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Diamond Insiders Club


Attention Jewelry Designers

Build the Business of Your Dreams with Ongoing Education, Daily Support, and Individualized Attention

F&TA is Bringing You the Inside Scoop & Support from Top Industry Experts in Our Elite New Membership Club…

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel isolated because, well, running a jewelry business can be lonely (and your friends and family just don’t understand your challenges)
  • You’ve lost your MOJO and need some inspiration to get “unstuck”
  • You tell yourself you’ll get it done, but at the end of the day, “it” often just gets pushed onto tomorrow’s list. (You need some support and accountability)
  • You’re overwhelmed by trying to stay on top of the latest industry trends, marketing tools & technology AND run your biz at the same time
  • You often think that if only you could pick the brain of a top designer (or read the mind of the store owner you are trying to contact), then you would know exactly what you are doing wrong – and how to fix it!

If you can relate to any of those situations… something needs to change SOON!

In this day and age of increased competition, fast-moving trends and complicated sales & marketing technology, it is essential to stay on top of your GAME (or you’ll miss the boat).

But you can’t do it alone…

If you are committed to growing your business and
evolving as a designer, ongoing support is a MUST!


The Diamond Insiders Club


Flourish & Thrive Academy was founded on the idea that being a part of a like-minded community is the best environment for running and growing a jewelry business.

And we’ve proven it over and over again!

That’s why we are so excited about our new exclusive membership program, designed to support you on a daily basis with the best resources, mentors and community in the industry.

Take a look at these scenarios:

  • Whenever you have a biz question or need help solving a problem you will have direct access to industry experts + an entire community of designers!
  • Each month you are given the tools you need to make a full assessment of a specific area in your business with instructions for how to break down any roadblocks holding you back from success.
  • You never feel lonely or overwhelmed in your work because you are surrounded by a thriving community of success-focused designers just like you who provide daily support, encouragement, and accountability!
  • You wake up each day to fresh, inspired, and focused mentorship and guidance from Community leaders, Tracy, Robin, and other Teachers-in-Residence.

That is what life is like when you are a Diamond Insider.

Each month in the Club will be a themed, curated experience. Tracy & Robin will take full advantage of all their industry connections to bring you the best information from the jewelry world’s top influencers.

From hand-picked Guest Teachers In Residence to specially-created, in-depth trainings, you will be receiving all the knowledge and support you need to run a successful jewelry business.

The Diamond Insiders Club community will be active and endlessly educational. Along with Tracy & Robin, our community leaders will answer questions and engage inspiring conversation on a daily basis.

This is a highly affordable way to grow as the Visionary
and Creative Director of YOUR jewelry empire!


As a Diamond Insider, you will…

  • Learn to build and manage a successful, sustainable jewelry business
  • Never fall behind from the latest industry trends, marketing tools & technology
  • Enjoy constant support and advice from a vibrant and engaged community
  • Have access to industry professionals who can answer all your burning questions
  • Lose the stress and overwhelm that come from running your own business, because everything you need to learn is in one convenient and reliable place
  • Constantly have to set your goals higher and higher because you continue to pass them up!


I now run a successful jewelry business that
consistently makes 5 figures monthly…

I started FT&A with a full-time job and a jewelry-making hobby. Fast forward 9 months– after implementing the very helpful and actionable tools Tracy and Robin provided, I was making enough profit to quit my full-time job and move my production from my dining room table to my a professional design/office space. I grew my list of paying customers 2500%, and grew my social media following by over 16,000. I now run a successful jewelry business that consistently makes 5 figures monthly and best of all, I get to work doing what I love. I pinch myself every day. MELISSA CAMILLERI, SHOPCOMPLIMENT.COM

Your exclusive membership includes…


Monthly Q&A calls w/ Tracy Matthews, Robin Kramer, and our hand-selected Teachers-in-Residence!

Got a ton of questions about your jewelry biz? What if your could receive the answers to all your burning questions on a monthly basis by the best in the biz?

Tracy & Robin have coached, consulted, and advised hundreds of jewelry designers and brands to success. Personal feedback from these two jewelry industry gurus is worth it’s weight in precious gems set in gold


Monthly Guest Interviews w/ Industry Influencers, Sales Reps, Store Owners, Buyers, Famous Designers, etc.

Have you ever wished you knew exactly what your DREAM retails buyers or store owners are looking for?

Are you curious about the secrets to landing and motivating the best sales reps in the biz?

We will get you invaluable access to the industry influencers who can let you in on all the secrets you need to know to build a successful brand.


An Awesome and Active Community Filled with Determined, Like-Minded Designers

We are cultivating a community of designers that will be there to check in on you, support & advise you during your struggles, and celebrate with you during your victories.

Network, bounce ideas off each other, and share in success!


Daily Community Engagement w/ our Community Leaders

Our community leaders will engage and moderate inspired conversations each day.

We’ll keep you on track so you can get more done and build your DREAM business while getting to do what you love the most (creating jewelry that is)!


Monthly Focused Trainings

As a member of the Club, you will receive a steady stream of in-depth, high-value content to support your business growth.

Each month we will be releasing trainings that each tie into the overarching monthly theme. These hyper-focused, digestible trainings will allow you to upgrade your biz on the fly and focus on becoming the best in your jewelry niche.


Designer Makeovers

Once a month we’ll choose one hard-working, enthusiastic member and pour our combined expertise into helping them make-over their brand.

With the monthly focus as our guide, we will help that lucky designer revamp an entire department of their jewelry brand!

