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Multiply Your Profits


Simplify Your Jewelry Biz: Save Time, Make More Money and Boost Creativity

Discover the Proven Framework These Successful Designers Used to Maximize Time and Increase Profits While Getting Their Life Back…in Just 6 Weeks!



Does this sound like you?

  • You constantly feel burned out, overworked, and underpaid.
  • You feel the pressure to produce more and more… just to make ends meet.
  • Your business is disorganized and everything you do just seems like a waste of time or money.
  • The day-to-day stress of your business is making you re-think WHY you got started in this business in the first place.
  • You want to grow your brand, but as one person you can only do so much.

If even one of those statements resonated with you… Then we have good news! There is a way to grow your business without feeling constantly overwhelmed – or worrying about the dwindling numbers on your bank statement. Best of all – it involves getting you OUT of the day-to-day operations and “busy work” that is making you feel exhausted…

Get back to the creativity, passion, and FUN of designing jewelry!



Multiply Your Profits

tandrltfMultiply Your Profits is a 6-Week virtual program designed to help you reconnect with the reasons you started your business: to follow your passion and creativity while building a life that offers the FREEDOM of entrepreneurship — all while growing your business authentically. We'll show you how to maximize your time, cut out the wasted energy and make it easy for you and your team to get things done. We'll give you the tools you need to get out of the maker mindset and become the Chief Visionary Officer of your brand. And we'll teach you how to put simple systems into place that give you the FREEDOM to spend more time on the creative parts of the business you love! Do us a favor… Take a step back and look at how your business is affecting the way you live… Is this how you envisioned your life when you first started out designing jewelry? Multiply Your Profits will empower you to take weekends and evenings off… spend more time with your loved ones… finally do the traveling you’ve always wanted to… and even pursue hobbies and passions outside of your business!


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After taking MYP, my sales tripled!

After taking MYP, my sales tripled! Even though I am still creating my own pieces, I think of myself as a CVO instead of being ruled by “maker mindset.” I am no longer on the hamster wheel of perpetual inefficiency, wasting time and money. Penelope Bridge, TheFlyingFoxArts.com


Not only did I double my sales but I TRIPLED my profits!

Shifting to CVO was huge for me! I was forced to look at my biz from a new new perspective (which really helped me find my weaknesses and highlight my strengths). Not only did I double my sales but I TRIPLED my profits!Wendy Hively, Charlie Madison Originals



I feel more confident in my business AND life!

I used to approached my business more like a hobby without real goals or a plan. Since my days weren’t structured, I didn’t have as much time with my family. Now I feel more confident in my business AND life! My days are planned so I am done working by 4 pm so I can enjoy my family. Beth Bernier Crowell, WiltonArtisans.com



Multiply Your Profits Course Curriculum




The first week is all about helping you get back to the real reasons you started to design in the first place: FREEDOM and Creativity. We are going to teach you how to break free from the feast or famine cycle, approach your business with a visionary mindset and give you a foray into the FREEDOM Method.

  • Why you absolutely must think of yourself as the CVO if you want to break the feast or famine cycle.
  • Stepping into the role of Visionary for your business
  • The Simple Business Road Map to Build Desire and Momentum
  • The (Freedom) Method: a deceptively simple technique for creating shortcuts that will give you more money, more time and more energy
  • The 6 areas of your business you must systematize for long-term growth
  • The clear cut path to FREEDOM in your business



Week two is awesome! During this week, we are going to teach you how to leverage your talents and create ease into the production and making process. It doesn’t matter if you plan to do this all yourself or if you are already working with a team. We are here to teach you our proven methods for increasing your profits and taking the headache out of getting your product out into the world.

  • Production strategies for increased profitability
  • Inventory management = cash flow FREEDOM
  • The complete guide to outsourcing with integrity
  • A comprehensive list of little-known things you can outsource



During this week, you’ll have invaluable time to implement what you have learned. During weeks 4 and 5 we'll be diving even deeper into the inner workings of your business, so use this week to catch up on lessons you've missed and revisit the material you need a second look at.

  • Free time to implement what you have learned and soak up the content
  • Review bonus guests & trainings



During week 4, we are going to dive deep to help you build (or revamp) your biz so that you are doing it “YOUR way.” Truthfully, there is no ONE way to build a jewelry business. Regardless if you plan to stay solo forever or decide to build a team, you’ll be well on your way to creating an authentic business that lights you up!

