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The Highest Level Expert Coaching for High-Impact Jewelry Business Owners Who Want To Increase Their Visibility, Build a Brand With a Loyal Following, and Scale Their Sales

“In Less than 30 Months, I Grew My Jewelry Business from $65k Per Year to Over $420,000 Per Year… While Working Fewer Hours!”

*Actual Client Results

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Momentum Testi - Twyla Dill SML

My sales increased 72% within 3 Months.

Twyla Dill,
Twyla Dill Designs

Momentum Testi - Karina Harris SML

I had a 430% increase in April and a $6000 increase in May.

Karina Harris,
Waffles and Honey

Momentum Testi - emeryandopal SML

We grew 30% and crossed a 1MM in annual revenue in Momentum.

Tiffany and Amanda Reis,
Emery and Opal

KAJAL NAINA testi reduced

"Sold 54 pieces of jewellery and made $53k in sales in 10 days!!!"

Feeling like I’m walking in a dream. I launched my new collection last Tuesday. Sold 54 pieces of jewellery and made $53k in sales in 10 days!!! Today was my second $10K day and it feels surreal.

Over the past 11 years, we’ve helped over 8,500 brands scale to 6+ and 7 figure sales.
Our Momentum Members are Bad-Asses who are…
F&T - Momentum2023-StudentImage01

Growing profitable businesses that don’t need them to operate so they can take a real vacation, take care of their families, and scale their profit margins.

Leading and managing efficient teams to delegate admin and busy work and help them scale to multi-6 and multi-7 figure sales.

Growing their retail locations in addition to their omni-channel wholesale, online, and in person revenue streams.

Landing wealthy clients who buy jewelry that costs more than a small house.

Buying homes and building their dream studio with the profit from their jewelry company.

Paying themselves a real salary and saving money for a real retirement.

You’re here for a reason 💫

90% of 6-figure business owners are held back from this one common thing: the business is not designed for GROWTH...

If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed (or like no matter what you do you’re stuck in the same place), your business is likely in the 90%.

The results? low profit margins, sales (and profit) plateaus, and a bloated business that is backsliding.

Let us help you change that...

At one point, I was one of the 90% –

a 6-figure business owner who didn’t have a business set up for growth.
I was able to break through that challenge with a
fool-proof methodology to scale four companies to multi-6 and multi-7 figures. It’s helped thousands of others too.

If you’re a Jewelry or Luxe Product
Business Owner who….

  • Desires to build a profitable, thriving multi-6 or 7-figure business that doesn’t squash your creative energy…
  • Wants to leverage the power of online marketing to support your ecommerce or multi-revenue stream business to generate more high-paying customers…
  • Thrives in an environment of step-by-step guidance and mentorship to help you speed up your sales growth and results…
  • Is TIRED of being stretched too thin and ready to release the bad habits that aren’t serving you…
…then Momentum might be the program you’ve been
looking for. Just like…
Alisha Merrick

"November was officially my best month ever for online sales"

and it’s because I did email promotions! AND I’m on track to double my sales overall compared to last year! Yippee!

Jennifer Dawes

"Working with Flourish & Thrive Academy has been like working on a Masters program for my business, but with a support system that is essential for any studio artist that works in solitude."

After being in business for 20+ years, I was burned out and ready to throw in the towel. My creativity had been sucked dry and I had nothing left for my family. Flourish & Thrive is like an MBA for artists. During the year we worked together, I was able to streamline my operation and save over $18,000 a month. I finally feel joy in my business again and can bring that home to my family.


Here’s How Momentum Works

This game-changing hybrid 1:1 and group coaching program is designed for creative minds. We help you build a bigger audience, grow your sales, and create efficiency in your business so that it can scale quickly….

We work in focused quarterly themes that revolve around the CORE PILLARS of the Desired Brand Effect™ Framework  ✅

Creating Desire

  • Building Your Audience
  • Refining Your Brand Voice + Assets
  • Pricing For Profit
  • Reaching Your Ideal Customers

Sharing Desire

  • Optimizing Your Marketing
  • Scaling Your Sales
  • Delivering Excellent Customer Experiences
  • Getting Repeat Customers

Scaling Desire

  • Financial + Business Planning Support
  • Developing An Efficient Business
  • Leadership + Team Management

Growth Mindset

  • Real Conversations to Solve Real Problems
  • Mindset Training + Tools
  • Productivity Training
Join this community for high level conversations, strategy, execution support, and coaching with jewelry entrepreneurs who are going through the same challenges and growth spurts as you.

