Done Trading Time For Dollars? It’s Time to
Train Your Customers to Buy Online

The Essential Sales Accelerator

April 30 - July 23, 2024

Book a no-pressure call with our TYC concierge team to discuss your needs, goals, and current situation:
Book a no-pressure call with our TYC concierge team to discuss your needs, goals, and current situation:
Limited seats available!
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Passive Jewelry Sales Masterclass

The 3-Step Blueprint to Go From Trading Time for Dollars to Making Sales While You Sleep

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Done Trading Time For Dollars? It’s Time to

Limited seats available!

Train Your Customers to Buy Online

Book a no-pressure call with our TYC concierge team to discuss your needs, goals, and current situation:

To Train My Customers to Buy Online [April 30 - July 23, 2024]

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TYC or Train Your Customers to Buy From You Online is our 12-week Sales Accelerator done-with-you workshop that will help you 10x your high-quality website traffic, optimize your marketing funnel, and double your website sales.

Getting your customers to buy from you online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without you needing to be present for every sale buys you the freedom to spend time with your family and friends while still making passive income!

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How does TYC work?

The TYC workshop is a 12-week intensive online sales accelerator. (Reg. $10,000)

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During the 12-weeks, you’ll get…

  • Individualized Planning and Implementation Support in a Small Group Setting
  • 12 Weeks of Step-By-Step Online Sales Training + Implementation support
  • Workbooks, Templates, and Resources Accompany Each Session to Make Implementation Easy
  • Weekly Feedback Loops and Implementation Weeks to Keep You on the Right Track and Help You Get the Work Done
  • Recordings of All Workshops, Feedback Loops, and Coaching Calls - Are Yours To Download and Keep

You’ll also get….

  • Live, virtual feedback sessions with our guest mentors
  • Real Time Marketing Makeover Sessions
  • 6 Pre-Recorded Bonus Trainings to work on at your own pace
  • Hand Holding + 2 Unstuck Calls (If Needed) to Keep You On Track
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Ulka Wilson

“I wanted to do at least twice the volume in one month than I did the prior year. I was able to do that, and then some, and had my first mid-5-figure month"

- Ulka Wilson, Ulka Rocks

“During the TYC Program, I sold 150 units and added 200 new email + SMS subscribers to my list in just 2 days. I made more than I ever had on one month of my corporate job in those 2 days by just following one strategy."

- Alex Kathlyn, Alexandra Kathlyn Accessories
donnette roberts

“I was hoping to double my sales by the end of the year, and I think I'll be closer to tripling those sales… I don't think I could have done that on my own."

- Donnette Roberts, Prickly Cactus Jewels
Emily Johnson

“The year I took the TYC, my point and click online sales increased from $2K to $60K."

- Emily Johnson, EC Design Studio
Meyla Ruwin Nevra Shapiro

“Before TYC only about 7% of our business came from online sales. I feel very grateful that we did do the program, because now about 20-25% of our business coming from online and our Instagram following has increased as well."

- Meyla Ruwin (with co-founder nevra shapiro), Beksan Designs

Pay-in-Full Bonus

1:1 90-Day Strategic Planning Session

Pay in full and receive a 1:1 90-Day Strategic Planning Session so that you can get feedback and planning support for your sales this year. ($695 Value)

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When does TYC start?

TYC starts on APRIL 30th AND ENDS ON JULY 23rd.

*Attendance to the live sessions is recommended but everything is recorded. You can also ask questions in advance for feedback sessions so that you never miss a beat.

Book a no-pressure call with our TYC concierge team to discuss your needs, goals, and current situation:


“I saw a HUGE increase in online sales since I joined the program”

- Emily Johnson, EC Design Studio

“Since joining TYC, my sales and website traffic have increased!” 

- Morgan McGoff, Skinny Dip Jewelry

“All the different trainings were so helpful for me. It continues to be a resource that I can pull from”

- Erin Heydenreich, Betina Roza

“After TYC...My revenue went up 200%”

- Carol Gavhane, Asha Blooms

“Since business has grown exponentially”

- Antoinette Elizabeth

Who is TYC for?

In a nutshell, the TYC is the perfect program for “action-oriented” jewelry and product brands who are willing to do the work to reach their goals. You already have regular sales online and/or off and we’re here to help you amplify and expand on what you’ve built.

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  • Scale your existing e-commerce business and sell another 10K to 15K a month in online orders
  • Train your in-person customers to buy from you online (aka you already have a lot of in-person customers but getting them to go to your website is not happening)
  • Generate more qualified inquiries and leads from your website for your private or custom jewelry business
  • Simplify your marketing and still grow your website traffic and owned audience (no you don’t have to do everything)

Yes, this works for handmade makers, jewelry designers of any kind or genre, fine jewelers, retailers selling giftable or luxury products, and any other product maker.

