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You can be an authentic artist AND make great living!

With our proven methodology we have helped 8000 independent jewelry designers for over 10 years go from struggling hobby designers to profitable jewelry designers, building businesses on their own terms.

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“In July 2020–just a few short months after taking Laying the Foundation and in the middle of a global pandemic—I doubled my previous year’s holiday sales!
Now I just wish I’d taken LTF sooner!!!"

- Alyssa Miner

Before you read any further, here’s something you should know: I don’t believe in coincidences.

You found us for a reason. You want to build a successful, profitable jewelry business... and things just aren’t going your way.

I want you to know something important: 

it’s not your fault. 

You want to make beautiful jewelry and sell it to people who can appreciate it. But no one taught you how to run a creative business effectively or efficiently. 

You know nothing about Klaviyo accounts, Quickbooks, or LLCs. And you’ve been trying to figure things out as you go. 

I commend you for that! You’re doing something that so many people are never brave enough to do -- you’re chasing your dream!

I believe that the life you want for yourself can be yours and that you being right here, right now is a sign that you’re well on your way. 

And I know that what I can teach you can help you build a consistently profitable business you love.


Can you Relate to any of the Following?

You feel like you’re just “getting by” with inconsistent sales even though you pour a ton of time and energy into your business. You’re tired of being stuck in feast-or-famine mode. You’re ready to make an actual living selling your jewelry.

You’re tired of throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.  You want a FOOLPROOF plan that is easy to understand and implement. You want to follow a proven, step-by-step process that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and more money in the bank.

Once the pandemic hit, your sales dropped - and you were left reeling. You are at the point where you HAVE to make this work.

You don’t know what advice to take. You have pages of notes from books, podcasts, and webinars, but it’s all so overwhelming. Plus, you’re not even sure if all the advice you’ve gotten works for a jewelry business. You know you should be taking action, but you don’t know where to start.

Every time you sit down to write an email, a blog post, or an Instagram caption, your brain freezes up. You haven’t written to your mailing list for so long that they’ve probably forgotten you exist.

You realize that your business needs to be online. You’ve done pretty well getting sales in the more traditional ways, like at events or in stores. But it’s become clear that online is the place to be if you want to reach way more people and grow. The only problem is that you have no clue how to make it work.

You don’t know how to turn interest into sales. People admire your jewelry all the time. You feel awkward selling and you wish there was a way to get sales without feeling cringey.

You want more out of life. You can pay your bills and you’re thankful for that. But you’re not fulfilled. You want to wake up every morning EXCITED to do something that lights you up inside. You LOVE being able to create things with your hands that bring other people joy… and you want to make a GREAT living doing that.

You’re tired of relying on Etsy. Etsy brings you traffic and sales, but you’re tired of sharing your profit and relying on them. Plus you’ve heard the horror stories about designers losing their exposure when Etsy changes their algorithms. You know you need to build your business on a platform you control - but you’re not sure of exactly how to set that up.

Your spouse and family don’t support your dreams. In fact, they think your jewelry business is just a hobby. It kinda hurts, and you know you can prove them wrong with the right support and strategy.

I know this because thousands of jewelry designers and makers have applied the proven strategies, systems and tactics found inside of LAYING THE FOUNDATION to

Generate Consistent, Predictable Sales

Here's What Some Of Our Grads Have To Say...

Thanks to Laying the Foundation, I went from making a few thousand dollars a year to making multiple 6 figures.

“If it weren’t for Flourish and Thrive, I don’t think I’d be where I am with my business. Knowing that I have this community behind me has truly given me more confidence than I ever expected to get.”

Quay Flom

Flourish and Thrive has given me the confidence to price my jewelry at the proper cost and it has given me the confidence to sell.

“If it weren’t for Flourish and Thrive, I don’t think I’d be where I am with my business. Knowing that I have this community behind me has truly given me more confidence than I ever expected to get.”

Denise Kubler

I've had a 200% increase in sales!

