How many sales are you losing because you’re relying on things outside your control in your business?

Generate More Sales, More Impact, And Less Stress With Our Desired Brand Effect Methodology™️


What if

  • What if you could be in control your monthly sales and revenue?
  • What would it feel like to have a waiting list and sell out every time you drop a collection?
  • Or to be able to make money every single time you sent an email?
  • Imagine no longer spending your weekends sweating or freezing at “art shows” and craft fairs…
  • Not having to worry about what retailers are doing to promote your products or get foot traffic through the door…
  • And not having your business’ destiny dictated by other people (wholesalers, retailers, art show organizers, Etsy’s algorithm, etc.)...

If your business is feeling fragile and out of your control, it’s time to elevate your strategy, build momentum, and accelerate your success using our

Desired Brand Effect Methodology™️

Your Successful, Profitable Brand starts with our proven Desired Brand Effect Methodology which is designed to help you attract a steady stream of the perfect customers, convert those buyers into loyal fans, and scale those results with ease!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve reached a certain level of success in your business — but you’ve been doing everything or nearly everything yourself.
  • Maybe you’ve hired a team member or two, but it seems like you’ve hit a ceiling with growth because you can’t do any more on your own.
  • Maybe your sales have increased, but your profits haven’t. You’re working harder than ever and for less money at the end of the day.
  • Plus, it’s become abundantly clear that your current business is fragile. Many of the ways you reach clients — through art shows, trade shows, retail markets, boutiques and retail stores — rely on foot traffic for sales, and the second anything changes with that foot traffic, your lifeline is gone.
image of jewelry display at a creative business

When the trade show is cancelled, the boutiques have to close, Etsy changes its algorithm, or it sideways rains on the day of the art market, your success is suddenly outside of your control.

You need to strengthen every link in your business chain to elevate your strategy, build momentum, and accelerate your success to become the in-demand designer you’ve always dreamed of being.

For the past 8 years, we’ve helped 7500 jewelry designers, creative brands and businesses go from Overwhelmed Jewelry-preneur to In-Demand Designer by putting our Desire Brand Effect System to WORK through our Momentum program.

Are you ready to strengthen the fragile parts of your business so that you can have more sales, more security, less stress, and a simplified way to grow their business without burning out?

Join Momentum

and get support from an exclusive team of top-tier coaches and a community of A-list designers.


It’s the premier program for a-players in the jewelry industry who are done wasting time and ready to get real results, like yesterday.

Momentum is a comprehensive 12-month hybrid group and one-on-one coaching experience designed to transform your jewelry or creative product business into a multi-revenue stream, anti-fragile, highly profitable, revenue generating system.

When you want to reach your revenue and profit goals AND feel a sense of FREEDOM, PURPOSE, and ACCOMPLISHMENT... but you don’t know HOW…

Momentum is the answer.


Provides everything you need to know — along with the support and accountability you need to succeed — to implement our Desired Brand Effect System.

MM – Sales Page Icons-01-min

Your Personalized Success Vision Call during which we establish your vision for the future, your 3 main goals that you’ll work towards for the year plus an action plan — so you know exactly where to start and what to work on!

 ($1000 Value)

MM – Sales Page Icons-08-min

Quarterly 90 Day Success Sprint Planning

Every 90 days, you'll work on your next 90 Day Success Sprint with the help of our Momentum Success Support Team so you always know what to focus on to achieve your goals. Never feel confused about your next steps again!

($4000 Value)

MM – Sales Page Icons-09-min

Weekly Group Support Calls

Business and marketing are always changing. There’s something new to learn or new challenges to overcome every single day. Our Group Support Calls are just what you need to stay in the know and overcome obstacles! Join our experienced Momentum Success Support Team members, experts and Elevate Coaches each week for continued education, strategies that are working now, and feedback.

($15,000 Value)

MM – Icons-03

Private Community of Established Jewelry Business Owners for ongoing support. You’ll finally have a community of like-minded people working toward the same goals to get feedback and have the accountability you need to stay on track toward your goals.

($3,000 Value)

MM – Sales Page Icons-04-min

Daily Support so you’ll never feel “left behind” in the fast-paced world of business. (Covering Sales, Mindset, Sales, Marketing, Branding, Tech, and Operations)

($6,000 Value)

MM – Icons-06

Done-For-You Marketing Plans + Templates

Plug-and-play templates for you landing pages, automated emails, newsletters and graphics! Step out of overwhelm and into ease. We give you the tools to get it done quickly, confidently and stay consistent.

($5,000 Value)

MM – Icons-07


Don’t want to think about learning a new marketing strategy or documenting a process! We deliver done for you systems that you can download and use so you can save your brainpower on growing your business.

