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Take Your Jewelry Brand From “friends and family” to “sales success”

in Just 5 Weeks!


Turn that expensive hobby into a full time income by getting laser focused on who you WANT to work with.

You dream about making 5 figure months, selling out of collections, and having people beg to get on the waitlist for your next OOAK piece. You want to see sales come in every time you send an email, write a blog post, or offer a flash sale!

But right now you’re stuck trying to get your brand “out there” and it seems like no matter how hard you try, no one is listening.

You’re not getting any exposure, you can’t figure out how to get people to buy online, and each month that goes by makes you more desperate for sales.


I’ve been there, and I can help.

My name is Tracy Matthews, the Chief Visionary Officer at Flourish & Thrive Academy and a jewelry designer just like you.

I used to be afraid of rejection, so the thought of going outside my comfort zone and selling my jewelry made me feel sick to my stomach. My first jewelry business ended in bankruptcy because I tried being everything to everyone, I made mistakes, and somewhere along the way I lost myself.

Now, my jewelry has been featured in magazines, worn & loved by celebrities, and I run a highly profitable multiple 6-figure jewelry business - only working part time.

Wanna know my secret?

Stop Making Your Jewelry and Start Knowing Your Clients!

When you focus your energy on the people who love what you do, the “no’s” hurt anymore because you’re confident a better opportunity is about to say “yes”!


  • Making sales is a losing battle. You’ve already tried rebranding your website, getting a new logo, and trying new designs, but the money isn’t coming in.
  • The sales you ARE making aren’t your high end pieces, in fact, you might be losing money on them (but you’re afraid to check)
  • When you see something working for another designer, you’re tempted to completely change your brand so people will like you, too!
  • You’re trying to sell to as many people as possible...but no matter how often you run promotions, sales, and discounts, no one buys
  • Something feels off about your brand, because even you’re bored by your social media posts...but you have no idea what you’re doing wrong!

Every designer started out as a beginner, feeling the same way you do. The truth is, there are a lot of people out there designing jewelry.

So you need to have more than gorgeous designs in order to get noticed, create excitement, and make consistent sales!

We get it...you struggle with marketing, because you’re really good at designing jewelry not telling people about it. This makes selling extremely confusing, inconsistent, and unproductive.

Which is why we designed…

A Five Part Video Series
to Get Consistent Sales by Marketing to the Right People, So You Can Stand Out From Your Competitors and Attract Repeat Customers

The DREAM Client Intensive really helped me dig deep and visualize my customer.

I’ve changed my marketing and outreach to better target her. Not only is my work getting into her hands more often, I’m no longer trying to cast such a wide net and missing the mark as a result. — SIMONE RICHMOND, SIMONERICHMOND.COM

Ready for a “Tracy Truth”?

You can’t please everyone, but when you craft your message, brand, and vision for your business around ONE dream client...you attract more people like them.

In this Video Series You Will Discover How to…

Let go of the idea you have to sell to everyone, and why that approach is actually hurting your sales

Finally have consistent branding that feels natural because you’re attracting the right clients just by being yourself…

Define a dream client in a way that actually helps you sell more, stress less, and feel confident in your brand…

Increase your exposure because you keep finding win-win opportunities for your brand to be featured in the media…

Make your brand about more than just jewelry so you create a personal connection with your customers and followers.

How it works


You’ll get digital access your Dream Client Clarity Kit.

Each video is between 15-20 minutes long so you can watch them all at once or space them out in weekly trainings.

You can download these to your phone, listen on your commute, or while you’re in the studio - whatever work for your schedule!

You have lifetime access to the video series, so you can always come back to it for a refresher.

Along with your video series, you get an epic…

Dream Client Clarity Journal

After a little soul searching, designers have said their DREAM client literally jumped off the page!

This journal is packed full of thought-provoking questions you MUST ask yourself if you want to have consistent sales and communication with your clients. You can download your journal and fill it out digitally, or print it out and write with a pen!


The Dream Client Clarity Kit is Valued at $495

But You Can Get Yours Today for Just $198!

(or two payments of $99)

When You’re Selling to Everyone, You’re Selling to No One

If you’re thinking to yourself,

“lots of different people like my jewelry, I don’t want to exclude anyone!”

consider this…

Did you say vanilla? No.

On the other hand, I bet you don’t hate vanilla either…you probably don’t have very strong feelings about vanilla.

Because there’s nothing special or unique about vanilla ice cream.

You do NOT want a vanilla flavored brand, m’dear! You want your customers to get excited to see your posts online, tell people about what you do, and feel special when they’re wearing your jewelry!

So you can’t be afraid to exclude some people, or even turn people off!


Once you start turning non-DREAM clients away you will actually INCREASE your sales figures. Believe it or not, it’s true!! We’ve seen it first-hand.

Before I didn’t have a specific person in mind when I was designing my collections, I just tried to market to everyone. Now I know exactly who I am targeting and my sales have doubled. I am no longer making pieces just to make them and I am not wasting time and money trying to market to the wrong people. — ANDREA WYSOCKI, ANDREAWYSOCKI.COM

Want a Peek Inside?


Dream Client v. Target Market: The Number ONE Secret to Consistent Sales

In this training you’ll discover why you’re struggling to get noticed right now and how having a dream client transforms your brand, collection, and sales!


Bringing Your Dream Client to Life

Now you’ll start defining your dream client with surface details, social influences, and understand the daily life of your client so you can connect on a personal level.


Designs That Fit the Life & Style of Your Dream Client

Wondering if your designs are turning dream clients away? Not after this training! You’ll get a deep understanding of your dream client’s style icons and how you can infuse things they already love into your collection and brand!


Buying Psychology and Key Motivators

Knowing what makes your dream client decide which product to buy is the key to consistent sales. In this training you’ll make sure your brand aligns with the key motivators in your dream client’ buying process so they can’t help but come back again and again!


Getting in Front Your Dream Client to Grow Your Sales

Now that you know all this information about your dream client, what do you do with it? This training shows you how to use everything you know to get in front of your dream clients!


The Dream Client Clarity Kit is Valued at $495

But You Can Get Yours Today for Just $198!

(or two payments of $99)


As always, we want you to be COMPLETELY SATISFIED with our Multiply Your Profits course. That’s why we offer a no-risk, money-back guarantee. Try it out for two weeks! If you do the work, show us your results and you are still not satisfied, we’ll refund your money. *Must ask for refund within two weeks of course beginning.


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