"My social media following is up by at least 75%, it's been incredible. And I've already surpassed my entire last year's sales!"

Peggy Houchin Jewelry

You may be wondering how you can get similar results…

We show you how to implement The Desired Brand Effect™ so your clients become raving fans who tell your story and practically sell your jewelry for you!

This framework is at the core of all our programs, and here’s why...

In today’s saturated jewelry market, it’s the jewelry brands that “stand out” by building desire and demand for their jewelry that do well. They connect with their audience on an emotional level and understand the REAL reasons their DREAM clients buy jewelry from them.

Because they have a brand story and a brand journey that puts their customers first, they easily attract and collect true fans who buy from them every season.

DBE Audience

When they get their branding right, they experience marketing with EASE, selling becomes FUN and DREAM CUSTOMERS flock to their brand

We teach you the Sharing Economy Method, which is all about getting sales in a way that’s fun and natural (instead of sleazy and forced).

And when they delve into how the Desired Brand Effect™ Methodology works, they find themselves back in the driver’s seat of their business, instead of letting fear and the economy run the show.

Are YOU ready to do the same for your business?

“After taking Laying the Foundation the first time my business doubled. And every single time I re-visited the course, I've found that my business at least went up by 25%.”
- Ann S.

Imagine a Future Where Everything You Do In Your Business Brings In Dream Clients and Pushes You Past the 6-Figure Mark

(yep, even that dream of starting a family, or being an example to your kids of what’s possible).

Tracy 2

How do you get from where you are now, to a place of peace and prosperity?


I know what it feels like to be drowning in debt, with less than $50 to your name - and having no clue where your next sale is going to come from. These days, it’s even more of a challenge because the kids are home practically 24/7, so you’re having to squeeze making jewelry in between cooking meals, cleaning up, and helping with schoolwork. At the end of the day, you just feel completely overwhelmed, frustrated, and cash-strapped. 

Yet you persist because you know deep down that all of your hard work will one day be worth it. You just have to keep pushing.

I’ve had to pass through the “growth phase" you’re in right now.

During the Process of Selling Over $8,000,000 in Jewelry Sales (Without a Business Partner or Investor) I Had to Solve A LOT of Problems...

I’m sure you can relate.

Whether you’re happy to build a “small and mighty” business or are solidly in the “go big or go home” camp, one thing holds true - there are a lot of things you have to figure out and get right to make it all work. Things like product design, branding, pricing, messaging, and marketing. Not to mention the technical and legal stuff.

You can figure those things out on your own with a LOT of trial and error. 

Or, you can learn from the industry leaders in jewelry sales and marketing education who have already done it (saving you time, energy and MONEY).


A lot of coaches and industry leaders only share their successes with you (not their failures),

and that can leave you feeling like there’s something “special” about them and that you might not “have what it takes” to make it...

But the truth is that success in our industry has less to do with talent and “special” skills and almost everything to do with knowing exactly what it takes to get from A to B… and how to get it done efficiently and effectively.

Knowing what works is the result of experience. I’m here to share mine with you.

To do that, I have to share the hardships with you. The stuff that nobody (not even me) really wants to talk about because it can be embarrassing to admit when you struggle with something. But I know that it’ll help you understand that growing a successful business isn’t all beautiful photo shoots and fancy vacations.




Toby Went From Single Digit Sales on Etsy to Quitting Her Day Job

“I have ZERO regrets investing in the program even though it was a big financial stretch for me at the time. This course is a requirement to set your business (and yourself) up for success! Before LTF, I was only making a few hundred bucks. Now, I’m doing so well that I quit my full-time job to focus 100% on my jewelry business! I love the lifetime access so I can go back and revisit the information anytime I need a refresher. I’d definitely recommend Laying the Foundation if you’re serious about building a jewelry business."

- Toby Myles, Ride Like a Girl Designs


Nicole Went From Extreme Burnout to Increasing Her Sales 200%!