Momentum includes:

12 Months

Your annual enrollment includes 12 months access to all course content, training materials, member portal, and community. We like to think of Momentum as a 3-Year Program with a 1-Year commitment. You’ll get a lot out of joining for a year but the most when you stay for longer.

90 Day Strategic Planning

The program is focused on creating and executing a plan of action for growth. Our strategic planning framework helps you create the structure your creative business needs.

Six 1:1 Coaching | Strategy Calls

Each member gets access to six individual coaching | strategy calls including an individualized kick off call and an 90-day strategic plan review when you start the program. You can book your four other calls with your coach of choice for quarterly planning, financial reviews, operations support, website audits, and sales and marketing support and mindset coaching.

Monthly Expert Training + Hotseats With Vetted Pros

Our expert trainings are led by your head coaches and / or jewelry industry experts with related expertise to train you on the theme of the moment.

Direct Feedback on your work

Stay on track to get sh*t done and get your work reviewed by experts in their field.

Mindset + Productivity Focused Training

We bring in monthly support to help you navigate the pressure of handling multiple responsibilities to overcome challenges faster.

Two Retreats a Year

We host one virtual and one in-person retreat a year to build community, learn from your peers, and create long lasting connections.


We’ll hold you accountable for your promises and keep you on track in our weekly accountability calls.

Private Slack Community to Connect With Other 6+ and 7+ Figure Brands

Have a question? Have a cool tip? Connect with your peers inside the slack community in between calls.

If you’re ready for this type of insanely
valuable support for your business…

Let's Get Started. What's Your First Name and Best Email Address?

There's a lot of coaching programs out there...

Hear from Claire why Flourish & Thrive Academy is the one for jewelry and creative product brands.

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I didn’t realize how powerful masterminding can be!

So much shifted for me after the Momentum Retreat. I finally had the courage to make some really tough decisions for my business and I have so much clarity now.

Tracy’s willingness to be  percent authentic and vulnerable about her own experience in business is so valuable and you can tell she really cares about all of us.


Why Momentum Works?

The Desired Brand Effect Methodology™ is the core of Momentum. It was developed over the course of 25 years. This model has helped jewelry and product brands at all stages of business to solve complex problems.

The symptoms are the same:

slow sales, sales or profitability plateau, or a business that is backsliding. Our team of coaches help you focus on solving the problems for good while helping you focus on strategies that help you grow.

We remove the bull 💩 that’s distracting you from your goals so that you’re moving forward 10x faster than you thought was possible. The result? Financial security (and wealth), time freedom, and a business that gives you the sense of accomplishment because you’re doing what you love!

F&T - Momentum2023-StudentImage02

Who Momentum Is For?

Momentum is for jewelry and luxe product brands of all types who want to grow their sales to multi-6 or 7 figures without feeling overwhelmed and stretched too thin. It’s also for small retailers and boutiques who are trying to leverage digital marketing and ecommerce to increase foot traffic in their stores and build a solid $10K to $25K or more a month ecommerce contingent to their business.

You should apply if you consider yourself an A-Player who takes ownership of your outcomes and wants to grow your business alongside others who operate out of a growth mindset. If that sounds like you and you make or sell jewelry or physical products, this program is a great fit.

The ideal brands already have a solid sales foundation and are either already doing $100K to $1MM in annual sales. While there are always exceptions to the rule, this program is best for businesses who are ambitious and ready to scale.

Why Should I Join Momentum Now?

There are several reasons Momentum is a fantastic choice for you to join, NOW. 


First, during challenging times like this, the jewelry brands who work ON their business will come out the other side 10 steps ahead of their competitors. Those that wait will be left in the dust.


Second, we are here to give you the support you’ve stopped for the next 12 months or longer. There is nothing comparable to getting outside feedback and the support you need.


Third, people who have money to spend on jewelry and luxe products will not be affected by changes in the economy. These are the kinds of people you WANT to buy your jewelry and products. Lean in and grow by attracting higher-quality customers for life.