  • Streamlined business blueprint
  • Employees vs. Contractors – when is the right time to hire?
  • How to create an HR department from scratch
  • Finding the RIGHT people who love to work for YOU



Finance and accounting can be scary and overwhelming. During this week, we are going to take the mystery out of the financial “part” of your business and get you back in the driver’s seat of your business’ financial destiny. No more hiding under a rock when tax season comes!

  • Financial records 101 for peace of mind + legit business status
  • The philosophy behind paying yourself first to increase abundance
  • The mystery behind interpreting financial records revealed
  • How to increase positive cash flow through inventory reduction



During this week, you’ll have invaluable time to implement what you have learned. If you haven't had a chance to fully digest the course, that's ok! Use this week finish up on lessons you've missed and begin tying it all together. By now you'll have all the tools to build an efficient, streamlined business to support your brand and lifestyle goals. All you need to do is put them to work!

  • Free time to implement what you have learned and soak up the content
  • Review bonus guests & trainings


Each Module Includes

  • The Complete MYP System – including videos, audios, slides, transcripts, and worksheets
  • 20+ Trainings, Cheatsheets & Checklists – to ensure that you're action-ing what you are learning and moving in the right direction
  • Done-for-you Resources and Templates – these will save you the headache of figuring it all out the hard way!
  • Recorded Q&A Calls so you get the support you need as you implement the material
  • 100% Online Learning + Mobile Friendly so you can learn on the go and review the material anytime you need a refresher


Plus, You'll Get The Following BONUS Gifts:

#1 – How to Protect Your Business Online Jo-Ná A. Williams, Esq. ($1,000 Value)
#2 – Q&A with Yvette Syversen (recorded) Yvette Syversen, www.gracefulgrowthstrategy.com ($395 Value)
#3 – Cover Your ASSets – Trademark and Copyright in Jewelry Design Suzan J. Hixon, www.lylasguide.com ($1000 Value)
#4 – Legal Entities for Jewelry Designers. Which is Best for YOUR Biz? Lisa Fraley, www.lisafraley.com ($1000 Value)
#5 – Contractors vs. Employees – Which one is right for your biz? Genavieve Shingle, www.genavieveshingle.com ($1000 Value)
#6 – Q&A call with Amber McCue (recorded) Amber McCue, www.niceops.com ($395 Value)
#7 – A Holistic Approach to Accounting for your Jewelry Business Mariel Diaz ($395 Value)
#8 – Q&A call with Amy Humphries (recorded) Amy Humphries, www.financialglamour.com ($395 Value)
#9 – Manage Your Cash Flow Spreadsheet & Training Carlie Willard of Bank of America ($195 Value)


Multiply Your Profits is an Incredible Value

The information you receive in Multiply Your Profits is the equivalent of consulting with either Robin or Tracy for 6 months. But that’s not all. You also get indispensable insight delivered directly from our hand-picked bonus speakers.


Value of Core Program: $9,000 Value of Bonus Insight & Wisdom: $5,000+ total value: $14,000 your investment: Much less!



Our no obligation love it or leave it guarantee.

As always, we want you to be COMPLETELY SATISFIED with our Multiply Your Profits course. That’s why we offer a no-risk, money-back guarantee. Try it out for two weeks! If you do the work, show us your results and you are still not satisfied, we’ll refund your money. *Must ask for refund within two weeks of course beginning.


Are You Ready to Finally Build The Business of Your Dreams?

Act now! Choose an option below and get started with Multiply Your Profits!

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Before taking MYP, I was totally going about my business in the wrong way!

Before taking MYP, I was totally going about my business in the wrong way! I felt so alone and helpless in my business. I quickly realized that I was not alone in this and was not the only one who struggles on a day to day basis with growing your business. The struggles are real, but having the support from a group like this is honestly pricelessCindy Kaiser, LaKaiser.com

I have a lot more time to spend on my favorite parts of my biz

After I learned about The FREEDOM Method, my entire business changed! Now, I have a lot more time to spend on my favorite parts of my biz. I'm excited to be rockin' as efficiently as possible.Elizabeth Dwelle of ElizabethDwelle.com


WARNING: This Program is NOT for Everyone


We only want to work with ambitious, up & coming designers who are serious about taking their businesses to the next level. So we give you permission to ignore everything on this page if you are a designer who:

Has No Desire to Turn Their Jewelry “Hobby” Into a Business

Yes, it’s true! If you really only want to make and design jewelry as a hobby, I wouldn’t recommend investing in this course. If you really have no intention in trying to build and grow your authentic business, then it’s definitely NOT for you.

