You’re In! Woot...

The Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp Starts January 15th..

Mark your calendars…it’s gonna be awesome!

This is how I feel right now >>

I can’t wait to hear your husbie/wifey/bestie/sisie’s reaction when you’re kicking bootay and snagging up all those jewelry sales..👏

You’re welcome! 😉


On January 15th, Video #1 is live!

  • Access to our private Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp Facebook Group
  • The “Jewelry Brand Makeover Blueprint” delivered to your inbox (you’ll need this for bootcamp)
  • A calendar of events to add to your personal calendar so you can get the most out of your experience
  • Special tips and inspiration to help you get the most out of the 10-day bootcamp

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Let’s make this a party and bring a friend (or 5) along...


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Let’s do this 2019!

xo, Tracy & Robin


You’re in for a treat...really! Check out these rave reviews..


I now run a successful jewelry business that consistently makes more than 5 figures monthly.

I started FT&A with a full-time job and a jewelry-making hobby. Fast forward 9 months– after implementing the very helpful and actionable tools Tracy and Robin provided, I was making enough profit to quit my full-time job and move my production from my dining room table to my a professional design/office space. Before Laying the Foundation, I had exactly 32 paying customers. Since taking LTF, I'm over 8,000 paying customers and 34.6K followers on Instagram. I now run a successful jewelry business that consistently makes more than 5 figures monthly and best of all, I get to work doing what I love. I pinch myself every day. —MELISSA CAMILLERI, SHOPCOMPLIMENT.COM

Before taking the course I hated sales, now I feel excited to approach wholesalers and they’re saying yes after one visit!

Before taking the course, I had on my vision board "find the perfect sales person," because I hated sales so much and felt this was holding me back more than anything. Robin and Tracy gave me tools, advice, and most importantly the correct context for approaching sales in a way that feels really good and is extremely effective. Since the course, I reached out to three local stores for wholesale opportunities and two of them said yes to my line after one visit to their stores. I now feel excited, rather than dreadful, about introducing my line to potential wholesalers, and realized that *I* am that perfect sales person I was trying to manifest on my vision board. —ALLISON GEMMEL LAFRAMBOISE, PRASADAJEWELRY.COM


Instead of spending my weekends at markets, I focused on my website and the sales ROCKED this year!

Purchasing a home and a bout with breast cancer forced me to cancel a majority of my shows last year. I am happy to say that even in light of my life changes and challenges, I ended my year within $1000 gross sales of the previous year while taking back all of my weekends. Plus, instead of spending my weekends at markets, I focused on my website and it ROCKED this year! Instead of 3 web sales a month in the $60-$100 range, I averaged 3 web sales a day in the $300-600 range during the holidays! I would have never been able to figure out all of this information so quickly on my own. —ANA MARIA ANDRICAIN, JEWELOFHAVANA.COM

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