You can have complete biz support on a daily basis with the best resources, mentors and community in the industry for our limited-time offer of $49 per month!

No commitment necessary. Cancel anytime!

I'm Ready, Sign Me Up!

A letter from the founders…

Hi there!

We are Tracy Matthews & Robin Kramer, founders and lead coaches at Flourish & Thrive Academy. We wanted to take a quick moment to introduce ourselves…

Tracy has been designing jewelry for 20+ years. With the help of coaches and mentors — she’s had some major successes including making $30,000 in profits in just one month!

Robin is an independent sales and marketing consultant. She’s worked for some amazing companies including Dogeared, where she grew business by 800% in 5 years!

We’re pooling every ounce of our experience, insider knowledge, and industry connections to become a complete resource for all your jewelry biz questions and concerns.

We are cultivating a community of daily support and accountability that will enable you to smash through ANY roadblocks that arise and keep you on the path to success!

Value of Monthly Trainings: $495

Value of Monthly Q&A Calls: $995

Value of Monthly Expert Interviews: $495

Value of core library: $2,995

value of ramp up your holiday sales (1 month): $195

total value: $5,608

your investment: $49 /month!

Don't miss out…

$49 per month is a one time only offer!

Don't wait for the next registration window

The regular price for the Diamond Insiders Club is $78 /month

Join now to secure lifetime founders pricing!

Never feel lost or alone in your jewelry biz again…

I'm Ready, Sign Me Up!


Our no obligation love it or leave it guarantee!

As always, we want you to be COMPLETELY SATISFIED with Flourish & Thrive. It is important to us to foster a completely risk-free environment.

That’s why we will never try to lock you into a commitment. If you don’t feel like you are receiving all the information you need to be a successful jewelry designer you can cancel anytime! (this is a cancellation policy only – no refunds will be given)


frequently asked questions…

[expand title=”Why would I join this instead of one of your courses?”]

We are constantly developing new valuable material to keep our students . Usually, this new material will get folded into an existing course curriculum or maybe we will eventually package it into a brand new course…

But with Diamond Insiders Club you don’t have to wait for the course! All our cutting edge content will go directly to the Diamond Insiders training page… hot off the press! This is the best way to receive our most up-to-date material and the ONLY way to get it on an ongoing basis! [/expand]

[expand title=”How is the Diamond Insiders Club different from the F&TA Insiders Facebook Group?”]

If you have already registered for a course with us, the Diamond Insiders Club may seem similar to the F&TA Insiders Facebook Group. But please take note, they are two completely separate entities.. almost incomparable!

True, they both offer a Facebook Group (and they both have the word “Insiders” in their name) but after that the similarities end!

The Diamond Insiders Club is a membership group that not only offers a thriving community, but will also support you with exclusive trainings, industry influencer interviews, and monthly Q&A calls. It is a complete resource for your journey to build a successful jewelry brand! [/expand]

[expand title=”How can I be sure that this Diamond Insiders Club will even help me?”]

Between the two of us (Tracy & Robin), we have over 40 years of jewelry industry experience. We’ve already been through all the roadblocks a struggling jewelry designer will face and we know exactly how to get you through them.

Also, as you may have on this page, we have already helped hundreds of designers build the jewelry business of their dreams through our free trainings, courses, and coaching.

We have the insider knowledge and industry expert connections and we want to share them with you! [/expand]

[expand title=”How will my business / life change after joining the Diamond Insiders Club?”]
Here are just a few of the ways…

  • Your business learning curve will flatten.
  • You will never feel alone or lost as you try to navigate the scary world of entrepreneurship
  • You can forget about the stress and overwhelm from not knowing exactly what to do to grow your business.
  • You will be empowered with the exact steps you need to take to reach your goals
  • You will have a TON of support and guidance to keep you on the right track!


[expand title=”What if I want to cancel?”]

No problem! We aren’t going to lock you into any sort of commitment or contract. You are free to cancel anytime and you will not be billed for the next month. [/expand]

[expand title=”How often will I be charged?”]

You will be charged at the beginning of each month. [/expand]

[expand title=”Can I join anytime?”]

No. We will only open registration until September 14th, 2015 to build a Founders group of Diamond Insiders. If you don't join now, you will have to wait until registration re-opens (date currently undecided). [/expand]

[expand title=”Will I get the call recordings?”]

Yes! Every Q&A call and interview we conduct will be posted on the member site. That way, if there is a call you can’t listen to live you will always be able to listen at your convenience. [/expand]

[expand title=”How long are the trainings available?”]

The trainings will be available for 60 days before they get locked into the training vault. We will be implementing a rewards system that will enable members to earn points and unlock trainings from the vault. [/expand]


Working with Tracy and Robin has been a profound experience.

I had a vision of growth but really did not understand what that looked like, as this was my first jewelry business. Through being a part of Flourish & Thrive, I was able to understand the landscape of what a thriving and successful jewelry business is. JEANNE VERGER, JEANNEVERGER.COM

P.S. The Diamond Insiders Club will provide you with a wealth of important jewelry biz trainings (updated monthly) and will surround you with a thriving community of rock-star designers and contributing industry experts that will give you the motivation and accountability you need to succeed! Give it a try.

P.P.S. If you are ready to reach the next level in ALL aspects of your jewelry brand, and feel empowered to keep your business practices on the cutting edge, there is no better program than Flourish & Thrive’s Diamond Insiders Club. Join us now!

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