Before LTF, I was making $2000/month. The year I took the course, I made $35K. The next year, I more than doubled my sales, bringing in $75K. I’ve been in the jewelry business since high school. After years of owning a retail store, then working for another jeweler, I was burned out. I knew I needed a change, so I quit my job and started pursuing my business full-time. That’s when I signed up for Laying the Foundation. Laying the Foundation is a fantastic resource for solo-designers who want to make sales and live a better life."

- Nicole Gariepy, FantaSea Jewelry

ann sanicola

Ann's business doubled the first time she completed Laying the Foundation and has increased by 25% each time she revisited the course!

“After taking Laying the Foundation the first time [...] I would say that my business reliably doubled the very first time I took it. And every single time that I have taken the course, I've found that my business at least went up by 25%.” -

- Ann Sanicola of Ann Sanicola Jewelry

Hi! My name is Tracy Matthews


Do you feel like you’re alone on an emotional and financial roller coaster? You’re not alone!

Here’s a bit about my own journey...

I was completely overwhelmed and stressed out most of the time because I literally had ZERO clue about running a business (and I was too proud to ask for help). I would work myself to exhaustion… and still didn’t have much to show for it.

I felt emotionally unsupported. In fact, one day I came home and my (now ex) husband told me “you have to get a real job”. But there was no way in HELL I was going back to my soul-sucking retail job.

I was so afraid of rejection that I avoided active selling like most people avoid Times Square on a hot summer day (so hot, smelly, and so many people).

I didn’t understand what a profit and loss statement was or a balance sheet was and was too proud to ask someone to teach me…so I just ignored my finances.

I’d sell a $100 necklace for $70 just so I could make a sale. The result was painful cash flow issues and my visa bill kept growing… both of which limited how fast I could grow.

Despite it all, I knew I had what it took and I was passionate AF about making jewelry. That kept a fire under my bootay to keep on trucking even though I didn’t have the answers...and it was HARD.

I had many sleepless, tear-filled nights, fighting to make things work. I eventually did, but not without paying a heavy emotional cost.


My first business was built like a house of cards. It wasn’t set up to handle any kind of financial setbacks, let alone survive major changes in the economy.

When the Great Recession (or “GFC”) hit in 2008, my business went from earning close to $1 million in net sales the previous year to being COMPLETELY wiped out… all in the space of a single month.

That led to me having to make one of the most difficult decisions of my life: to either fight for what I’d fought so hard to build OR close the doors on my business. After a lot of thought (and tears), I chose the latter and was forced to file for bankruptcy.

The massive emotional devastation and financial stress caused some serious health problems. I lost 25 pounds, I picked up the habit of smoking a pack of Marbarlo Lights a day (and I never smoked!) and my hair starting falling out in chunks! On top of that, I developed a series of stress-induced conditions, including a thyroid issue. 😭


Despite all of the self-doubt, setbacks, and downright failures, I’ve had some pretty AWESOME successes...

  • I’ve sold over $8 million dollars worth of jewelry during the course of my career.
  • My collections have been sold in over 350 of the best specialty and retail stores around the world, including Anthropologie, Sundance Catalog, Bloomingdales, and Harvey Nichols.
  • Celebrities like Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Orlando Bloom, and Michelle Williams have all been spotted buying and wearing my jewelry.
  • Revlon recently commissioned me to design a 20th anniversary gift for Halle Berry.
  • I landed a segment on QVC where I reached a mass audience and sold my jewelry live on TV (twice).
  • When I built my second jewelry business, I applied the lessons I learned from the first time around and created the Desired Brand Effect™. Now, I have a low-maintenance, very part-time business that brings in multiple 6-figures in profit (not just revenue)... with just me behind the wheel.
  • Nearly 48 media outlets, TV shows, movies, and magazines have repeatedly featured my jewelry and story over the years, including InStyle, Lucky, The Today Show, and Entrepreneur.

Are you ready to

turn your jewelry business dreams into your daily reality?