($5,000 Value)

MM – Icons-10

Momentum Private Online Membership Site

Exclusive portal for Members to access all your training material. Designed around theDesired Brand Effect Methodology, the Membership site will help you connect with and convert your customers and scale your jewelry business fast.

($7,000 Value)

MM – Icons-05

Monthly Hot Seat Call

Tracy is a master at seeing opportunities and blind spots. Join the hot seat live with the group and you’ll leave with 3-5 ideas to move past any roadblock. Quick implementers see very fast results and reap financial rewards immediately.

($10,000 Value)

Total Value: $56,000

When you join at the Elevate level,
you’ll also have access to...

MM – Sales Page Icons-03-min

Your Private Success Vision Call during which you’ll work directly with our team to establish your vision for the future, your 3 main goals that you’ll work towards for the year plus an action plan that includes the 3 first Elevate Coaches we suggest you work with — so you know exactly where to start and what to work on!

($1,000 Value)

MM – Sales Page Icons-07-min

Your Private Quarterly 90 Day Success Sprint Planning

Every 90 days, you'll work one-to-one with our team on your next 90 Day Success Sprint so you always know what to focus on to achieve your goals. We’ll also help you plan your Elevate coaching according to your Success Sprint. Never feel confused about your next steps again!

($6,000 Value)

MM – Sales Page Icons-02-min

One-to-One Individualized Coaching Calls

As your jewelry brand gains momentum, you’re going to face new challenges. Our all-star team of Elevate Coaches gives you the unique opportunity to get laser focused 1:1 advice on their area of expertise, feedback on your work, and action steps so you know what to focus on to see the most sustainable results!

($10,000 Value)

MM – Sales Page Icons-06-min

Twice Yearly Momentum Retreats

Join Tracy, the entire Momentum Success Support Team and your peers for an in-person*, live, two-day intensive. At each Retreat, Tracy does a deep dive on specific topics (i.e. Email Automation, Promotion Planning, Future-Proofing, Becoming the CVO, etc.) PLUS we host interviews, rountables, trainings, and breakouts with guest experts, industry experts and Elevate Coaches. In the evenings, we’ll enjoy some social events, as well!

*Spring & Fall – Held virtually if in-person is not possible due to global conditions.

($5,000 Value)

MM – Sales Page Icons-05-min

Access to Tracy’s Inner Circle*

Elevate Members get direct access to Tracy via our Community Support Space!

*The Inner Circle is open to all Elevate Members but you must qualify first to gain access to it.

($5,000 Value)

MM – Sales Page Icons-10-min

One-to-one Check-In Calls with our team keep you on track and unstuck!

($1,000 Value)

MM – Sales Page Icons-11-min

One-to-one Mindset Call

Within 48 hours of enrolling in Momentum, you’ll receive a private Mindset Call with our team. We know that how you feel about success, your business and are prepared to show up is a KEY part in achieving your goals. We’ll start you off on the right foot, right from the start!

($1,000 Value)

Elevate Value: $29,000

Total Momentum Value: $85,000

Actual Investment: Way, WAY Less!


“It's June 4th, and I just beat my last year's TOTAL SALES for the whole year. Huge win!”


“Before I joined, my online sales were sporadic. I couldn't count on anything online. I've only been in the program for three months and I've started to see my online sales pick up. I hit my goal on December 31st – I sold $150K. Comparing my first quarter last year to this quarter, I have 72% growth. Momentum is awesome.”


Twyla Dill headshot

Find your perfect fit:

And, new this year, we have two ways to support you throughMomentum at different levels:

Here’s What’s Included Accelerate Elevate
Access to Your Success Path in a Private Online MemberSite
Weekly Group Support Calls and Hot Seat Calls (Covering Sales, Mindset, Marketing, Tech, Operations and more)
Private Community of Established Jewelry Business Owners
Daily Support from our experienced team
Done-for-you Systems, Templates, and Marketing Plans
Personalized Success Vision Call to get you started
Quarterly 90-Day Success Sprint planning sessions
One-to-One Individualized Coaching Calls
Twice Yearly Momentum Retreats (Spring and Fall, 2-day intensives ) with Tracy, the team, guest experts and Elevate Coaches
Access to Tracy’s Inner Circle **must qualify for this access**
One-to-one Check-In Calls to keep you on track
One-to-one Mindset Call during initiation

We provide everything you need to succeed — but that doesn’t mean that we can help everybody. We ONLY work with jewelry brands and creative businesses we KNOW we can help.

Spaces are limited and fill up FAST — click the button below to find out if you qualify.

