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2020 State of the Jewelry Industry Study

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Some jewelry brands, wholesalers, and even retailers are having record-breaking months in 2020. Others are struggling to keep their doors open. What’s the difference between them? Participate in this year's study to find out.

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What’s the difference between the businesses that are thriving
...and those that are barely surviving?

Are some businesses just lucky enough to have large followings? Are they taking a different approach or do they know something others don’t which sets them apart?

What we DO know is that the most successful jewelry and creative product brands and businesses in the jewelry are doing something differently.

That’s why we’re conducting this comprehensive study of jewelry and creative product brands across all niches and genres - so that we can uncover what’s working NOW despite the store closures and event and trade show cancellations.


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  • A glimpse into what’s missing from your strategy that’s quite possibly the missing puzzle piece required to take your business to the next level.
  • To be a vital part of this comprehensive report that will affect the success of the jewelry industry as a whole and the survival of many businesses currently on the brink.

Naturally, you can relax with the full knowledge and confidence that your answers are anonymous. The input we collect will be anonymized before it’s shared in the final report. As our way of expressing our gratitude for playing your part in creating this report, you’ll get access to the full report (free of charge) once it’s completed.

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If Your Business Is On The Brink...

If your business is on the brink or if you’re unsure of how to successfully navigate this rapidly changing market, it’s very important for you to participate in this study. The “old way” of doing business isn’t going to return any time soon, if at all. Those that survive and thrive will be those that observe and adjust in ways that work given this new normal.

This report, once complete, may very well provide you with the key puzzle piece required to successfully pivot your business to ethically take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. Even if you aren’t experiencing high-levels of success right now, take part in this study to insure you get a copy of the final report.

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*Your answers will remain anonymous and we’ll never reveal any personal info