productivity practices, templates, scripts, and checklists tailored to the 7 stages of business success.
  4. Orientation call with the DI coaches to give you the best possible experience as a Diamond Insider.

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Don’t Wait For The Next Registration Window The Price Will Go Up!!

The regular price for Diamond Insiders is $68/month.

Join Now To Secure Lifetime Founders Pricing!

And when you sign up before enrollment closes you’ll get access to all of our bonuses at no extra cost.

If you’ve got a ton of questions about your jewelry biz. We’re here to answer them inside the Diamond Insiders community.

Robin & I have coached, consulted, and advised thousands of jewelry designers and brands to success. Personal feedback from us is worth it’s weight in precious gems set in gold. 

Here’s to thriving in every part of your life!


P.S. Diamond Insiders will provide you with a wealth of important jewelry biz trainings (updated monthly) and will surround you with a thriving community of rock-star designers and contributing industry experts that will give you the motivation and accountability you need to succeed!


P.P.S. If you're ready to reach the next level in ALL aspects of your jewelry brand, and feel empowered to keep your business practices on the cutting edge, there is no better program than Diamond Insiders.