Momentum is for you
if you’re…

  • Feeling a real fire and determination to grow and succeed — no matter what is happening in the wider world.
  • Tired of spending all your time putting out fires because you're scrambling at the last minute and nothing is structured. Stressed and strapped for cash isn't a good look, m'dear.
  • Ready to stop making excuses as to why your website, blog, and newsletter haven’t been launched, updated or sent out.
  • Never settling for “good enough” for another minute because it’s your turn.
  • Ready and willing to be coached – and you promise to remove the words “that won’t work for me” from your vocabulary.
  • Committed to your success by implementing quickly; you’re “in it to win it!”

But it isn’t a
good fit if you:

  • Still making excuses for why you haven’t reached the level of success you want because deep down you aren’t ready to make that commitment. (It’s totally okay!)
  • Just want to earn some part-time income selling jewelry online because you’re happy in your career and just want a fun hobby.
  • Aren’t ready to follow advice from others or make any changes to your business because you want to feel in control of the direction of your company.
  • Have a hard time with or don’t like being told what to do.
  • Aren’t willing or committed to make time for quick implementation.
  • Freeze under pressure. This program is an investment and it will require hustle and that’s why we only accept A-players.

case study:

Karina Harris, Waffles and Honey Jewelry


Over the past several years, Karina built a successful business with retail events, shows, pop-ups, and e-commerce. But she had become her best sales person and because of that, she was in a Catch-22. She had to be at all of the events in order to grow her business!

With our guidance, she started planting the seeds last year to make a shift in her business (and get her weekends back!). Then March rolled around and her shows started getting cancelled. She had planned a new collection launch and was afraid to release it for fear of what people might say or think.

With a lot of encouragement from us, Karina decided to launch her new collection in March and focus on adding a “little bit of sunshine” into the lives of her customers. She also reinvented a few in-person pop-up shops as virtual events and doubled down on her digital marketing. She implemented a few of the strategies she learned from our 2-Day Momentum Retreat and the results were phenomenal!


  • She had a 430% increase in her online sales in April (as I mentioned Karina, already has a successful business — so this was HUGE).
  • Her online sales nearly replaced all of her lost show income for the month of April.
  • In the first 8 days in May, she had already increased her revenue by 68% over last year and had beat her May goal in the second week!
  • By the end of May, she had beat her super-stretch goal by $6000 and had one of her best months in history.
  • She normally does a Mother’s Day Pop-Up, and she more than replaced that income selling online.

In reinventing her online experience for her customers, she has proven to herself that she doesn’t have to do so many retail events and shows to reach the sales numbers she desires.


“BIG WIN! I implemented an automated email sequence according to my coach Darian’s tips and they already resulted in a sale after just a few days!!! Previously, my emails rarely resulted in opens and clicks, let alone sales.”


"On the advice of a coach, we upped our prices in hopes of attracting our dream client and IT HAS WORKED!! Even in this incredibly slow month we now have 4 fully custom engagement ring clients on the books and another 2-3 in beginning talks. This is the part of designing that I love and am unbelievably excited!"




It’s my mission to help ambitious, independent jewelry brands do just that: take control and strengthen their business and ditch the “art” shows that are sucking up your time and making your businesses so fragile.

But here’s the reality: This isn’t for everyone.

I have proven strategies, but there is no “easy” button in building a business. Momentum is for ambitious, independent jewelry designers who are ready to uplevel and innovate their business to protect their business from economic uncertainty, grow their direct-to-consumer sales, and increase their overall profitability.

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels with marketing, stop worrying about sales every month, and really step into the role as the in-demand designer you always knew you could be, now is the time! Click the button below to apply.

F&T – The Momentum Mastermind Brandboard V05-04
Ashleigh Branstetter headshot

“Before I started Momentum, I would say my online sales were zero... I had people going to my website, but nobody purchasing. Since starting the program, I've been having consistent sales each month! I totally feel supported with all the coaching I've received… If I had to describe Momentum in three words, I would say, ‘lots of support!’


“I’ve been in business for 19 years but we've had struggles with our online marketing...What I really enjoyed about the Workshops were how structured it was and how Tracy and her team made it very straightforward… I walked away with a big picture strategy of how to market my company in a really consistent manner that is attainable.


Jennifer Dawes

I’ve been here before…

I know how to guide you through this process, because I’ve actually done it before.

I’ve built two successful jewelry brands and sold over $8 Million in product.

But in 2008, things started to shift for my jewelry business as the economy shifted around me. The stock market crashed, we faced a major housing crisis, and my business got caught in the crossfire. Wholesale orders were cancelling left and right, stores I had already shipped orders too were filing for bankruptcy, and I had no income coming in with a pile of bills and payroll to pay.

