Laying the Foundation is our signature 8-week virtual program designed to teach you how to create desire and demand for your unforgettable jewelry brand with the RIGHT clients and exposure.

You’ll build a business that works for YOU, supports your dream lifestyle, and allows you to unleash your creativity in a way that gives you cash, clarity, and freedom!

Ana Maria Andricain

Jewel Of Havana

Ana Maria Went From Broadway Star to Jewelry Business Success

"Before Laying the Foundation I had, what I felt, was a pretty successful business. I was a Broadway actress and jewelry making was my backstage hobby. My husband got an amazing job opportunity in Baton Rouge, so I quit Broadway and went full-time in my jewelry biz.

Laying the Foundation was a game changer for me. I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to replace my Broadway salary, but within 6 months of taking LTF, I did! I doubled my income JUST from the pricing modules alone! I recommend LTF to all of my jewelry designer friends. It's great for designers who are just starting out, who’ve been making jewelry for a while, and those who’ve reached a plateau. If you’re ready to get to your next level, LTF will help you get there!"

virginia fretto


colleen mauer

colleen mauer jewelry


Nicole Gariepy

FantaSea Jewelry

Nicole Went From Extreme Burnout to Increasing Her Sales 200%!

"I’ve been in the jewelry business since high school. After years owning a retail store, then working for another jeweler, I was burned out. I knew I needed a change, so I quit my job and started pursuing my business full time. That’s when I signed up for Laying the Foundation. Before LTF, I was making $2000/month. The year I took the course, I made $35K. The next year, I more than doubled my sales, bringing in $75K. Laying the Foundation is a fantastic resource for solo-designers who want to make sales and live a better life."


Allison Gemmel LaFramboise

Prasada Jewelry

Allison Used To HATE Sales—Now Wholesalers Are Saying "Yes" After One Visit

"Before taking the course, I had on my vision board "find the perfect sales person," because I hated sales so much. Since the course, I reached out to three local stores for wholesale opportunities and two of them said yes to my line after one visit to their stores. I now feel excited, and realized that *I* am that perfect sales person I was trying to manifest on my vision board."

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Belinda Wickwire

Belinda Wickwire Jewelry

Belinda Shifted Her Expensive “Hobby” Into a Lucrative Jewelry Business

"I have been in business for about 35 years now. But it’s really hard to say that because before taking Laying the Foundation, my business was lost. I really just had an expensive hobby. There were so many things I didn’t know! Laying the Foundations was life-changing for me. Right after the course, my sales increased by at least 25%! I am a better business person because of Laying the Foundation."


Andrea Went From a ZERO Profits to Selling Out Collections

"Before joining Laying the Foundation, my business was directionless, expensive and not turning a profit. I was referred to Flourish & Thrive Academy by a friend in my stone setting class. Even though my sales were slow, I was determined to invest in the program. After taking LTF and applying what I’ve learned, I launched my e-commerce website and I’m selling out of my collections every season. During the course, I learned about private label design and I recently launched and landed 6 stockists before my formal outreach campaign.

Laying the Foundation is a great  fit for any designer ready to get serious about turning their hobby into a real business or taking their existing business to the next level."

Andrea Li

Andrea Li Designs


Marcia is Setting (And Hitting) Goals She NEVER Imagined

"Before Laying the Foundation I really didn’t have an approach to business. Since starting LTF I have rebranded my business, created a new logo and a new Shopify website on my own! I started using MailChimp, email my list once a month and created an opt-in for my website and much more! And, I now price my jewelry properly even when it scares me.

I put myself out there in every way I could think of and it works. I would never have done 9/10th of the things I have done without going through Laying the Foundation!"

Marcia Newquist

Creative Jewelry by Marcia


Lisa & Greg Stice

Cherokee Copper

Lisa and Greg Replace Their Day Job Income With Their Jewelry Business in Their First Year

"Greg and I had only been in business for 4 months when we started Laying the Foundation. As part of the course, we did a Collection Review with Tracy and she pointed out that our prices were way too low.  We quickly revamped our pricing according to the model we had been taught in LTF and guess what...we started to make more money. We were able to replace my income from my day job in our first year of business.

We have been able to grow our business as we go. We have continued to invest in our business and have NO debt. Our sales have continued to increase each year by at least 50% year over year, even as we’ve had to take time away to care for sick family members and my own shoulder surgery."


Kally Pena


Kally Opened Her Own Store Front & Increased Her Sales 400%

"I graduated from Laying the Foundation in March of 2018. The course taught me to define who my Dream Client is and to establish brand mission and values. Having these things nailed down enabled me to open my store front in October 2018 on the Main Street of my town. In the month of October alone my revenue was equal to what it had been in the entire year prior. My sales have increased over 400% since taking LTF! I'm able now to further my mission of empowering women by curating specialty items from other small women-owned businesses that share my brands value."

