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Jump on the fast-track that wildly successful jewelry brands use to consistently generate passive website traffic, conversions, and sales every day!

Sure, you’ve got a website but you’re baffled as to why no one is buying your jewelry online...

You dream of the day you can kiss the “traveling salesperson” goodbye and wake up to the sounds of Shopify sales dinging because your promo went live and people are actually buying!

Don’t stress….we’re here to help you!


You want to be the jewelry brand bursting onto the scene, taking Instagram by storm, and getting featured in all the hottest blogs.


You want to sell out of new collections, double your income, and be confident that your marketing is working even when you’re not.


But more than anything, you want to have the jewelry business you’ve been dreaming about.


After building two successful jewelry brands, selling over $7 Million in product, and consistently earning multiple 6-figures each year in my custom design business, I know your situation all too well:


  • From the moment your eyes open, you’re panicking about your newest opt-in, because you’re not sure if you set it up right.
  • Your sales are okay, but most come from in-person events because you can’t figure out how to get traffic to your website.
  • You’re constantly reworking your product descriptions, offering discounts, and trying to get people signed up for your email list, but still not seeing increased sales.
  • The last time you tried running a promotion you spent days locked in your office, putting together an offer that resulted in a measly 12 sales...mostly from your friends.
  • At the end of the day, you’re exhausted, frustrated with yourself, and feel like you didn’t get anything done even though you worked for 14 hours and skipped lunch.

If this is how it feels to sell your jewelry online, you’ve come to the right place.


I’ve been there, m’dear, and I know what it’s like.

You’re tired!  The trade show - trunk show - craft show grind has gotcha down. You have some steady offline business but training your current customers to switch to buying online is like trying to keep your cat in the tub at bathtime...they don’t like it.

And because of this, you’re working ‘round the clock hours, changing your branding every few months in hopes you’ll find what works for you, and trying every new online marketing strategy you can find!

But girl, the orders aren’t coming in, your contact form on your website hasn’t seen any action in weeks (or months) and you can’t figure out why when someone DOES land on your website…. they don’t buy anything!


Truth is, when you’re spinning your wheels, unfocused and inconsistent, it’s almost impossible for your dream clients to find you online.

And when you can’t get sales anywhere other than in-person shows, you can’t afford to take a break.

Because if you do?

Your entire business is put on hold and your bank account dries up.


It happened to me, friend.

I’m Tracy Matthews and I work with jewelry designers on the rise like YOU who want to earn a living selling jewelry online, consistently attract the right customers, and put their marketing on auto-pilot so they can enjoy their life.

Let’s be real, you know this isn’t the best way to run your online jewelry business.

You’ve probably already tried following a marketing calendar, setting up an email opt-in, and scheduling some blog content on your own.

But despite your best effort, you keep falling back into your old patterns of inconsistency and you just can’t break the cycle.

Guess what’s missing?


When you know someone is expecting you to stick to a plan, you’ll actually follow through because it’s not just you and your workbench anymore.

The wheels on your business will start turning again and slowly but surely you’ll notice big results and best of all? It will get easier to keep moving forward, build momentum and before you know it you’re booking your first 5-figure month....


  • Waking up and feeling refreshed as you settle in at your desk to find a ton of orders came in while you were sound asleep.
  • Effortlessly attracting customers to your website without needing to spend time, money, and energy attending trade shows or craft fairs!
  • Letting your website run itself without a second thought because your strategic marketing plan consistently brings in money-making traffic.
  • Pulling off a seamless promotion for every holiday without losing money, sleep, or your sanity.
  • Feeling accomplished when you stop working for the day (at 3pm) because you want to pick your kids up from school.

But the only way to build a jewelry business like this is to start cracking down on the way you plan and execute your online marketing.


The Strategic Online Success (SOS) Accelerator


A customized group + 1:1 coaching program designed for rising jewelry designers who’re done flying by the seat of their pants.

During this 12 month coaching program, you’ll develop actionable plans to move your business from stagnant side-hustle to full-time empire.

The SOS Coaches and I will work with you to develop customized strategies specific to your business goals.

We’ll hold you accountable and challenge you to set bigger goals so when you reach them you’ll have that 6-figure business you’ve been chasing all this time.

Here’s what’s included in your 12 month membership:

  • Laser 1:1 Success Calls with Expert of Your Choice so that you’ll never feel “left behind” in the fast-paced world of online business. As your jewelry brand gains momentum online, you’re going to face new challenges, so we’ve assembled an all-star team of SOS Accelerator coaches, giving you the unique opportunity to get monthly 1:1 attention.  Expert advice, quick feedback and content reviews laser focused on your real-time needs! This includes monthly access to our coaches on Slack! ($4,000 Value + $2,000 in Slack Value)
  • Monthly Support Sessions with Tracy You’ve been asking for more time with me, well now you got it! I’m hosting a LIVE group call every month - plus inviting some guest experts - so you’ll get my take on all the latest online marketing strategies and the direction you need to make them work for your jewelry brand. ($6,000 Value)
  • Quarterly (4) Half-Day Implementation Workshops so you can take what you’re learning and apply it directly to your business! No more analysis paralysis, we’re here to make sure you’ll return to your workweek with exciting, clear, and strategic steps taken towards your next profitable online marketing strategy. ($10,000 Value)


  • All Access to Diamond Insiders community and member site where you’ll be placed on the 7 Stage Jewelry Brand Success Path and track your online success! Accountability circles, guest experts, and support from jewelry designers just like you are only the beginning of what’s waiting for you inside! ($700 Value)

Total Value: $22,700

Actual Investment: Much Less!