If so, join me and thousands of other independent jewelry designers and makers by implementing the Desired Brand Effect™ in your business.

It’s time to break free of the feast-or-famine cycle, attract consistent exposure and sales, and finally hit 6-figures (and beyond).




Laying the Foundation (aka LTF) is our signature 12 Week virtual program that’s designed to help you build desire and demand for your jewelry brand by attracting the right exposure and clients.



LTF is for independent jewelry designers and makers who desire to have a business that generates 5- or 6-figures in revenue per year… regardless of if you work it full-time or part-time. It’s perfect for people who have not yet crossed the 6-figure mark in annual sales and want to use the power of the internet to finally make it happen.


Laying the Foundation is delivered 100% online in a virtual classroom and can be accessed on your desktop computer, laptop, iPad or mobile device - so that you can participate virtually from anywhere in the world with internet access.


Each Module is delivered to you on a weekly basis. We deliver the course materials via video, audio, worksheets, tools, templates, checklists, cheat sheets, and a private Facebook community. You can implement the action items on your own time and we’ve built in implementation weeks to support you in taking action while you move through the program - because this is what will get you results. How quickly you start getting results depends on how quickly you implement the action items.


You will have immediate access to the program, so you can get started as soon as you enroll. Although it is designed as a 12-week program, you have lifetime access and can complete the modules on your own time and at your own pace.


When you enroll, you will be invited to join our private Diamond Insiders Facebook Community where you can ask questions of our Coaches throughout your journey - in fact, we include membership in the DI for an entire year. It’s an active, supportive, and tight-knit community, so we encourage you to join and engage. The DI Coaches do live trainings once a month as well as website reviews inside of this group.


We created Laying the Foundation because there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there about how to grow your sales in a profitable and consistent way. Most creative types are (if we’re being honest) totally clueless about where to start. This program exists so that more creatives can make a living doing what they love and putting more beauty out into the world. And so designers like you don’t have to feel trapped running a business that isn’t bringing in the kind of sales they want.


My business before joining Laying the Foundation was pretty bleak. 

"My number one challenge before Laying the Foundation was structure. I started my business with passion and enthusiasm, but the numbers started to dwindle after a couple of years. As long as I implemented the steps [in LTF], I was able to grow at warp speed."

Joel Ingleswald
Darshan Sacred Jewelry

Since taking Laying the Foundation I've had a 440% increase in sales!

"Before Laying the Foundation, I was doing three or four shows a summer and making just enough to keep the business afloat. After LTF, I was able to quit my side gig."

Daisy Chains Jewelry

I signed up for the course mainly to get sales information and really improve my business and take it to the next level. But what I walked away with was so much more!

“I'd been in business about four years before I started Laying the Foundation. And my numbers were pretty good, both on the website and in sales, but they really weren't increasing. And of course I wanted them to.  Just the exercise of fully defining my dream client made an amazing difference in my business and my outlook and my messaging because I was finally able to speak to the person who was intended to get my products and it just made everything so much easier.”

Carolyn Hasset
By Carolyn Dunne

Here’s the Week-by-Week Breakdown

In this module you’ll learn about all of the business foundations you need for your business. Things like registering your business, figuring out the type of entity it is, the different kinds of licenses, and getting a tax ID. We’ll discuss the legal issues around websites, setting up business banking, and bookkeeping. You’ll also learn about different types of business models and revenue streams so you can identify which route will best support your goals.

This module is all about discovering your desired brand. You’ll identify what sets you apart and what makes your brand desirable. You’ll get a deeper understanding of what motivates your Dream Clients to buy (from you). And you’ll learn how to use this information to create authentic messaging that sells.

This module is going to help you solidify your brand story, voice, and style. You’re going to brain dump your story, look at how it can attract your Dream Client, and then weave it into your brand. You’ll dive into the more creative aspects of your brand, like fonts, colors, and language. You’ll use all of this info to create a brand guide that you can use (and that your future team can reference). You’ll also learn how to create an epic About Page for your website.

