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Master Your Marketing Bundle Mockups V02-04

Master Your Marketing DFY Social Media and Email Marketing Bundle

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November was officially my best month ever for online sales and it’s because I did email promotions!

– Alicia M.
Master Your Marketing Bundle Mockups V02-04

It's time to take the tedious guesswork out of your marketing so you can watch your sales skyrocket.

We're making it easy-peasy by providing a done-for-you marketing and email bundle to create the content you need to inspire your DREAM CLIENTS to buy from you over and over again.



Here’s what’s included:

Master Your Marketing Bundle Mockups-02

Notion Template for Marketing Calendar

Staring at your computer, trying to figure out what to do, when to do it, and where to post it is not only energy-draining but a total time sucker. We can give you the best templates and subject lines, but without a solid plan, you’d still be left guessing.

That’s why we’re giving you this 12-month, done-for-you marketing calendar. It takes the guesswork out of when and why to send, so you can stay consistent with your marketing and keep your brand in front of your audience—all without the usual stress of creating email campaigns.

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90 Days of DFY Social Content

Social Media is an important part of an overall marketing strategy for jewelry business owners and brands. Even if you didn’t sign up to become a professional marketer, you have to become an expert at attracting new followers, generating leads (ie email list subscribers) and making sales from your social media efforts.

We know it can be daunting thinking up themes and deciding what to post, so we're proving you plug and play social media content for different seasons and different reasons that will improve your organic reach.

Master Your Marketing Bundle Mockups V02-07

90 DAYS OF DFY Emails Broadcast Email Templates

If your emails don't get opened, they can't drive sales. That's why we’re giving you attention-grabbing subject lines that work all year round, for any occasion. These tried-and-true subject lines will boost your open rates, helping you build a strong relationship with your readers.

We're also taking it up a notch and providing you with full-on email templates that you can plug your details in and be ready to launch in minutes! You'll increase the crucial 'know-like-trust' factor, and have your audience eagerly anticipating your next piece or collection.


30 Canva Design Templates for Social Media

Being a designer doesn’t mean you should be stuck behind a computer all day creating email templates. That’s why we’re including done-for-you Canva email templates that you can quickly and easily customize with your own branding.

These templates make it simple to transform boring, plain emails into beautifully branded messages in minutes. A branded business is a memorable business, and these templates will elevate your overall buying experience, making a lasting impression on your audience.

Master Your Marketing Bundle Mockups-03

60+ Copywriting Hooks for Social Content

Social Media is an important part of an overall marketing strategy for jewelry business owners and brands. The ultimate goal is to use organic social media to create community, build your email list, and drive organic traffic to your website. We want to give you a formula for social media success.

We're giving you our high-converting 'Caption Writing Formula', 60+ hooks to stop the scroll, 6 steps to make your brand voice shine, through in your captions and 5 key writing tips for captions and beyond.

Master Your Marketing Bundle Mockups-01

How to Plan Your Marketing With ChatGPT Training

How can we make marketing even easier? Use AI - for content creation, video editing, transcriptions, captions, research, copyrighting, proofing and automation.

Watch this training with Blair Kaplan Venables, social media expert, focused on using Canva and popular AI tools to plan social media content marketing.


IT'S HELPED SO MUCH! The 600 subject lines are worth it alone I think. Thanks for creating it. 🙂

– Laura M.

As a busy jewelry designer or maker, you don't have time for trial-and-error when it comes to email marketing.

After helping over 7,500 makers and designers, we're taking the guesswork out and giving you proven email templates that will save you hundreds of hours per year.

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Master Your Marketing DFY Social Media and Email Marketing Bundle

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