Meet Your Strategic Online Sales (SOS) Accelerator Coaches:


Sabina Hitchen
Public Relations


Kathleen Cutler
Facebook Ads


Melissa Camilleri Anicich
Instagram & Building Engagement


Mariel Diaz
Budgeting & Bookkeeping


Darian Chavez


Anna Maria Andricain
Building Sales Presence


Sarah McAleer
Dream Client & Digital Marketing


Liz Kantner
Social Media & PR Strategy


Inta Rinkenberger
Strategy & Inventory Management


Nicole Gariepy
Automations & Systems


Marissa Wood


Jessica Gebauer


Rebekah Buege
About Page & Copy Review

We’re condensing all the benefits of our previous Mastermind program into this unique, customizable coaching program specifically designed for online sales!

Here’s what our 1-1 Mastermind members had to say


“Before the Mastermind we struggled with parts of our business and felt like we were wandering around in the dark. Monthly access to Robin has helped us build stronger relationships, think outside the box and uplevel our branding. Tracy’s marketing advice has helped us create more impactful newsletters.  We’ve worked hard to make significant changes and as a result we have increased our wholesale business by 50% and doubled our online sales.”

Elisa Van Arnam & Allison Blake - SoulKu.com

“The Mastermind Program has been the single best investment I’ve made in my business! and has paid me back ten fold in terms of increased revenue and increased self-confidence. Before the mastermind I was making slow progress, now 6 months in, I have a complete handle on my sales figures and growth. I’ve doubled my sales, hired my first employee, and built some amazing relationships all coming from a place of exceptional service.”

Cat Preston - CatPreston.com.hk

“I just recently had my best month in 4 ½ years and I definitely think that’s attributed to what I learned. I’ve changed my packaging a lot and I really think that has a direct correlation with my repeat customers. Another big thing was my website, I never had an opt-in, I didn’t really know the value of having an opt in so for 4 and a half years, people would come on to my website, leave my website, and never leave their email address.

One of the best things about the mastermind program was connecting with really successful business women. It’s been such a great support system. They truly want to see you succeed.”

Jennifer Ciraulo - BloomingLotusJewelry.com

“Before the mastermind, my business needed true structure because I felt pulled in too many directions. The changes I’ve made during the Mastermind resulted in a lot more productivity! Because of that, I have increase my online sales, faster turnaround times, and increased engagement on social media by 30%.

I actually feel like I am maximizing my potential and not afraid to seek more exposure. The support from the members and coaches is amazing.”

Lisa Crowder - LisaCrowder.com

Who is it for?

The SOS Accelerator is for you if you’re:

  • Committed to becoming a jewelry designer with a 6+ figure business.
  • Ready to take action towards improving your overall business strategy so you can confidently say, “I’m a jewelry designer” and believe it yourself!
  • Done flying by the seat of your pants because you realize it’s not a profitable or practical way to run a business and you’re sick of worrying whether or not you’ll make enough money to pay your bills.
  • Not going to let fear get in the way of your success anymore because you truly believe your business can change people’s lives and you’re out of excuses why you can’t do it.
  • Serious about taking your business to new levels and not settling for “good enough” for another minute because you’ve seen it work for other designers and now it’s your turn.

The SOS Accelerator is NOT for you if you’re:

  • Just starting out with very few loyal customers and no standalone website because you’d rather not go through the work when using Etsy works just fine.
  • Afraid to put yourself out there as a “jewelry designer” in front of your family and friends because you don’t think they’ll support you.
  • Still making excuses for why you haven’t reached the level of success you want because deep down you aren’t ready to make that commitment. (it’s totally okay!)
  • Looking to earn some part-time income selling jewelry online because you’re happy in your career and just want a fun hobby.
  • Not ready to follow advice from others or make any changes to your business because you want to feel in control of the direction of your company.


Apply Before September 30th and You’ll Be Invited to These BONUS Sessions!

  • BONUS 1:1 October Kick-Off Call with Tracy! 

If you’re one of the first 20 approved applicants, you’ll get a 20 minute 1:1 on-boarding call with Tracy to welcome you to the program and answer your questions about finishing 2017 strong!

  • BONUS November Digital Marketing Training

Get your promotion and ad strategy in check just in time for the Holiday season. We’ll be going in depth to get the sales spike you need right now!

  • BONUS December: 1/2 Day 2018 Planning Meeting w/ Tracy & Inta

We’ll be mapping out your entire marketing strategy for every month of 2018 so you can leave with an actionable game plan to take you from treading water to smooth sailing before the calendar flips!

October Kick-Off Calls are Limited to the First 20 Approved Applicants with their deposit PAID! Apply now before they’re filled!

The SOS Accelerator is an application-only coaching program. There is a $500 application fee that will only be refunded if you are not accepted to the program at this time.

Why do we take an application fee?

We take this process very seriously. This requires you to have a little “skin-in-the-game” to keep you committed to getting results. The goal of this coaching program is to support you in your journey to becoming a multiple 6-figure jewelry designers. Yes, the SOS accelerator is a significant investment, but that is a reflection of the level of value and results you’ll experience from being part of this program.

Application fees must be processed before September 31st for you to qualify for the bonus package.


With the Strategic Online Success (SOS) Accelerator, you won’t need to go out on your own, searching for help in different areas, and getting discouraged along the way.

You won’t need to offer discounts on top of discounts to convince people to buy your jewelry online.

And, most importantly, you won’t have to navigate the time consuming “trial and error” process of making a name for yourself and your brand online. All you need to do is show up, be willing to try the strategies I’m going to show you, and you’ll start seeing results.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the SOS Accelerator can create that massive shift in your online business you’ve been waiting for, I’d love to hear more about your business goals.