This module is where we explore the creative parts of being a designer and maker. You’ll learn how to develop jewelry collections - including creating cohesive designs, identifying your niche, and defining your design approach. We’ll look at how critical having a signature style is to brand recognition and success. We’ll also study examples of people who are doing well… and how you can implement what they’re doing to create your own successful business.

This module is all about perfecting your brand assets to deliver an unforgettable customer experience. We will talk about displays, packaging, unboxing, lookbooks, catalogs, photography and all of the other details you can use to set the tone for your brand… and wow your customers.

In this module, we’ll talk about how to create a website that makes sales 24/7. We’ll cover every step, including choosing the right website platform (hint: it’s NOT Etsy), designing and creating the website, and driving traffic to it. We’ll also talk about creating desire online.

In this module, we’ll help you uplevel your sales systems, strategies, and confidence from a place of service. Then we’ll chat about making sure your customers are happy and taken care of so they continue to know, like, and trust you even more than they already did. You’ll set goals that are aligned with your Vision of Success so that you’re spending time where it matters. 

In this module, we talk about all things marketing. You’ll learn about the Buyer Journey, building your list, email marketing, and how to use blogs and videos to connect with your Dream Customers.

In this video, we’ll talk about how to harness the power of social media, social search, and public relations to expand your reach, grow your business, and attract more sales. Then we’ll dive into getting and leveraging social proof, testimonials and reviews to build trust and get more sales...and how to effectively use them in your marketing.

In Laying the Foundation, we walk you through the foundation of the Desired Brand Effect™, creating a strong brand story, and fostering an authentic connection with your audience… so that you can sell without working so hard.  

You’ll clarify exactly who your DREAM clients are so you can stop wasting time chasing the wrong customers and take one step closer to developing brand advocates who become raving (and paying) fans for life.

Finally, you’ll dial in to your BEST business model that’s 100% aligned with your goals, so you can finally focus on the things that matter and grow your business in a way that feels effortless and fun.

The program includes a library of over 80 training videos that can help you:

  • Develop a success mindset that supports your BIG goals
  • Identify the best business model for you
  • Get 100% clarity on who your dream client is
  • Develop your signature style and create collections that easily sell
  • Use our signature Desired Brand Effect™ to attract your dream client
  • Hone in on the perfect brand story and brand voice for your business
  • Create a website and messaging that gets people excited to buy
  • Package and price your products so that they fly off the virtual shelves
  • Build a business that fits your dream lifestyle
  • And so much more!


The Complete LTF System
including videos, audios, slides, transcripts, and worksheets

Video Cliff Notes 
instant access to a summary of each video with your next action steps

80+ Trainings, Cheat Sheets,
and Checklists

to ensure that you’re taking action on what you’re learning

Done-for-you Sales, Marketing
and PR Scripts

these will save you the headache of figuring it all out the hard way!

100% Mobile-Friendly Online Access
so you can learn on the go and review the material anytime you need a refresher


you’ll be supported every step of the way with a full year of access to our mentorship community


The Diamond Insiders is a private community for Laying the Foundation students and alumni. As a jewelry or product business owner, we know that you’ll need additional clarity and support as you implement the LTF program and create the Desired Brand Effect in your business. The Diamond Insiders is our mentorship community that’s designed to help you implement everything you’ve learned in LTF to launch and grow your business.

You’ll have access to:

  • Mentorship from our Flourish & Thrive “Desired Brand” Coaches
  • Monthly office hours where you can get your most pressing questions answered, e.g. "What should I post on Instagram?" or "How do I decide how to price my jewelry
  • Accountability as you implement the action steps (so you get fast results)
  • Helpful feedback on your questions in our private Diamond Insiders community. This group is so powerful that most of our students continue as members beyond the one year (at a special monthly rate offered to LTF members). 





