Your Brilliance Factor…

You’re a Creative Force of Nature

Nothing can stop you from bringing your vision to life.

You design in your sleep and nothing makes you happier than when you’re coming up with ideas for new bling!

finishing the year strong with clear vision for your creative business

As a Creative Force of Nature…

You KNOW your calling in life is to bring your beautiful ideas to life so others can enjoy them.

You have an ambitious spirit and truly believe that the world is a better place when you’re designing. Nothing makes you happier than seeing a stranger walk down the street wearing a piece that you designed.

Can I get a HECK YES!

Jewelry designer, creative genius, idea factory could all be your middle names.

Your inspiration comes from everywhere:

materials, gems, fashion, art, design, architecture, trends...the list is endless.

Seeing your designs comes to life makes you giddy.

At the core, your passion is design. Not necessarily just “making jewelry” and you’re happy to hand the work to someone else over time.

You’ve got style and aren’t afraid to flaunt it. Business is exciting to you, a process of discovery, and an evolution of creativity in all aspects of your business.


With practice, it’s easy for you to take on anything business related that comes your way. You’re ready and willing to learn because building someone else’s dream is definitely NOT an option. When you need help, you have the confidence to ask.

Trailblazing your own path is your Jam! You leave the naysayers in the dust and you might even be slightly motivated to prove those negative nellies wrong...you got this!

The excitement you exude is contagious! Even though you dream about your designs and ideas are endless, you’ve done a great job and dialing into a few core concepts to build a brand around your signature style.

Nothing makes you happier than seeing a customers face when they put on a piece of your jewelry!

You know that your purpose here is to make people feel beautiful, sexy, and confident wearing your jewelry.

Here’s how to use your

Creative Force of Nature

to your benefit...


Think outside the Box!

Your creativity lends to so many ideas! Which is awesome!

The ideas don’t end with just designing jewelry.

You’ll experience the good fortune to use your creativity in more ways than just designing beautiful jewels.

You have a real tendency for marketing in new ways, innovative sales tactics and creative financing that will skyrocket your growth, quickly.

Think outside the box!

Remember that your creativity is your gift and a powerful tool to problem solve, ideate and come up with new ways to get your brand to market.

Since you’re ambitious and ahead of the curve, you also can get overwhelmed easily.

So many ideas, not enough time.

You might even think to yourself...where do I start first?

Some advice to Creative Forces of Nature is to focus on the activities in your business that actually generate revenue.

Don’t spend time on the things that aren’t moving the needle quickly.

Ask for help when you need it!


It’s about Progress not Perfection!

Your creativity is a gift!

Remember that!

Because you’re highly creative, you might have a tendency to try to make things perfect before you put them out there.

You’re business is almost a personal identity to you so you want it to be -oh so perfect!

Creative Force of Nature... beware of being a perfectionist!

Don’t stress about having every detail just perfect when you put your designs or ideas out into the world.

Instead, get your designs to market first. Analyze what sells and get customer feedback. Consider this a test to discover which products are grabbing your DREAM client’s attention.

Testing is a form of creativity that will help you sell more product because you’re no longer “guessing” what people want from you.

You use actual feedback to grow your business, get more sales effortlessly and attract more of your perfect customers.

This way you’ll create a fan base of people who want to buy from you every time you release new collections (or anytime they want a piece designed)!


Own it cuz YOU got it!

As a creative force of nature, you intuitively knew that jewelry design was your calling.

Whether you’re formally trained or not, you need to continually work on keeping your vibe high and your energy on point.

If “comparisonitis” creeps in or negative self talk like: “who am I to think I can be successful because of XYZ” - turn that frown upside down.

You might not have an MFA or an MBA, yet you’ve got the most powerful asset to building a business, your creativity.

Leverage your right brain to problem solve, thing about innovative marketing strategies and sales tactics.

Give your clients exceptional service and build true relationships. They’ll be your biggest brand advocates as you grow and evolve as a designer and as an independent jewelry brand.

Consider keeping a “wins” journal documenting all of the awesome things you did or an “idea’ file where you can keep all those brilliant gems you dream about or muse in the shower.

Truth be told: YOU got this!

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Hello M’dear,

I’m Tracy Matthews!

Before we go any further, introductions are in order. I’m a visionary, jewelry designer, podcaster and mentor to designers.

I live my life for delicious food and wine, karaoke and a little world travel ...oh yeah and my 19 nieces and nephews (no joke)!

I’ve been a jewelry designer (and a creative force of nature) for over 25 years. I’m grateful to have sold millions of dollars worth of my own jewelry designs throughout my career.

It makes me happy to see others enjoying their natural talents.

I believe that success requires 3 things: the right mindset, confidence and taking little actions every day that make a big splash!


Here’s what other creators have done to grow and scale their jewelry business:

I want to tell you the story of a designer - her name is Jenny.

Jenny has always had a passion for fashion and personal style. Her ambition had no bounds so even though she didn’t have a business background, she just went for it and started a business.

She trusted her creativity to help guide the way when she had to make tough decisions or figure something out.

Because that creative force of nature she inherently owned became her biggest asset in business.

She was able to figure out anything and soon got paid a lot for her brilliant ideas that didn’t stop at just design.

As a creative force of nature, remember, your creativity will get you out of dodge anytime your in a jam (if you use it).

Be like Jenny! You’re resourceful and a great problem solver. Don’t doubt your mad skillz and remember to empower yourself:  You’re a bad-ass creative.

Next steps:

It’s not like you can just think up ideas and wishful thinking makes them happen. While affirmations and vision boards are highly encouraged, its daily simple steps that build your company over the long term.

Next level for a creative force of nature is all about spending enough time being creative, taking action and delegating the stuff that drags you down.


How do you spend most of your time being creative?

Block days or large blocks of time for creativity. This requires discipline. Creativity is not just for design time, it’s for visioning, thinking, learning and ideation time.

Got a big sales goal, take time to think about how you’ll actually get there. The more creative your thought process, the better chance you’ll have of reaching the goal.


Create structure to take ownership of your vision:

Creatives can often get siderailed easily. Creating structure in our business and day allows you to spend more time in the “zone,” versus, wasting time figuring out what to do next.


Delegate creativity-sucking and low leveraged tasks:

As soon as you can, get those things off your plate that don’t require your time. Shipping, social scheduling, and bookkeeping are likely not your favorite things to do, so why torture yourself. Hire it out like a creative BOSS! Start with a virtual assistant or a college intern (and a professional bookkeeper).


Move faster with systems in place:

Leaving room for innovation is awesome. Reinventing the wheel is not awesome. Document recurring tasks, production systems on the bench, FAQs, email scripts, and anything you use over and over again so you can easily share this with others. Have templates and swipe and go files that you can tweak a bit to maximize your time. Your time is precious!


Upper limits be gone:

If you start comparing yourself to others, remember, there’s no one like you who can bring the exact same creative force of nature to the world. Keep your vibe high. Meditate often. Make a vision board full of scary dreams and goals. Keep moving in the right direction and in no time, you’ll be there.

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