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Holiday Sales Kickstart FREE Challenge:

Starts On July 30th

The ULTIMATE 5 Day Jumpstart to Nail your Marketing Game, Double your Sales and Ditch Burnout During the Hectic Holiday Season

Your registration includes access to 4 daily trainings plus an epic free Masterclass on Day 5 of the challenge. 

Here's what you'll discover:

  • The Quirky 4 ½  Step Formula Wildly Successful Designers Use to Standout and Easily Snowball Their Sales
  • My Mom’s Efficiency Formula that Will Help you Totally Keep it Together (even through Black Friday + Cyber Monday)
  • Our “Game of Thrones”  Sales System to Dazzle your Dream Clients and Leave your Competitors in the Dust
  • My 5  Favorite “Pure Gold” Tips to Keep Your Energy Levels High and Finally Ditch your Holiday Burnout for Good.



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