Most creatives are a mess when it comes to systematizing their businesses. Even if they know they need systems to streamline their results, they make excuses about why they don’t do it and avoid creating them. Systems to Scale 101 is a high-impact, simple to implement graduation bonus that will help you shortcut the stress of documenting your systems (aka your way of doing things) and help you scale your efforts.

You’ll have access to:

  • Flourish & Thrive Systems Organizer 
  • Simple Systems Creation for Creatives
  • The 9 Systems You Need to Scale 

You’ll be so excited to remove the guesswork and finally be in a place to be 100% more creative and productive. Plus, you’ll be set up to hire a Virtual Assistant or team member if and when the time is right. 

Valued at $495

Laying The Foundation ROCKS. It’s a GAME CHANGER.

But don’t take just my word for it. Here are what more of our LTF students have to say about their experience in the program...

Meet Allison and Ana.

Allison Used To HATE Sales—Now Wholesalers Are Saying "Yes" After One Visit


Before taking the course, I had on my vision board "find the perfect salesperson," because I hated sales so much. Since the course, I reached out to three local stores for wholesale opportunities and two of them said yes to my line after one visit to their stores. I now feel excited, and realized that *I* am that perfect sales person I was trying to manifest on my vision board.

- Allison Gemmel LaFramboise, Prasada Jewelry

Ana 10x-ed her sales and completely stopped doing trade shows


A bout with breast cancer forced me to cancel a majority of my shows last year. I am happy to say I ended my year within $1000 gross sales of the previous year while taking back all of my weekends. Plus, instead of spending my weekends at markets, I focused on my website and it ROCKED this year! Instead of 3 web sales a month in the $60-$100 range, I averaged 3 web sales a day in the $300-600 range during the holidays!

- Ana Maria Andricain, Jewel Of Havana


The information you receive in this program is the equivalent of hiring a consultant like me or my Co-Founder, Robin Kramer, for 12-18 months. Robin’s clients invest up to $24,000 to have her on their side. But we know that most people don’t have $24K to drop on consulting.



We know exactly what it feels like to have a million things to do and not enough time in the day. We know what it feels like to be stuck working “in” your business - spending your days doing all the little things that “need to get done”. And this is exactly what’s keeping you stuck.

We know how to get you focused on the *right things* to grow your business, so you have  more time to do the things you love and be with the people you love… all while making fantastic money.

Laying The Foundation has been around since 2012 and the methodology is dialed in - you’ll be doing ‘first things first’ and building on your work as you move through the program week to week. You can have faith you’re working on the right things, in the right order, to get results and build a solid foundation to grow from. Just follow our path, take the action steps, and you’ll get fast-tracked results.


Here’s everything you get when you join
Laying The Foundation today

(Valued at $16,585)

  • Lifetime Access to the Complete 12-Week Laying the Foundation System 
  • Video Cliff Notes
  • 20+ Exercises, Cheat Sheets and Checklists
  • Done-For-You Sales, Marketing and PR Scripts
  • Private Classroom Environment
  • 100% Virtual Learning via Mobile and Desktop
  • Bonus Module - Systems to Scale 101 Templates, Organizer, and Training ($495 Value)
  • Bonus Mentoring + Support via 1-Year Complimentary Access to Private Diamond Insiders Mentorship Community. ($595 Value)
  • Monthly Office Hours - Get feedback on your business questions from  Desired Brand Coaches and Mentors.


If you say "YES!" today and pay in full,
we'll throw in this amazing bonus!

The Emails That Sell on Auto-Pilot System

Ever wonder how some makers and product brands are able to scale their sales so quickly. It starts with their “owned” marketing and sales funnel strategy. This is your step by step blueprint to turn your High Converting Website into a sales machine using email marketing and simple sales funnel strategies that sell on autopilot.

When you pay in full you’ll get access to high converting sales funnel training, swipe email subject lines, and a curation of examples from different types of brands across the board. 

  • Email Sales Funnels That Convert
  • 600+ Done For You Email Subject Lines
  • Email Marketing Swipe Copy
  • 100+ Examples of Emails that Sell 

Borrow the high converting sales strategies of jewelry and product brands with massive budgets and get your sales scaling quickly.

