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With kids at home, bills to pay, and a demanding full-time job, it might feel impossible to start a jewelry business on the side. But if this designer can make it work, so can you.

When Candace Eve Padro was 13 years old, she watched quirky fashion designer Betsey Johnson do the splits on the runway and thought, “I want to be just like her.” Since that day, Candace knew she was destined for design.

She went on to study metalsmithing in college, selling her pieces at local art fairs in New York. She jumped straight from college into the corporate world of jewelry design, and still works as one of Avon’s go-to designers for their sterling silver jewelry.

Life happened, and Candice dedicated herself to advancing her career and starting a family. But her dream of starting a jewelry business was never far from her mind.

College taught Candice

how to be a designer, but it didn’t prepare her to run a business.

In preparation, she started enrolling in business courses while working on her first jewelry collection. Finally, she launched Abstracted Reverie in 2018.

Growth was slow. After all, she had a family at home and a full-time job to think about. Without a website, she relied on in-person events, social media, and word-of-mouth to make sales.

candice padro

Candice was 100% dedicated to growing her jewelry brand. But as a busy mom with a full-time job, it was difficult to find time to work on her business. She wanted to use her limited time wisely, but she had no idea where to start.

Taking business courses helped her brush up on her general knowledge, but it didn’t give her much insight into the specifics of running a jewelry business.

The jewelry industry is a unique market, in many ways. It was a struggle to find answers to her questions. Most business courses were focused on basics like accounting, marketing, and law.

Candice was struggling to get eyes on her work, and was desperate to find guidance from someone who knew the industry inside and out.

She had no idea a community like Flourish & Thrive Academy even existed, until a friend reached out to her on Facebook.

Flourish & Thrive Academy kept coming up in Quay’s search for answers. One day, a friend saw pictures of Candice’s jewelry online and couldn’t stop raving about it. “Your designs are really good! Have you heard of Flourish & Thrive Academy?”

Candice had never heard that name before, but she started digging.

It was exactly what she was looking for: professional coaching for jewelry designers by jewelry designers.

She had finally found the answers to all the questions her past business teachers couldn’t answer about running a jewelry business.

Candice felt ready to sign up, but she was worried about making time in her jam-packed schedule for an online course.

But all her fears were alleviated once she booked a free Strategy Audit with our expert coach, Natasha. 

Natasha sat down with her to determine how Flourish & Thrive Academy could help.After hearing about Candice’s struggles to grow her business, Natasha recommended our signature 12-week program, Laying the Foundation.

Laying the Foundation would provide Candice with the knowledge she needs to build and scale a profitable jewelry business on her terms.

No two jewelry businesses are the same. That’s why the program is designed to meet designers where they’re at and help them build a business that meets their specific goals.

Candice was sold. She told me, “once I decide to do something, I just do it.” So she took the plunge and enrolled.


  • With such a busy schedule, Candice often worried that she wasn’t maximizing what little time she had to work on her business. In the program, she learned to start timeblocking and prioritize her tasks to focus on revenue-generating activities that actually moved the needle in her business.
  • Having a supportive community of fellow jewelry designers at her back was a gamechanger. Candice instantly became a familiar face in our Diamond Insiders group, asking questions and connecting with other members of the Thrive Tribe.
  • Candice describes herself as a “true artist,” she always has a million ideas, but struggles to implement them effectively. The program helped her dial in her efforts and implement strategies that actually worked.
  • Candice finally got a customized plan in place for her business, one that allows her to keep pursuing her full-time job and grow her jewelry brand at the same time.

Candice still works her full-time job, and considers her business to be in the start-up phase. Laying the Foundation gave her the personalized guidance she needed to make it work.

I would never know the things I know now if I never joined LTF,” she shared with me, “it’s definitely opened many doors for me.

  • After just one year in the program, her sales increased by 300%!
  • She launched a website in 2020, and is continually training her customers to buy from her online and join her email list.
  • She’s grown her Instagram following by 60% with laser-focused social media strategies. Recently, she earned 60 new Instagram followers just from one giveaway! Now she’s expanding her reach to TikTok and Pinterest.

Above all, Candice feels like she has a plan. Her goal is to one day transition out of her corporate job and focus on her business full-time. Laying the Foundation has given her a clear path to that goal.

When I asked Candice if she would recommend Laying the Foundation to other jewelry designers struggling to get their business up and running. Her answer was a resounding yes. 

If you want to make this an actual business and treat this like an actual business, Laying the Foundation is definitely an entry way.

Candice got groundbreaking results when she made the decision to invest in her side business. If her story resonates with you, consider roing the same.s

Laying the Foundation, has put Candice on track to achieve her dream of growing her side-business into a full-time jewelry brand.

You can do the same. Book a free Strategy Audit and one of our expert coaches will sit down with you to discuss your biggest hurdles in business and recommend the best resources for your unique situation.


If you’re ready to get serious, now is the time to invest in yourself and your business.
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