What are you waiting for? There is literally ZERO risk to apply, so fill out an application and let’s determine if Momentum is a good fit for you.

Let's Get Started. What's Your First Name and Best Email Address?


What Kind Of Results Should I Expect?

Results vary from student to student based on level of experience, willingness to implement quickly, and desire to focus on outcomes.

Throughout this page, we have case studies and results focused outcomes that share the types of results our students get. While we can’t guarantee a specific outcome (that’s on you), what we are 100% committed to doing is holding you accountable to work towards your goals and grow as quickly as possible.

case study:

Tiffany and Amanda Reis, Emery and Opal


Tiffany and Amanda grew by 30% to have their first 7-Figure Year!

As they leaned into planning their marketing and analyzing the numbers, they saw that they needed to run their business differently and by the numbers. Even though they were scared and felt like fish out of water, they increased their pricing to match inflation and current marketing conditions. Having more structure with their plans and a clear path to execution, helped them get more sales directly to their website. Previously, most of their sales came from Etsy which was becoming a single point of failure. 

Dividing their responsibilities between Visionary and Operations Manager AND hiring a small team was the most impactful shift they made. No longer were they individually spending time that was outside of their zone of geniuses or spending time on low leveraged activities that weren’t necessarily growing the business.

WITHIN A YEAR, Tiffany and Amanda…

  • Increased their sales by 30% and crossed the 1 MM in revenue mark.
  • Had a streamlined, highly efficient operation that helped them scale and grow.
  • Hired two production staff, a shipping person, and a virtual assistant to take over the production and administrative work.
  • Tiffany was able to take time off for maternity leave which would have not been possible earlier.
  • Have a highly profitable business with multiple revenue streams that pays them well.

By splitting responsibilities and being strategic, Tiffany and Amanda enjoy their business more because they are doing the parts of their business that they love. 

If you think it’s just the Reis sisters, here are results from other students...

MEGHAN BOEHM testi reduced

"Online sales are up 695%"

I'm 75% to my $15K goal for the month! Online sales are up 695% (yes, that is correct) from this month last year!


"On the advice of a coach, we upped our prices in hopes of attracting our dream client and IT HAS WORKED!!"

Even in this incredibly slow month we now have 4 fully custom engagement ring clients on the books and another 2-3 in beginning talks. This is the part of designing that I love and am unbelievably excited!


"Tracy has completely changed the way I run my business."

and how I perceive myself as a business owner. She doesn't just talk the talk - she is passionate about helping other business owners succeed with her focus on specific activities that bring in sales. Her infectious enthusiasm and emphasis on mindset have motivated me to shift from working in my business to working on my business. She has been so much more than an inspiration to me - she has helped me to create a tangible vision for my company’s future, where I’m running my business full-time, instead of just dreaming about it.

MARY ANN SAVILLE testi reduced

"I can’t imagine having gone through Covid without MOMENTUM COACHING."

I remember thinking ‘I’m so glad I’m part of a community’. It would have been terrifying without it - it’s easy to feel frozen. I’m so glad I’ve had this to lean on. The retreats are so inspiring, you get such a great direction. You come out of it going “this is huge!” and you can make a path forward. I loved them so much, I can't even tell you, I would sign up just for those.


Who is Not a Good Fit For Momentum?

As much as I’d like to say this program is for everyone, it’s not. You must have a physical product like jewelry of any type or a luxe product to sell. It’s for A-Players who already have existing sales and revenue coming into their business. The program is not for absolute beginners or hobbyists who are trying to figure out how to build a business (we have a great program for startups here).

This is not for people without existing monthly sales of a minimum of $5K a month (ideally $8K to $25K or more) from all sales channels combined. Because of the intense nature of this program, it’s not for people who have zero desire to grow at the very least a 6-figure business a year in annual sales. Finally, the program is not for people who are unwilling to take responsibility for their own outcomes – even when it gets hard.

F&T - Momentum2023-StudentImage03
F&T - Momentum2023-StudentImage04

Do I Have to Join For the Entire Year?