VALUE $3000

BONUS High Converting Bundle Mockup
F&T - LTF Money Back Guarantee -01


We want you to be COMPLETELY SATISFIED with our Laying the Foundation course. That’s why we offer a no-risk, money-back guarantee. Try it out for 21 days! If you are not satisfied with your results, simply show us your work and we’ll refund your money. *Must ask for a refund within 21 days of enrolling in the course.

Select a

Payment Option

United States and Canada

One-Time Payment


Includes $3000 in Extra Bonuses
to Grow Your Online Sales

Most Flexible
Up to 12-Monthly Payments**
starting as low as


with 0% Financing Upon Approval via our Partners at Wizebank

**0% financing options are based on credit approval and include 3, 6 and 12 month options via our partners at Wizebank. Coupons and discounts do not apply. Learn more



International Customers

One-Time Payment


Includes $3000 in Extra Bonuses
to Grow Your Online Sales

Most Flexible
8-Payments of


Pay Over TIme

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Questions About Laying the Foundation?


530 W 30th St #22B New York NY 10001


+1 (347) 746-5695



Andrea Went From a ZERO Profits to Selling Out Collections

"Before joining Laying the Foundation, my business was directionless, expensive and not turning a profit. I was referred to Flourish & Thrive Academy by a friend in my stone setting class. Even though my sales were slow, I was determined to invest in the program. After taking LTF and applying what I’ve learned, I launched my e-commerce website and I’m selling out of my collections every season. During the course, I learned about private label design and I recently launched and landed 6 stockists before my formal outreach campaign.

Laying the Foundation is a great fit for any designer ready to get serious about turning their hobby into a real business or taking their existing business to the next level."

- Andrea Li, Andrea Li Designs

carolyne dunne

Carolyn was in business for 4 years before starting Laying the Foundation. When signing up for LTF her numbers were “pretty good” in sales and on her website but she was looking for more sales info and to take her business to the next level. But she got even ore than she expected with LTF! Defining her Dream Client made a huge difference in her business, her outlook and messaging because now she was actually speaking to the people who LOVED her products! And bonus, she LOVES being part of the Diamond Insiders where she can get support from coaches and connect with her peers.

“So if you're thinking about taking this course, there's nothing left to think about. Absolutely. It's going to be the best investment you can make for your business.”

- Carolyn Hasset of By Carolyn Dunne


If it wasn't for [Laying the Foundation], I wouldn't be here today.

"It actually was one of the best things I have done, because if it wasn't for Tracy, Robin, and all the great coaches they have and the tools they have, I wouldn't be here today."

Maruja Leanos

[Laying the Foundation] helped me change my mindset about my own work, my work ethic, how to have a successful business instead of an expensive hobby.

"If you're thinking of joining Laying the Foundation, I highly recommend it. I have so much of my brain space cleared up right now."


Lori Greenberg
Quirky and Odd

I needed a compass that would get me to where it is that I wanted to go with my business and I believe that Laying The Foundation has been exactly that.

"Early on, I realized that your artistry or your unique skillset is not enough to set you apart in a marketplace that is so competitive. I have been revisiting this program time over time again in order to course correct and go to where it is that I want to go."

Vicky Garmiri
Tracy 3

You might be thinking, “Those are great results, Tracy, but that won’t work for me because my situation is different than theirs!”


This program has worked successfully for high volume designers, OOAK/handmade designers, luxury designers, “parent-preneurs”, and designers with full-time jobs. It’s worked for designers who are new to business, and industry veterans who have needed to refresh their business skills in today’s economy.

This program is perfectly suited for brands that are serious about growing a profitable business, who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work, and who realize that there is no “easy button” you can push to magically make a successful business materialize. 

Laying the Foundation is designed to help you reduce stress and the overwhelming feelings that keep you from moving forward

The program is perfectly-paced to help you speed up your results and take time to work ON your business instead of just IN your business. 

