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We know 151 sales tips seems like a lot to memorize and put into practice, but don’t worry! Even just internalizing a few of them will help you enter the holiday season more confidently. These tips and tricks are also designed to take the heavy lifting off your shoulders and give you more time to create!

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Tracy Matthews

Tracy Matthews is an eco-luxury jewelry designer specializing in bespoke engagement rings, wedding bands and heirloom redesign. Her mission is to help designers get their work on more DREAM clients and raving fans.


Robin Kramer

Robin Kramer is an independent sales and marketing consultant. She has an impressive history with leaders in the retail industry that have built their brands on innovative merchandising and strong service cultures.

Robin and Tracy, you’ve done an amazing job. I hope you know how awesome you both are sharing your knowledge and experience.
TODAY’S JEWELRY WORLD NEEDS YOU!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I now have the tools I've been needing to fully realize my potential. I am no longer drowning in a sea of self doubt. Your course has armed me with a blast of enthusiasm and confidence.
Jeanette Walker, jeanettewalkerjewellery.com

Between the two of you, the wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience is still mind boggling to me!!!
I love that you come from two different stand points which complement each other. The partnership is a stroke of genius! I am grateful to know the both of you.
Grace Toleque, graceandangeline.com