Enjoys Being In Overwhelm & Chaos

If you like putting out fires all day, then this course isn’t for you! This may sounds silly, but I am sure there are people who enjoy chaos. However, it’s my belief that you’d probably prefer to have a business that runs seamlessly so you can really focus on the parts of the business you LOVE.

Has a Highly Profitable Business Already

Hey, if you are rockin’ the profits and your business is humming along, debt-free, with minimal inventory, the lifestyle you desire and a paycheck that supports your lifestyle~yeah, you probably don’t need to take the course. However, regardless of the number of years you’ve been around, if your business isn’t profitable (and no, revenues are NOT the same thing as profits!) and running seamlessly, then you might reconsider and join us.

Doesn’t Value Their Time

If you are someone who prefers to do hours of research, testing and trial and error without proven results, then this course is probably not for you. It’s easy to take what appears to be the most “economical way” out, but think of it this way: for a small investment, you’ll free up your time to focus on designing or spending time with your family. Your time is your most valuable asset!

Isn’t Interested in Having More FREE Time

We get it, some of you don’t care about having empty space and more FREE time. Organizing your business using the principles we teach in MYP is going to give you a LOT more FREE time, so if you don’t want it, then don’t join us. If any of these topics resonate with you then DON’T enroll in Multiply Your Profits. However, if you are ready and willing to UP your profitability and increase your time, I say “LET’S DO THIS!” But if you are still on the fence…


We offer LIFETIME access so you can keep improving your business as you learn and grow.


Don't wait for success to fined you… invest in yourself NOW and live the lifestyle of which you’ve always dreamed.

The longer you wait, the longer you will struggle just to make ends meet. Register for Multiply Your Profits NOW and break the cycle!