Let’s just say, I was in a really bad place.

Because I had a single point of failure in my business (the weak link in my chain was that 95% of my sales were from wholesale stores), it was hard to recover. I had more than $365,968 in debt because stores had my inventory and didn’t pay. I had negative cash flow for many months following.

My business didn’t survive because I didn’t have the foresight to predict or anticipate an economic cycle like this. Plus, I hadn’t mastered the art of direct-to-consumer or e-commerce sales.


When I rebuilt my next jewelry company and started Flourish & Thrive Academy, I KNEW that the only way to move forward in the world we live in would be to focus on creating a business model that would weather any situation.

And it worked! Right now, our clients are seeing increases in online sales to the tune of 430% over last year. They are replacing their lost wholesale revenue by partnering with stores for collaborative events. They are hosting incredible virtual trunks shows that are making them 3 months income with 10 hours of work.

And you can do it too — IF you pay attention and take action.

Because when you do this right, you create a life-proof, recession-proof, pandemic-proof business that can weather any crisis.

Now is the time for you to take control.

case study:

Alex Camacho, Acid Queen Jewelry


As a solo designer, Alex Camacho was doing pretty well. She had a loyal customer base who absolutely loved her jewelry, and she was on track to hit $65K in yearly sales. But she wanted to grow and scale her business––and she didn’t know which steps she needed to take to make that happen.

When she first joined Momentum, we helped Alex gain clarity on what she needed to focus on: building up her brand story, optimizing her website, building her audience, and putting systems into place to help her work smarter, not harder. Within six months, Alex had skyrocketed to over $110K in projected yearly sales!

These days, Alex focuses her attention on what she really loves to do: creating monthly one-of-a-kind jewelry collections. She has expanded her customer base by targeting lookalike audiences with her ad strategy, and with our help, she has trained her audience to pay attention to her emails so they know exactly when it’s time to buy. (She’s actually had newer customers get upset that her collections sold out before they had a chance to get into their inbox!)


  • Alex increased her projected yearly sales from $65K a couple of years ago to multiple six-figures this year.
  • She’s hit $25K months twice already this year (and the year’s only half over!)
  • She has totally sold out of her ready-to-wear collection, which was one of her first goals when she joined Momentum.
  • Her one-of-a-kind jewelry collections have sold out in under an hour for the past three months––and in May, she sold out in under TEN MINUTES!

By learning how to implement systems that keep her business running like clockwork, Alex has found the freedom she’s always wanted––freedom that lets her work only 5-6 hours a day, go hiking, and have time to hang out with her husband.

And it’s not too late!

You can strengthen your business model and scale your revenue while simplifying your business!

The world has changed a lot in just the last three months — and things still haven’t settled down. But what Karina’s story can show us is that the tools and strategies we share inside Momentum can be used no matter what is happening in the rest of the world.

That’s what happens when you take control.

Of course, I can’t promise you the exact same results… But I can tell you this: If you’re looking to increase your sales and revenue without increasing your workload — and you’re willing to do the work with us and put the Desired Brand Effect System to work in your business — then what are you waiting for? This is your personal invitation to join us and uplevel your brand and your business to build the life you’ve always wanted.


You don’t have to take our word for it. Their results speak for themselves.

Erin Heydenreich

Betina Roza

Allison Kallaway Young

Allision Kallaway Jewelry


Jennifer Dawes Design


The Fox and Stone


The Mala Babe

Alex Camacho

Acid Queen Jewelry

Wendy Hively

CharlieMadison Originals

Christine Stanton Lupo

Stanton Jewelry

Kena Treadway

FEW Made Jewelry

Susan Harbourt

Susan Harbourt Designs

Cielomar Cuevas

Cielomar Jewelry

Barb Mason

Bobbi Kahn Jewelry


This time next year

where do you want your business to BE?

Ultimately, what we’re all seeking is FREEDOM. Freedom to have choices in life.

Ultimately, when you can get to a place where your business is thriving and growing and you’re no longer overwhelmed, your life will change — and we can help get you there.

  • You won’t be so stressed out, overwhelmed, and spinning your wheels trying to figure things out on your own.
  • You’ll be operating out of growth mindset instead of scarcity mindset and you’ll start to see opportunities and options unfold
  • Fear will no longer rule your decisions and you’ll spend more time in your creative flow instead of reacting to problems.
  • You’ll know that there is a solution for any problem you have — and you’ll have the support, community, and expertise you need to uncover it.

In short, you’ll go from an overwhelmed jewelry-preneur to an IN DEMAND DESIGNER!

And we’d be honored to support you on your way to getting there.

Ready to join us?

Click the button to find out if you qualify and apply now.

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