Here’s the Skinny….

If you’re not already making daily sales on your website and you’ve had success selling in-person or other sales channels… TYC will help you gain a marketing edge so you can stay ahead of your competition, 2x your brand desirability, an opportunity to 6x your sales, and save 100s of hours from trying to do it alone.

This is not a program for people who are struggling to make sales at all.

If you need help with that, here’s a better program for you:

If that sounds like
a HECK, YES, I’m in….

Book a no-pressure call with our TYC concierge team to discuss your needs, goals, and current situation:


Carol Gavhane2

"[Before TYC] I was just unsure of kind of where to start, the feeling of overwhelm was totally there. [Because of what I learned in Week 1 of the Intensive] I got to have near daily sales for the entire time I was in TYC. I had not had that before. I absolutely made my investment back and then some because of the information that I gained. I'm so grateful that I took the class and am much more confident in who I am as a business owner."

-Carol Gavhane, Asha Blooms
F&T_Testimonial_Rael Cohen
“I now have a strategy to grow my sales online and the confidence to do online outreach and to attract and maintain customers.”

"Since joining TYC, I’ve been able to take a month off without having to stress out about finances. It's not just a course; it's a community of support, empowerment, and transformation."


"I loved the feeling of help. With TYC I had support"

- Allyson Hayes, Precious Elements Designs

"Everything I was wanting to learn, [TYC] was checking the boxes..."

- Donnette Roberts, Prickly Cactus Jewels

"My sales were up 191% from previous years"


Train Your Customers Works!

What’s the TYC Schedule?


TYC Orientation is on April 30th. During this time, you’ll get access to bonus trainings to help you get prepared for the workshop.

The TYC workshop will run from APRIL 30th - JULY 23rd.

Week 1:

Creating A Strong Website that Sells:

Turn your website into a vibrant sales hub! Learn the magic formula to captivate visitors and transform them into eager buyers.

Week 2:

Converting In-Person Shoppers to Online Buyers:

Say hello to your new online shopping squad! Discover the secrets to winning over your pop-up shop regulars and event attendees, and turning them into loyal online customers.

Week 3:

Email List Building Strategies to Grow Your Audience:

Let's grow your fan club! Dive into exciting email list building strategies that'll skyrocket your audience, boost engagement, and ultimately, fill your online cart with happy customers.

Week 4:

Implementation Week:

Co-working & Office Hours

Week 5:

Email Marketing: Copy That Converts:

Get ready to hit "send" with confidence! Learn how to create irresistible email copy that'll have your subscribers eagerly clicking "add to cart" faster than you can say "sale!"

Week 6:

How to Launch a Collection Online:

Launch parties, anyone? Discover the thrill of launching your latest collection online in style! From teasing your audience with sneak peeks to creating buzz that'll make your collection fly off the virtual shelves, we've got all the tips and tricks you need.

Week 7:

Live Selling and Virtual Trunk Shows:

Lights, camera, sales! Take your online selling game to the next level with virtual trunk shows and live shopping events. Get ready to dazzle your audience and turn browsers into buyers, all from the comfort of your own screen!

Week 8:

Implementation Week:

Co-working & Office Hours

Week 9:

3 Must-Have Email Automations - Sell While You Sleep:

Dreaming of sales that never sleep? Wake up to the magic of email automations! Learn how to set up your very own sales-generating robots that'll keep your inbox buzzing with orders around the clock.

Week 10:

Using Pinterest to Grow Your Website Traffic:

Let's pin your way to success! Discover the colorful world of Pinterest and learn how to drive a flood of traffic straight to your website. Get ready to sprinkle some Pinterest magic and watch your online presence soar!

Week 11:

Customer Loyalty Programs to Increase Your Repeat Customer Rate:

Keep them coming back for more! Learn about fun and rewarding loyalty programs that'll turn your customers into raving fans. Get ready to shower them with perks, rewards, and a whole lot of appreciation!

Week 12:

Implementation Week:

Co-working & Office Hours

*The schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the facilitators
and Flourish & Thrive Academy

Cindy Gentry

"Because of what I learned and implemented in TYC, my online sales improved by 177%! If it wasn't for TYC I certainly wouldn't feel as good about my business today and I'm excited about what's to come."

- Cindy Gentry, Cindy Gentry Designs
F&T_Testimonial_Erin Kandoll

“Within a year of implementing just a fraction of what I learned from the [TYC] trainings, my business has skyrocketed. In the first three months of 2023 alone, my online sales surpassed my entire earnings in 2022, and that's not even considering wholesale orders and in-person shows. I now have more business than I can handle on my own.”