At the end, you’ll be in control of your business and feel a huge sense of accomplishment knowing that you’re on the right track for financial security and stability as an artist.

This program is not for people who...

  • Are only interested in having a jewelry hobby and have no plan of selling their designs.
  • Have mastered the business and have a crystal clear direction of where they are going and the confidence to do it alone.
  • Aren’t open to learning new ways to work and say things like: “that won’t work for me” or “I already know that”
  • Aren’t willing to invest in their business and prefer spending their time doing research, Googling or doing the same things over and over while getting the same lackluster results.
  • Are consistently making 5 or 6 figure sales every month in their business and experiencing profit growth every year.
  • Don’t take full responsibility for their results and blame others when things don’t go their way.

This program is perfect for people who...

  • Want to launch and grow a real business that makes consistent sales and earns a profit.
  • Are feeling completely overwhelmed, unfocused, and often ask themselves “where do I start” or “what makes sense to do next."
  • Haven’t cracked the code to earning consistent sales of 4 to 5 figures in monthly revenue (and 6 figures annually) yet are ambitious enough to make it happen.
  • Value their time (and themselves) enough to know that investing and implementing a proven system (instead of spinning their wheels) will help them reach their goals more quickly.
  • Want to regain confidence and clarity by taking the right actions.
  • Are coachable and love learning and implementing strategies that speed up their results.
  • Take responsibility for their success, crave accountability, and want a kick in the pants to move in the right direction.
  • Are at a crossroads and have to make their business work with a solid plan where they can easily reach their goals.

Investing in Your Business Might Feel Scary...I Get It...

Check out this story from Alyssa who was also scared to invest. She's made her investment back many times over.

If You Feel or Even KNOW Laying The Foundation Is What Your Business Needs Right Now, But Something Is Stopping You, Consider This...

From time to time, all of us (including me) need a little kick-in-the-pants so we can realize that our fears are imaginary, but the future we desire doesn’t have to be. All we have to do is take NEW actions and follow a proven path.

There are two primary fears that can stop you from doing what you know you need to do.

The first fear is the fear that the program won’t work. That fear comes from the natural skepticism we have that prevents people from taking advantage of us. 

If this was a new program with no success stories, it would be a valid fear.  However, LTF has been around since 2012 because IT WORKS, and we’ve had thousands of successful students who see a 35 - 50% increase in their sales after taking it (and those numbers grow year by year beyond that)

So let’s talk about the second fear that can prevent you from investing into the very solution you’ve been searching for

I’m talking about the paralyzing fear that even if the program works, you won’t do the work (or that it won’t work for you). That can either be an irrational fear or a fear based on past experiences. That is exactly why we include 1 YEAR’S ACCESS to DIAMOND INSIDERS along with Laying the Foundation and why we focus on developing a success mindset in the introductory module of the program.


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines.

Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover.”



gisela clemens

"After changing my mindset, I raised my prices between 30-50% and I continue selling without a problem!"

“The two main results that I have achieved is first, changing my mindset, believing that my jewelry is good, the prices are fair to my work and I'm ready to find my dream client out there. Second, I learn how to price my jewelry correctly. I was selling too cheap for the quality of my designs. I raised my prices between 30 and 50% and I continue selling without problem.”

- Gisela Clemens, Gisela Clemens Jewelry

The Only Way To Grow is By Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone and Doing the Work to Make a Change!

You might still have more questions!

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Laying the Foundation is your chance to have access to a team of experts by your side as you grow the business of your dreams!

“So if you're thinking about taking this course, there's nothing left to think about. Absolutely. It's going to be the best investment you can make for your business.”
- Carolyn H.

After taking LTF I was able to increase my prices and my profits have hugely increased!

-Joanne Simmons, The Silver Sculptor

Before LTF I was just a girl with a hobby. Now I have an actual business and I quit my full-time job.

-Irina Zhan, Irina Victoria Jewelry




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