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frequently asked questions…

[expand title=”What type jewelry business is MYP for?”] MYP is for designers, makers and jewelers of all levels and business models who want to regain their freedom, time and creativity (are interested in growing a profitable jewelry brand). It doesn’t matter if you are wholesaling, hosting live events/trunk shows, working 1:1 with private clients, own a retail store OR sell e-commerce. Every type of business needs a strong core to hold it together. But you might be thinking things like: I’m just starting out…is MYP right for me? I’ve been in business for a few years now, is this right for me? I’ve lost my passion for my business because I spend most of my time managing the day to day instead of doing what I really love. How can I get back to me? Well let’s address these: For those just starting out: MYP will help you build a solid infrastructure that will save you countless wasted hours of your time and lots of frustration trying to fly solo. Imagine the future you, skipping past some of the growing pains most designers experience. Yep that’s you acing your day, kicking “bootay” and taking names (and a lot of cashola). If you’ve been in business for a few years and don’t feel like you’re making a lot of progress, than MYP will be a “business-saver” and here’s why. As businesses start to grow, it can be difficult to manage everything that has to get done in order to continue that grow trajectory. What inevitably happens is that you start to backslide, growth stalls and you feel like you’ll never make your business a success. The problem isn’t your talent, it’s the way you’re working “in” your business. So if you feel like you’re doing all of the things you hate to do most of the time, then MYP is totally for you. We’ll show you how to get tasks off your plate, improve your workflow and productivity, get paid for your passion while you spend more time doing the things you truly love. For those of you who are seasoned jewelry business owners, this course is for you especially if you’re wearing most of the hats in your business. It’s time to give your business a facelift from the inside out. Throughout MYP, we’ll show you how to free up your time to focus on the right activities that are truly going to grow your business to the next level so you can get back to what you are most passionate about. Feel confident that your visionary self has built a business with a strong infrastructure to Multiply Your Profits or possibly even sell your business (or not) some day. We’re talking long term growth here. You’ve got BIG plans…let us help you get there. Wherever you are in business, MYP is designed to show you how to work ON your business instead of IN your business. You’ll feel a huge weight lifted when you are in total control of your business, and feel a sense of accomplishment watching your profits skyrocket! Say “Hello” to your inner chief visionary self! If you are committed to getting paid for your passion and feeling more aligned in your creativity, than MYP is for you.[/expand] [expand title=”How is this different from Laying the Foundation?”] Laying the Foundation is solely focused on branding, marketing and collection development –– all must-haves for essentially “being in business.” Multiply Your Profits, on the other hand, teaches the must-haves for GROWING your business! Our focus is on the things that help you take control of your business, build a rock solid infrastructure and allow it to grow – production outsourcing, systematizing, best practices & financials. We train you to be the Visionary of your growing business and to create plan for generating more income, spending your time creating instead of managing, and show you the specific business systems you need to make it happen. Can I get a Heck Yes?[/expand] [expand title=”Do I need to take Laying the Foundation before I take MYP?”] No, you don’t need to have graduated from LTF to join MYP. The courses are completely different and are built independently of each other. If you’ve never sold anything and you don’t have a collection yet, you might want to take LTF first. However, if you have started selling your designs in any capacity, you’re good to go with Multiply Your Profits. [/expand] [expand title=”I am so busy as it is! What is the time investment?”] Multiply Your Process is a self-paced course plus you’ll have lifetime access to the course and the materials (and any updates) as long as you're account is in good standing. In fact, we stopped running MYP live for one primary reason: we want you to take this at your own pace so you can implement as you go and measure your progress. Creating a solid infrastructure and developing your systems is an ongoing process. It’s not a “one and done” thing. Here’s why: your business will continue to grow and as it does, your approach will evolve. We like to think of this course as a complete Framework to handle the “business-y” side of your jewelry business, with ease and flow. If you want to implement as you go, watch training a week and integrate it into your business. If you’re more of a “let’s do this type” – you might set aside 4-5 hours a week to take action. Now for you “Go Big or Go Home” people, you can get through the modules by working 5-8 hours a week and use the trainings as a reference tool For everyone, we want MYP to be a reference tool for you to come back to time and time again. [/expand] [expand title=”I don’t have deep pockets! How can I possibly invest in a course like this?”] “The best investment you can make is in yourself” ~Warren Buffett The truth is, you might never feel completely ready to invest both time and money in yourself. But once you take the leap and say, “Yes!” to evolving as a designer and an entrepreneur, you’ll discover things that you’d wish you’d known sooner. Think of it this way: what is it costing you NOT to invest? If you follow our Framework and put it into action, you’ll be paying yourself consistently, enjoy more profitability, have more time to spend with the people you love and feel more creative. These amazing benefits all come an awareness that you (probably) don’t know everything if you’re and that you are looking for a better way. Trust me, I’ve been where you are and I put my money where my mouth is. I commit to investing in myself on a regular basis to continue my business development and growth. [/expand] [expand title=”Can’t I google all of this stuff?”] Sure, I suppose you can. But my question for you is this: what will you google? Do you know what you don’t know? We’ve developed a specific business framework designed JUST for designers, makers and jewelers. You aren’t going to find this proven method anywhere else. Well, maybe you’d find something similar by hiring a high ticket consultant. Plus, I’m guessing you are here because you don’t know what you don’t know, right?[/expand] [expand title=”How long do I have to finish the course?”] You have lifetime access to the course content and materials. As long as you are a member of F&TA in good standing, you’re in! The course is time dripped for a 6 week release window. We do this so that you can pace your learning and consume the material. We want you to take action and get our frameworks dialed in to your biz. [/expand] [expand title=”I’m a solo biz owner and I have no plans of hiring a team. Will this work for me?”] Absolutely! Every jewelry business owner needs tools to be more efficient and take control of your business and finances. Yes, there is a module that includes building a team and hiring. However, the lessons learned in this module will give you great insights on how to get things off your plate so you can focus on the the things you love to do the most! [/expand] [expand title=”I’m a maker and I don’t plan on outsourcing my production. How can this course help me?”] If you are a maker or a jeweler and you never plan to hire an assistant or outsource your production, this course will totally work for you. Here’s how: streamlined production methods will help you improve your speed and maximize the workflow of your design system. Plus, when you have simple systems for the “business” stuff all businesses have to handle, you’ll have a lot more time for making and more money in your bank account We’ll show you how to make the most of your time so you can do more of what you love, make beautiful jewelry! [/expand]


I have a lot less stress and for the first time ever, my business turned a profit!

Before taking MYP, my business was a “hot-mess!” I was disorganized and I lost over half of what I brought in. After implementing the FREEDOM Method in my biz, I have a lot less stress and for the first time ever, my business turned a profit!Rain Hannah, HoneyandOllieDesigns.com


My re-brand was a success and my sales increased by 30%

My business was at a complete standstill because I was stuck in re-branding limbo! All of that changed after taking MYP! My re-brand was a success and my sales increased by 30%. The confidence I’ve gained and the support of Tracy & Robin are invaluable!Leslie Peterson, PimandPoppy.com


P.S. Get Multiply Your Profits — a multi-media business course for jewelry designers who are ready to break the feast or famine cycle, and finally start making the money they deserve. Click here to reserve your spot now. P.P.S. Learn proven systems for delegating, outsourcing and increasing your bottom line so you can finally start running your business like a BUSINESS! Don’t wait! Click here now!

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