- Erin Kandoll, Twisted Ginger Jewelry

"For anyone that is thinking about joining TYC, I would HANDS DOWN recommend joining the program”

- Carla Garro, Carla Garro Designs

"TYC was life-changing... it shifted my mindset.”

- Ruxi Tirisi,
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Standalone Bonus Trainings

F&T - Fast Cash Strategies Mockup V02

Fast Cash Strategies Money Making Mini Course $497 Value

What if you could generate $300 to $2500 in just 7 days or less? These simple to execute actionable strategies will have your business cash-flowing immediately.


Direct Mail Campaigns That Get a 38% Conversion Rate and Cost Less Than $100 $497 Value

Increase your brand loyalty and your return customer rate by loving on your best customers with this simple to execute strategy that costs less than $100.

Bonus2 Reels and Tiktok 2 (1)

Grow Your Social Media: Reels & Tik Tok Training $497 Value

Gain more visibility and grow your audience with simple content creation strategies to increase your engagement, create content easily, and ride the wave of audience growth.

F&T_TYC_New_Bonus_Mockups_Build Your Brand With Referral and Ambassador Programs

Build Your Brand With Referral and Ambassador Programs $497 Value

Your network is your "net worth" and it’s time to expand that network with ambassadors who bring in a steady stream of referrals to help you grow your sales and exposure.

F&T_TYC_New_Bonus_Mockups_How to Turn Etsy Customers into Website Buyers

How to Turn Etsy Customers into Website Buyers $197 Value

Etsy is an incredible platform to capture customers you might never meet otherwise but if you rely solely on Etsy, you're building a business on rented land. We'll show you how to turn Etsy customers into website buyers with simple, ethical strategies that work.

F&T - Instagram Bio Writing Mockup

How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio $97 Value

Ready to grow your Instagram with high-quality followers? Follow these simple steps to optimize your IG bio for search using AI.

If all this workshop does is allow you to stay ahead of your competition, make more sales, and save your precious time so you can do more of what you love, would it be worth your investment? If so…?

Book a no-pressure call with our TYC concierge team to discuss your needs, goals, and current situation:

Meet the Leaders of the Program

chelsea farmer
Chelsea Farmer

Chelsea is our head of programs, coaching and community at Flourish & Thrive Academy. She jumped full-time into her jewelry business in 2009 at the height of a recession. By 2011 her sales were already hitting six figures. Her brand HorseFeathers Gifts, has been featured on FOX News, Martha Stewart, and more. Chelsea specializes in community building, creating unique marketing strategies, getting rave reviews, customer retention, and more.

Lisa Elizondo
Lisa Elizondo

Lisa is a jewelry entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience creating jewelry and managing a small company. She has in-depth experience in ALL aspects of a jewelry business and offers a full-picture view on how to grow your business and what it will take to get to the next level.

mentors include

Tracy img 1
tracy matthews

Tracy has been a jewelry designer and full-time marketer for the past 25 years. Her obsession with digital marketing and core value of “always be learning (and implementing)” makes her a wonderful resource for specialty workshops and support.

Toby Myles
toby myles

Toby is an email strategist, copywriter, copy coach, and founder of Toby Myles Copywriting and The Big Juicy Copy Club. She has a passion for storytelling and teaching others how to tell their stories to connect with their audience and make sales! Toby has 30+ years of experience in marketing and entrepreneurship and a passion for helping solopreneurs grow their businesses in a way that feels easy and authentic.

Momentum - Coach Headshots_Ana Maria Andricain
Ana Maria Andricain

Ana is a jewelry maker and a 6-figure business owner who has been an integral part of the Flourish & Thrive community for a long time. She’s an expert at converting in-person shoppers into online customers and optimizing her website for local clientele. Her planning and execution strategies are game-changing and simple to implement.

What's the investment?

The TYC is value-priced at $3500 for the 12-week intensive with all of the individualized support and feedback. Our commitment to YOU is to make this easy to pay because you’ve made the money back during the intensive and you have your best year ever!

How do I join?

Fill out this short application to apply for a seat. TYC is one of our most popular programs so we can only enroll jewelry makers who are ready to accelerate. We manually review all applications and will get back to you within 1 business day with a personalized suggestion for your business

Book a no-pressure call with our TYC concierge team to discuss your needs, goals, and current situation:


"Since taking [TYC] my business has grown tenfold”

- Erin Kandoll, Twisted Ginger Jewelry

"Since taking [TYC] my business has grown tenfold”

- Rael Cohen, Rael Cohen Jewelry

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