For best results, we recommend joining Momentum for an entire year. Due to the nature of the accelerator style “sprints” – there is an option to join the “sprints” individually. The BEST VALUE comes when you join for the entire year and we literally make it a “no-brainer” for brands that are in the right place. There is really nothing else like this program for jewelry and handmade brands who want to grow quickly.

If you’re curious about the investment and time commitment, the best thing to do is to apply to the program. If you’re accepted, you’ll be directed to book a time to chat with our Business Growth Specialists who will help you make a decision as to which option is best for you – joining individual sprints or joining for the entire year.

Let's Get Started. What's Your First Name and Best Email Address?


Your Momentum Mentors

The core coaching team experience in the jewelry, product, wholesale, and online sales running companies of all sizes from Multi-Six figures up to $25MM in annual sales.

Momentum - Coach Headshots_Tracy Mathews-01 SML
Tracy Matthews
Head Mentor
Momentum - Coach Headshots_Chelsea Farmer copy
Chelsea farmer
Head of Momentum
Momentum - Coach Headshots_Lisa McDow Elizondo SML
Lisa McDow Elizondo
Momentum - Coach Headshots_Sheri Peterson SML
Sheri Peterson
Mentor and Mindset Coach

Apply now and work with these amazing coaches and our team of hand curated experts.

Let's Get Started. What's Your First Name and Best Email Address?

And if you’re still wondering if Momentum is right for you,

I’d love for you to meet Alex…

case study:

Alex Camacho, Acid Queen Jewelry

alex camacho-01

Alex went from $6K to $35K or more in months with the Momentum Program!

But it didn’t stop there. By continually building her audience, optimizing her systems, and creating a streamlined structure to her workflow, she’s been able to hire a small team so that she can focus on what she really loves: creating monthly one-of-a-kind jewelry collections, hiking two hours a day, and having a life outside of her business.

She has expanded her customer base with her new advertising strategy, and with our help, she has trained her audience to pay attention to her emails so they know exactly when her collections will drop.

WITHIN TWO AND A HALF YEARS and into the present day Alex….

  • Increased her sales from $65K to $330K / year just 2 years later (often selling $25K to $35K a month) and ended the following year with over $420K in annual sales.
  • Regularly sells out of her ready-to-wear and one-of-a-kind collections (sometimes within 15 minutes of launch)
  • Has hired a small and mighty team to help take the busy-work off her plate with optimized processes so that she can focus on the creative direction of her brand
  • Has a life outside of her business. She bought a house, took a month off for her Honeymoon in Thailand, and goes hiking 2 hours a day.

By learning how to implement systems that keep her business running like clockwork, Alex has found the freedom she’s always wanted––freedom that lets her work only 5-6 hours a day and have time to hang out with her husband.

If you think it’s just Alex, here are results from other students...


Strengthen AND Recession-Proof Your Business with Strategies That Scale!

The world has changed a lot in just the last 3 years — and things still haven’t settled down. But what Karina’s story can show us is that the tools and strategies we share inside Momentum have helped students like Karina strengthen their business back-bone while the world is going off the rails.

That’s what happens when you take control.

F&T - Momentum2023-StudentImage-05

Of course, I can’t promise you the exact same results… But I can tell you this: If you’re looking to increase your sales and revenue without increasing your workload — and you’re willing to do the work with us and put the Desired Brand Effect System to work in your business — then what are you waiting for?

This is your personal invitation to join us and uplevel your brand and your business to build the life you’ve always wanted.

Let's Get Started. What's Your First Name and Best Email Address?
Ashleigh Branstetter headshot

"I've been having consistent sales each month!"

Before I started Momentum, I would say my online sales were zero... I had people going to my website, but nobody was purchasing. Since starting the program, I've been having consistent sales each month! I totally feel supported with all the coaching I've received… If I had to describe Momentum in three words, I would say, ‘lots of support!

Gemma Rose

"It’s been empowering knowing that I can create sales."

Before it felt like I was at the whim of destiny - I would wait for it to come to me. I now have these tools that I can use whenever - I look at my numbers and think 'if I want to get from here to there I can do X,Y,Z'. It’s built my confidence. I feel more self reliant.

YVONNE BURKART testi reduced


I implemented an automated email sequence according to my coach Darian’s tips and they already resulted in a sale after just a few days!!! Previously, my emails rarely resulted in opens and clicks, let alone sales.


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