How to Stand Out in the “Saturated” Jewelry Market with a Timeless Brand


(Plus 5 Eye-Opening “Trade Secrets” That Your Competitors Aren’t Willing To Share, Or Don’t Even Know Themselves)

August 20th, 2019

3pm Eastern

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Find out what your biggest competitors know about how to attract raving, buy-everything-you-sell fans, including...

The biggest lie ever sold about finding your target market, and it’s keeping your sales from going boom 💥

3 critical steps to making customers fall in love with your brand—even if no one’s ever heard of you, and your biggest customer is your mom

The rarely understood success secret that has nothing to do with talent, skillset, or formal training (<--- you’ll love this one!)

Why the traditional USP or Unique Selling Proposition is actually unhelpful, and a powerful exercise to do instead

A commonly practiced (yet totally silly!) strategy that’s actually hurting your chances of getting noticed by influencers


Listen, I know what it’s like to to have a -$2 bank balance, shell out $500 for a table at an artist market, only to make a single your sister! Ugh.

Fast-forward 25 years and 7 million dollars in product. I’m no longer a “maker” (i.e. starving artist). I’m a sought-after “get on her waitlist” jewelry designer and business owner.

In this free live masterclass, I’ll be sharing the many ways I glue-gunned myself to into “hobbyist-mode” for way too long, and how you can avoid my failures (and replicate my success in a fraction of the time).

It doesn’t matter if you’re a total newb or a maker in biz for years. If you want consistent sales, repeat customers and the tons of exposure, join me live!

Live Masterclass on August 20th 2019, @ 3pm Eastern


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