EP336: From Poverty to Thriving Multi 6-Figure Business Owner

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“100% invest in yourself and in your business. Whether it’s $100 or a million dollars. Whatever you’re able to afford. Make it happen.”

Quay Flom has  been making jewelry since she was a kid. She was hardly able to buy jewelry due  to metal allergies, so she made things for herself.

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How It All Started

Quay’s journey in the jewelry business began when friends and family started asking about her creations, then convinced her to start selling.

Just like many new entrepreneurs, she spent hours Googling how to run a jewelry business. 

That’s how she started her side hustle jewelry business that earneds her about $5,000-$8,000 per year.

For years, it remained a small side hustle that helped her and her family get extra income for vacations. 

Troubles Ahead

Then Quay’s life turned upside down almost overnight.

Unfortunately, her three grandchildren ended up in the foster care system because their parents couldn’t take care of them. 

So, she took custody of her grandchildren in addition to her two children at home.

Her household ballooned to 7 people, and

her husband was a stay-at-home dad due to medical reasons. 

To make matters worse, she was let go from her job, where she helped pick out the software program that replaced 80% of what she was doing. 

Quay became the sole breadwinner for a household of 7 people with only her side hustle to get them by. 

Embracing Change

Quay subscribed to the Flourish & Thrive Academy email list and had been binging the podcast for quite some time.

In 2017, she finally decided to take a chance and join the free 3-day Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp.

From there, she enrolled in Laying the Foundation jumped into the modules whole-heartedly.

Stark Realizations

When Quay was reading the p

ricing module, she broke down and sobbed on the floor.

She learned that she had been charging under wholesale cost for her work for years.

For years, she pretty much made no profit.

Juggling Full Time Job, the Jewelry Business and Family

Many things were going on in Quay’s life, but she was determined to make serious and drastic changes for her family of seven.

She applied as a full-time Customer Service Support for Flourish &

Thrive and continued learning and implementing the lessons from Laying The Foundation. 

Because LTF gives lifetime access to all the modules and resources, Quay can revisits her lessons every year and tweaks her business.

Plan, Tweak, Implement

In LTF she learned the importance of creating and following a plan. 

She learned about EOS (Entrepreneur Operation Systems), 90-day sprints, and many helpful books. 

LTF helped Quay clarify what she needed to create over the next three months.

It’s also called working in 3s. She implemented this strategy wherein she would have three tasks that she wanted to get done, whether in a quarter, a month, a week, or a day.

By implementing what she learned in LTF and the FTA community, Quay was able to break things down into bite-sized bits.

According to Quay, if she didn’t have a plan, she was just tossing all those balls up in the air and probably not getting anything done. 

Planning properly kept Quay laser-focused. She knew exactly what needed to get done every month, down to the week and down to the day.

Time Management

Time Management

One of the strategies Quay implemented was time blocking. 

She literally scheduled out almost every minute of her day. She made time for working on her jewelry, for her full-time job, and working with her family.

She implemented the lessons to everything she did, strategically working on specific projects, and making  sure that they get done to move her business forward.

The 75% Rule

She also learned about the 75% rule and brain dumps.

Quay placed everything that was going on in her head into spreadsheets. She chose spreadsheets because she loved how she could maneuver things around easily. 

She identified what was important for her, and what would bring money into her door at that moment. 

And she focused on the tasks that bring money in her door.

Whether it was reaching out in regards to custom orders or filling orders, that was her focus. To bring money in her door, and she got those things done. 

Everything else came into place when she had extra time.

Accountability Buddies

Through Flourish & Thrive, Quay was surrounded by accountability buddies and amazing mentors. 

She was part of one accountability team that met every week. They talked about what they did and celebrated wins and accomplishments. 

Quay said it was a huge thing for her because it filled her with the “feel-good juice.”

I cannot tell you how many times (I think almost every week), Flourish & Thrive Academy and LTF is on my gratitude list for all the opportunities that it has offered me and my family,” Quay said.

And slowly, she started seeing growth.

Dream Client Magnet

Through planning, tweaking, and implementing, she dialed in her Dream Client and started to know and understand who that client was. 

She even changed how she spoke to people at in-person events with this knowledge.

Whether it was marketing or in-person events, she made sure it was the right people, so she’s not wasting her time or money.

Now, she drew the right people to her with the right messaging.

Many customers stayed with her even though her business changed drastically.

By implementing what she learned from LTF, Quay now has a growing audience of raving fans.

A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Before LTF,  Quay said she was already making $5,000 to $8,000 in a year for her jewelry business side hustle.

After joining LTF, she tweaked her strategies and prices. In that year, she made almost $14,000, even though she sold less jewelry.

She also went from selling $20 jewelry pieces, and fast forward five years; she now sells some jewelry at more than a thousand dollars apiece. 

Quay added she is no longer living from paycheck to paycheck, and she can put money in her savings which she was unable to do before. 

She says the savings part was really helpful because she is now more prepared for life. 

Be it a car breaking down, floods or blizzards. 

I owe it all… everything to what I’ve learned in Flourish & Thrive and Laying the Foundation,” says Quay.

The best part?…

After five years, she was able to buy the gallery where she used to display her jewelry pieces. And she has grown that gallery into multi 6-figure retail chain stores namely:

As per Quay, it doesn’t seem like five years. It feels like yesterday.

One thing I learned in LTF was that you’re in this for the long game. It’s a marathon, not a sprint… Just wait till I text you (Tracy) and tell you I broke the million dollar mark.

100% Invest in Yourself and Your Business

100% Invest in Yourself and Your Business

Quay said, “you wouldn’t think twice about going to college to get yourself some new skills. The same thing goes for Laying the Foundation (LTF) and participating in the Bootcamp.

Listen to the full episode above to hear Quay’s inspiring story and the journey that has led her to become the 6-figure jewelry business owner today.


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