Melissa Camilleri


Melissa's Jewelry Store Is Making $10,000+ Every Month

"I started with a full-time job and a jewelry-making hobby. Fast forward 9 months- I was making enough profit to quit my full-time job and move my production from my dining room table to my a professional design/office space.

Before Laying the Foundation, I had exactly 32 paying customers. Since taking LTF, I'm over 8,000 paying customers and 34.6K followers on Instagram. I now run a successful jewelry business that consistently makes more than 5 figures monthly and best of all, I get to work doing what I love."


Toby Went From Single Digit Sales on Etsy to Quitting Her Day Job

"Laying the Foundation is a requirement to set your business (and yourself) up for success! Before Laying the Foundation, I’d only sold 3 or 4 pieces and I was only making a few hundred bucks. Now, I’m am doing so well, that I quit my full-time job to focus 100% on my jewelry business! I love the lifetime access so I can go back and revisit the information anytime I need a refresher. I’d definitely recommend Laying the Foundation if you’re serious about building a jewelry business. I have ZERO regrets investing in the program even though it was a big financial stretch for me at the time."

Toby Myles

Ride Like a Girl Designs


Dawn Is Saving for Retirement With Her Jewelry Sales

"One of my favorite parts of Laying the Foundation is how it really helped me move past that “artist” mentality into a “business” one. When I started the course I was not really clear on my jewelry style or brand. Since then I haven’t gone full time in my jewelry biz yet by choice! I am using that income to supplement my retirement.

I think that Laying the Foundation is a perfect fit for anyone that is serious about building their jewelry business."

Dawn Vizzi DiGesare

daVoria jewelry

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F&TA Has Breathed Life Into An Industry I’ve Been In For Over 15 Years!

"The results from taking LTF have been amazing. My sales increased by 50% in my first year and my mindset changed so much that I was able to move into a new studio space and hire help. I feel confident in designing my first ‘real’ collections and excited to approach wholesale prospects now that I am armed with the right pricing and tools. I feel (and act like) a new person – F&TA has breathed life into an industry I’ve been in for over 15 years! It feels new and exciting again – Thank You both SO much!."

natsumi comstock



the silver sculptor


Christina Paluszek-McClure

Kryzia Kreations

Christina Uses Laying the Foundation to Keep Her Business On Track Year After Year

"I was hesitant when I first came across Laying the Foundation because I had learned about Flourish & Thrive Academy, and although I liked what I saw, I was worried about the investment.  My gut feeling said do it, so I did because I was ready to make a change in my business model. I'm glad I did because I’ve been referring back to it every year for the past 4 years to keep myself on track.

I am much more confident in my pricing and really figuring out my marketing plan.  It also made me realize that sometimes I need to take a step back and re-evaluate things and make changes - really think things through and create more attainable goals for myself. The course delivery was great.

I loved how it was broken up and the implementation weeks helped because in addition to going through the course I still had to run my business."


Liza Lalita Lee

Sati Gems Hawaii

Liza Grew Her Email List 50% and Increased Her Sale 30%

"When I signed up for Laying the Foundation I was a little bit nervous about the time commitment because I knew that I would be traveling in India during the course. I was so happy that I was able to access the program while traveling and work at the pace that was best for me and my business!

Since graduating, I have seen a increase by 30% in sales and my email list has grown by 50%. I feel so much more secure in my business decisions and who my Dream Client is. I really appreciate the community support and knowing that someone would always be there to help or give advise."


silver ranch jewelry

Irina Zhan

Irina Victoria Jewelry


Johandi Doubled Her Sales After Taking LTF

"Before taking Laying the Foundation, my business consisted of mostly making a lot of jewelry and hoping it will work out by itself. The course gave me the tools to actually do revenue-generating activities and in one year I doubled my jewelry businesses revenue!

Tracy is a wonderful teacher and Robin is equally brilliant I love each and every mentor because they are helpful and encouraging. Anyone and everyone can do Laying the Foundation! It’s easy to follow and teaches you everything you need to know about running a successful jewelry business."

Johandi Ebersohn

Bezonder Jewellery


Corri Increased Her Prices and 400x Her Sales

"Increasing my prices was scary but the sales opportunities I had last year speak for themselves.

I now have several dream clients who buy from me all year, have shipped my pieces all over the world and the former governor even bought a pair of my earrings just before Christmas!

My 2017 revenue was just around $3500 and my sales revenue for 2018 was just over $13,000. None of this would have happened had I not taken Laying the Foundation!

I would absolutely recommend LTF. I can honestly say it has been the best decision I made for my business!"

Corri Riebow

Paris Creek Jewelry




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