Your Brilliance Factor…

You’re a Tinkering Talent

Your love for the craft comes first, there’s no limit to what you can create!


As a Tinkering Talent…

You’re crafty! As a kid, art was one of your favorite classes. As an adult, you’ve found a way to create art in the form of jewelry.

Creative ideas for design are abundant. More than likely you dabble in making all sorts of jewelry and the materials aren’t limiting.

You enjoy figuring out how to make things once and most of your designs are One-of-a-Kind.

At the moment, you may or may not have a business. You do love making jewelry and have sold some pieces to friends and family.

Nothing makes you happier than putting together pretty combinations of beads, stones and metal. It’s meditation and what you’d call your happy place.

Can I get a HECK YES!

Crafty Gal, DIY Maven, Dabbling Beauty could all be your middle names.

Your inspiration comes from the materials you source:

Beads, colors, gems, metals, gemstones….you name it!

Combining colors in unusual ways inspires regular happy dances...

At the core, your passion is playing in the materials, not necessarily going full out in business. You want to take your time to refine your skills and because you have so many ideas, it’s challenging to reign it in.

You enjoy selling at craft fairs and markets because it allows you to get your designs in front of people beyond just your friends and family. Talking about your work can sometimes makes you feel shy.


You like the idea of making money from selling your jewelry even though you’re not in it to make a ton of money or have a big business.

With practice, sales become a lot easier and you start to attract some great customers that become brand advocates over time. Quitting your day job is a strong motivation to get your business going.

When you need help, you have a tendency to do a lot of research online or try to Google answers to your questions about what to do next. You are a DIYer at heart so why not figure out the solutions!

You’re admired by your friends and they’re so impressed at what your imagination dreams up!

You feel energized and a bit zen when your making your jewelry because it’s your time - no kids, no husband, no distractions when you’re working on your jewelry.

You know that your purpose here is to make people happy with your jewelry (including yourself).

Here’s how to use your

Tinkering Talent

to your benefit...


Creativity of Craft and Commerce

Nothing can stop your ideas. You have an imagination that runs wild.

Regardless if you’re just starting to play around with the idea of having a business or you’re someone who’s been doing this for a long time, your unlimited ideas will serve you in more ways than you think.

Creativity like this is a gift to you and your business.

As you start to grow, you’ll be resourceful in how you grow your business, design your work and build your brand.

A high level of creativity allows you to design unique jewelry, eclectic show booths and stylized photography to promote your brand.

You have so many ideas! Because of that you sometimes have a hard time wrangling them all in!

When you focus your energy and creativity, you’ll find that amazing rewards come out of this in all and into your bank account.

You’ll come up with innovative ways to build an audience and market your designs.

Keep the ideas flowing in all areas of your business.


The Jewelry World is Your Oyster

You sometimes feel like you don’t have a specific design aesthetic because you love to make so many styles of jewelry!

Design inspiration comes from everywhere and the world is your oyster when it comes to design.

The materials inspire you...and talking to them and asking them what they want to be might not be too far fetched.

The strong connection you feel with the materials is hard to explain. You’re inspiration comes in seeing the shapes and color stories form.

Your customers love that you have an assortment of designs and like to see lots of different things from you.

With that being said, you might notice when you stay focused with the designs in your collection you end up selling more jewelry.

Hone in one idea at a time and fully flesh it out to create collections that sell.

You got the craft down now let’s direct that talent to grow your side-hustle or your biz and get things going.


The gift of a personal network

Your friends and family is the best way to get new customers and you own it!

Don’t consider this a hindrance, it’s actually a gift.

Your friends and family network are your biggest fans and advocates, especially when you’re dabbling and trying things out.

They become your test market, fans of your designs and your biggest source of sales and marketing.

If you ever feel shy about asking them for help, don’t be fooled because they WANT to help spread the word about everything you do.

They love hosting trunk shows for their friends with your beautiful jewelry. What a fantastic way for you to build your jewelry customer network.

When done right, you become the hottest maker in town. It makes you proud to see locals wearing your jewelry, especially when you don’t know them personally.

Good times, right?

No shame in being in the friends and family zone with sales. Leverage the fringe benefits that come with that!

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Hello M’dear,

I’m Tracy Matthews!

