#2 How to Attract More of Your DREAM Jewelry Customers

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I love this wisdom from one of my mentors, Marie Forleo. I remember her telling me this before I had ever clearly identified my DREAM client. I didn’t realize what I was missing until I put in the effort and got really clear.

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Before I continue, I want to remind you that no one NEEDS jewelry… but they want it! Understanding why they want it is a crucial step to defining and attracting your DREAM clients.

In today’s podcast, we covered the top three questions you need to answer about your ideal, DREAM client in order to attract her!

#1 What Are Their Values?

I did a great vlog several months about about what I learned from working about communicating value with QVC about communicating value. You can find it over here.

During my time selling on QVC years ago, I learned a lot about why people buy. It all came down to value, and how buying a product makes them feel, over anything else.

Once you understand who your DREAM client is, you can begin to understand what value your designs can bring to their lives.

#2 What Are Their Deepest Fears?

My ideal, DREAM client craves originality, so I’ve come to understand one of her biggest social fears is showing up to a party only to find someone else is wearing the same outfit. She also places a lot of value on family, and I know she might be nervous I’ll turn out to be a crazy person and run off with her family heirlooms (NOT the case)!

Once you understand your DREAM client’s values, it's important to understand her deepest fears and make her feel at ease.

When thinking about your ideal avatar or the types of people you WANT to attract, delve deeper into their values and what, in their minds MIGHT go wrong if they buy from you. Then, think of the solutions!

You’ll also want to consider things like their age, marital status, kids, what they look like, their income, their hobbies etc.

In the jewelry business, you’ll also want to identify how your ideal DREAM client shops, where they shop, their sense of style, and what magazines / books / blogs do they read regularly. This is where you’ll find them later on, and knowing their interests will significantly influence how you’ll market to them.

#3 How Will They Influence Your Marketing?

This may seem ridiculous, but you’d be surprised at how many designers we’ve seen spend tons of time and effort trying to get their work into stores that would never buy their work because their ideal customers are not in alignment.

Understanding your DREAM client on a deep and fundamental level will not only influence which outlets you choose to advertise in, but how you market to them. From the language choose to the social media platforms you use, marketing decisions in your business will chiefly depend on your DREAM client.

Listen to the episode (above) to learn how I used these questions to start defining and attracting my own DREAM client and super-special secrets I learned from my mentors over the years.

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