#75 How to Create an Unforgettable Jewelry Brand (and Get Customers for Life)

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Think of your favorite musician.

The one you’ve listened to a million times, whose songs you belt out in the shower, the car, and the subway. (Oops! Yes, there were totally other people there.)

For me this is Adele.

I love her. I feel so connected to her music, her voice, and the raw emotion she brings to her songs. That girl can sing!

You might be thinking “Tracy, this has nothing to do with jewelry.”

… But it absolutely does.

It’s really natural to associate music with emotion. Music creates deep connections and can conjure up memories in a flash. It’s the soundtrack to our lives.

That’s exactly how your Dream clients feel about your jewelry when your brand is unforgettable. They share an emotional connection with your product that keeps them coming back again and again.

Your jewelry is so much more than just jewelry to your Dream client. Jewelry has the power to make the wearer feel sexy, edgy, classy, or beautiful. Jewelry deepens the sense of self.

That’s powerful stuff, designers.

In today’s podcast, I tell you exactly how to start your journey towards creating an unforgettable jewelry brand.

Get ready to turn inward because we’re going to focus on YOUR WHY. (Pssst… It’s what gets to the heart of your Dream clients and has them drooling for more!)

So let’s get to it!

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Creating an Unforgettable Brand

So, what is a WHY, anyways? Your Why is your unique story. It’s the reason you do what you do, the heart of your business.

Think way beyond “I love making jewelry.” What was happening in your life when you started making jewelry? How old were you? Why did you start? What inspires your jewelry? Get personal.

Your Why is the number one reason people connect with you, the very core of creating an unforgettable jewelry brand. Some of you may know this, but my WHY is really personal.

I began making jewelry not too long after my mom passed away. It was a very tough time in my life, filled with lots of change and definitely had a lasting impact. One of the first pieces I made was a re-design of heirloom earrings from my mom. I created a ring with them, and I love the connection I feel to it. It’s so special, like having a little of my mom with me when I wear it.

I give that same emotional connection to my clients through the OOAK jewelry I design for them. Be part of someone’s life, and they will keep buying from you. And don’t be shy about sharing your story. Your Dream clients will come flocking when you do!

The Real Reason People Buy Jewelry

I touched on this a bit already – and even more in the podcast! – but it’s so important I’m going to share a little more with you. People don’t buy jewelry because they need it. They buy it because they want it! Jewelry has the power to transform an outfit or a mood. Your DREAM Clients wear it and feel confident, beautiful, classy, edgy, chic, sexy… anything they want!

Jewelry also becomes part of your customer’s life moments and experiences. A ring becomes monumental when it’s worn to a wedding, three Adele concerts, and a trip to Italy. It feels intimate.

Do you feel like you’re ready to revamp your brand but aren’t sure where to start?

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xo, Tracy

How to Stand Out in the “Saturated” Jewelry Market with a Timeless Brand Masterclass