Before we go any further, introductions are in order. I’m a visionary, jewelry designer, podcaster and mentor to designers.

I live my life for delicious food and wine, karaoke and a little world travel ...oh yeah and my 19 nieces and nephews (no joke)!

I’ve been a jewelry designer (and a High Class Hustler) for over 25 years. I’m grateful to have sold millions of dollars worth of my own jewelry designs throughout my career.

It makes me happy to see others enjoying their natural talents.

I believe that success requires 3 things: the right mindset, confidence and taking little actions every day that make a big splash!


Here’s what other Tinkering Talents have done to grow and scale their jewelry business:

I want to tell you the story of a designer - her name is Cara.

Cara took a class at a local bead store and started making jewelry as a form of meditation after her kids went to sleep at night. The first time she wore a necklace, her best friend, Viv, told her how much she loved it...and asked where she bought it.

What a compliment!

Guess what Viv got for her birthday that year. The same scenario would repeat itself and Cara’s friends and family network kept asking to buy her jewelry.

She didn’t know what to charge so she often just made up a price. As her talents expanded, she start taking jewelry making classes online to learn new skills.

The ideas kept coming and she dabbled in making all sorts of jewelry. Finally, she felt like she had enough jewelry to do her local Farmer’s Market Holiday Fair and she booked a table.

That first show was such a great learning experience because she saw what people responded too. She sold enough jewelry to cover her booth fees and recoup the investment in buying the supplies.

It felt good the next day when she ran out to buy a coffee and saw a woman wearing the necklace and bracelet set she bought the day before.

Viv keeps getting compliments on her “birthday” necklace! Because she loves Cara and wants to help others experience her designs, she offered to host a holiday jewelry party for Cara in her home.

Things are looking great. Jen thinks to herself, maybe it’s time to treat this hobby like a “real” business.

And the rest is history!

Next steps:

You found something you are passionate about and love! Why not start a viable business! As a Tinkering Talent, it will be important for you to set your business up the right way so you’re primed for success and consistent sales.


Develop cohesive collections:

Creating collections that sell is an artform. As a Tinkering Talent, you are gifted with so many ideas. You just need to focus those ideas into collections of 12-24 pieces minimum to connect with the right buyers. Find common themes and design aesthetics that run through every piece in a collection. Develop a signature style so you can charge for your pieces.

Have enough to sell - less than 12 units in one collection is confusing from a merchandising perspective. Too many styles overwhelms the customer. Discover the right ratio and you’ll be golden (and keep selling lots of jewelry).


Price the right way for your brand:

Regardless of what you think, people don’t buy jewelry because of the price. They buy because they like the way it looks. The right price for your jewelry is a combination of the costs of materials, the perceived value (how elevated the design is), the design time and the brand story.

The stronger you can create a design Point of View, the more you can sell your designs for. If you price your jewelry the lowest, you’re commoditizing your product and that’s not what jewelry is. It’s an object of desire that people collect.


Spend time growing your business:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with designing jewelry all day, every day. Just know that this is much different than running a business. A business by definition is a for profit entity. If you aren’t making profits, at least within the first 3 years, you might just have an expensive hobby.

Focus most of your time marketing and selling your jewelry. Set sales and profitability goals and work everyday to set tasks and priorities to reach them.


Develop Sales Confidence:

If selling your jewelry is new territory for you, build sales confidence by practicing. Create an elevator pitch. Learn to segue compliments into sales conversations. Follow up with interested customers. Build an email list and email your customers regularly.

Sales confidence takes practice. You got this!


Market the right way for your brand:

Learning digital marketing is a MUST for all independent jewelry brands. With practice, you’ll discover what’s right for your business because the sales will follow.

There are so many things to do: social media, email marketing, blogging, PR, influencer exposure, you name it! Continue to educate yourself and implement new marketing strategies to grow your audience and customer base.

Just posting on social media isn’t enough to get sales. Be strategic and learn how to content market the right way.


Look at and understand the numbers:

Every small business must take charge of their numbers. If you’re leaking more money out of the business, than you earn, beware. Spending all your income on tools and supplies is not the road to building a profitable business. Profits are.

Make sure you understand your profit margins, your break even point and how much you actually need to sell in order to pay yourself. Invest in programs that will help you with the core structure of running a business if you don’t have a business background.

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