How to Elevate Your Jewelry BRAND from Mediocre to Magnificent

Happy New Year! It seems like the holidays just whizzed by and 2014 is here. I love new beginnings and starting fresh. It’s one of my favorite practices–to let go of last year and start over.

Every year, I take a look back and evaluate my previous year so I can improve my jewelry business and become a little better at elevating my brand. My objective every year is to improve my business, be a stellar jewelry brand and to attract more of my DREAM clients.

The biggest nightmare and fear I have is being considered mediocre. I am always pushing for magnificence. Why? Because the Magnificent jewelry designers are the ones that end up having a viable business that attracts their DREAM clients abundantly, effortlessly, and continuously.

In the process of looking back, I always take a look at the following questions:

Who: Who is my client?

What: What is my story?

Why:  Why am I doing this?

First, I take a look at last year:

  • Who were my favorite clients to work with or design for?

  • How was I communicating my story?

  • Why did I do this? What did I love doing?

As I start to map out next year, I think about:

  • Who do I want to be designing for? Has that changed from my previous clients? Were there clients that did not serve me or my business?

  • Did I communicate my story in a way that was authentic to me? If not, how can I do it better.

  • Is my current reason or “Why” for doing this in alignment with my bigger vision? How am I communicating my “Why” to my clients?


These questions are crucial to answer and they are all interconnected. When you know the types of DREAM clients you are attracting you can communicate to them more effectively. When you are communicating authentically and understand WHY you are doing this in the first place, more of those DREAM clients will keep flooding in.

These 3 W’s will filter into every area of your branding as well. The first step to walking on the path to excellence and elevating your brand from mediocre to magnificent start with these questions.


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We want to hear from you! In the comments below, answer the following questions:

1. What is the biggest struggle you have in attracting your DREAM clients?

2. What is one thing that makes your story as a designer unique?

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