Need a quick infusion of cash flow in your jewelry (or handmade) business?

Get ready to make *serious* BANK with the…

The Fast Cash Strategies

“Money Making” Mini Course

What if you could generate $300 to $2500 in just 7 days or less Would you be completely stoked?

We get it! Consistent cash float is something every maker, designer, and business owner needs every single day.

That’s why I’ve created a simple-to-implement mini-course to help you make more anytime you need a few hundred to several thousand dollars – like yesterday.

Here's how this will help...

  • Pay Yourself (and Your Team): Many makers start a business because they’re passionate about their product but quickly forget that they need to compensate themselves (and others) for their time and effort.
  • Buy Inventory and Supplies: Yep, you are always going to need to buy new materials and supplies to keep making your beautiful jewelry.
  • Pay Off Debt: If you’ve built your business on credit cards, loans, and borrowed time, generating extra $$$ helps you pay that debt down.
  • Invest in Business Assets: Want to launch a new website, buy new packaging, or hire a graphic designer? Well this will help you make what you need to do this more quickly.
  • Increase Profitability: Real businesses make a profit and if you aren’t making a profit, well you just have an expensive hobby.
  • Invest in Yourself and Your Business: Smart business owners know that they need to continually invest in their business education and acumen and more revenue helps you invest money back into your business as needed.
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Are you convinced that you need this yet?

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The Fast Cash System works so well that my mastermind group of 25 makers generated $36,235 in just 48 hours.

F&T 5 Stars Podcast Review
The system is so easy to implement that anyone can do it to generate hundreds to thousands in a few days, a week, or a month.

Here’s What You Get... When You Purchase Fast Cash Strategies

4 Videos Explaining Each Module’s Strategy In
19 Minutes Or Less – So You Can Make Cash Fast

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Module 1:

Low Hanging Fruit 💰

You have hidden profit centers just sitting around in your business that you don’t even realize. We’ll help you make more by getting rid of the dead weight that’s collecting dust on your shelves.

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Module 2:

Expand Your Network 💰

Most makers think small when it comes to their network. Leveraging an existing network can be one of the most powerful and fastest ways to get more in the door quickly.

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Module 3:

Generate Quick 💰 Grassroots Style

Ready to make more in minutes? I’ll share a simple strategy including a fool-proof script for sales outreach that works. It’s so easy to implement that you’ll be wondering why you didn’t think of it!

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Module 4:

Follow Ups and Upsells 💰

Just like most makers, you might be leaving money on the table if you don’t have a system to get people buying a second time from you. The formula works so well that we often see upwards of 50% conversion rates repeat orders.

My “Fast Cash Strategies That Bring Cash Flow Freedom” Workbook

You’ll discover:

  • How to leverage your network of friends, family, and previous customers to sell your products (and actually be happy and excited to do so)
  • How to offload inventory and generate almost immediate cash for your biz (you might be sitting on hundreds, even thousands in potential sales – without even realizing it)
  • Simple copy-paste messages you can send to followers and customers so they sign up to your email list and buy more products
Fast Cash Workbook Cover (2)

“The Grass Roots Strategy That Brought In $38,235 In Less Than 48 Hours” Workbook

Fast Cash Workbook Cover (2)

I lay out the specific strategy that we used (and you can copy) in our mastermind to generate lots of cash with very little work

You’ll discover:

  • How to find the people in your network who love what you do and want to share it with everyone they know
  • Tools and strategies to make sales, get referrals, and build your email list every day – leveraging people you already know
  • My follow-up message scripts that generate additional orders whenever you send them (just copy-paste – and watch the orders roll in)
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Total Value: $955 (really priceless)

Your Investment: $197

Wondering if This Will Work For You?

F&T - Testimonials V2_Ana Maria Andricain

"I replaced the income lost from live shows!"

Ana Maria Andricain. replaced her lost show income by partnering with other artists who all averaged over $5K in sales during a collaborative virtual art show.


"I made over $39k in one show!"

Shahana Kimiangatau had a two hour live virtual birthday sale and sold over $39K with less than 10 hours of work.


"I regularly make over $7k for each two hour show I host!"

Lisa Lehmann regularly hosts virtual events where she makes over $7K for a two hour trunk show.

See what people are saying...


As the name suggests, our “Fast Cash Strategies” are designed to make you cash fast. 


As in, get this course today, make money tomorrow-fast.


Just one or two sales will be enough to cover your entire investment in this money-making mini course. Everything beyond that will be pure profit. And you can use these strategies over and over again.


Imagine having this power at your fingertips whenever you need some cash fast?


Wanna finally pay yourself a big bonus (or a liveable wage)? 


Use these strategies.


Wanna take your family on a pink sand vacation after the holiday season? 


Use these strategies.


Wanna buy more gemstones and chains so that you can make more jewelry?


Use these strategies.


Wanna invest in that new flex shaft or tumbler that will speed up your process? 


Use these strategies.


Wanna hire a VA or team member to help with marketing so you can grow faster? 


Use these strategies.


Need to cover unexpected home repairs or doctor bills that popped up (seems to be happening a lot)? 


Use these strategies.


Wanna pay an overdue tax bill or catch up estimated payments? 


Use these strategies.


Wanna pay off loans and credit card debt you took out and finally take a breath? 


Use these strategies.


Wanna invest in business education and give yourself a tax write-off? 


Use these strategies.


Wanna increase your profitability? 


You probably get the point: Buy our Fast Cash Strategies and get ready to make serious bank.

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