Your Brilliance Factor…

You’ve Got Mad Skillz Behind the Bench

When you see the blueprint you can build the masterpiece.


With Mad Skillz…

You KNOW your calling is working on the bench, improving your bench chops and delivering amazing jewelry to your customers.

You are tactile and extremely good with your hands! You effortlessly sculpt and fabricate ideas in to 3D form.

Can I get a HECK YES!

Custom jeweler, bench whiz, model maven could all be your middle names.

Your inspiration comes from the designs in front of you:

A sketch, architecture, an idea written on a napkin, design inspo...the list is endless.

Turning a sketch into a physical piece of jewelry makes you giddy.

At the core, your passion is working at the bench or in the wax, not necessarily designing jewelry or coming up with the creative ideas.

You pride yourself on your ability to identify any gemstone quality, deliver excellent master jeweler work, and interpret someone elses vision into lovely works of art.


With practice, it’s easy for you to learn new techniques and processes to uplevel your bench skills. You’re often educating your customers on the process and stones required to bring a piece to life.

You love the combination of independence and stability in working for other brands and having consistent customers coming to you.

The idea of starting a brand isn’t the most exciting to you. Even though you love making jewelry, the business stuff is not your favorite aspect. Being the master jeweler behind the scenes is your zone of genius!

Nothing makes you happier than getting compliments about the stones you set or the piece you fabricated!

Here’s how to use your

Mad Skillz

to your benefit...


Your hands are your gift!

By nature, you are super skilled with your hands.

Most jewelers are envious of your technical abilities.

You are classically trained on the bench so you have a level of experience that sets you apart from most in the industry.

Your hands work quickly while handling little objects.

Because you’re so good on the bench, it’s really easy to pick up new techniques and wow your customers.

They are consistently wowed!

The best constructed jewelry brings back repeat clients and it’s easy for you to keep your customers for a very long time.

You might even consider starting your own collection someday. You have the technical capability to create anything you desire.

Ideas for designs trickle in over time and you slowly but surely create your own product lines to sell to your customers when asked.

You love the customer direction and feedback anyway.


Educate and elevate

Teach your clients what they need to know about designing better products.

You love to educate your customers about how to properly design a piece so they can deliver better products to their customers.

When they come to you with a crazy design, they lean on you for your knowledge of how to engineer a well constructed piece.

The designers you work with sure have wild creativity.

You help them find the balance between a super unique design and a well constructed piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.

You’ve built a long time “family” business perhaps or enjoy working with family owned jewelry manufacturers.

You often take on apprentices and teach them your way of doing things.

They are always grateful to learn under a master jeweler like you and often use their apprenticeship on their resumes.

You’ve groomed some wonderful new jewelers.


Not a Problem

By nature, you love to solve problems. On the bench or in the business, your natural inclination to figure things out gets you super excited.

When a customer comes to you with a complicated design, you light up at the challenge. It’s almost like you love taking those challenges on.

You love puzzles and troubleshooting design ideas.

Creating something that’s challenging is really not a problem.

In fact you love pushing your “skillz” to the next level.

You’re, no problem attitude, makes you a big fan with customers and they love being able to trust you with a single piece or in creating entire collections from scratch.

Competence is key and you keep upleveling your skills on the bench. It becomes easy for you to continue to attract high profile clients and charge more for your benchwork.

A helpful tip: create blueprints or production maps for your customers who are developing production lines!

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Hello M’dear,

I’m Tracy Matthews!

Before we go any further, introductions are in order. I’m a visionary, jewelry designer, podcaster and mentor to designers.

I live my life for delicious food and wine, karaoke and a little world travel ...oh yeah and my 19 nieces and nephews (no joke)!

I’ve been a jewelry designer (and a creative force of nature) for over 25 years. I’m grateful to have sold millions of dollars worth of my own jewelry designs throughout my career.

It makes me happy to see others enjoying their natural talents.

I believe that success requires 3 things: the right mindset, confidence and taking little actions every day that make a big splash!


Here’s what other people with “mad skillz” have done to grow and scale their jewelry business:

I want to tell you the story of a jeweler - her name is Benji.

Benji has always loved working with her hands. Her grandfather was a master jeweler and he taught her some of the basics of fabricating pieces by hand before he passed away.

Benji always remembered the time with her grandfather and decided to improve her skills as a teen and young adult.

She took classes at all the best schools including a master stone setting course at GIA and graduate bench jeweler at Revere Academy.

Her natural talent was really solving problems and even though she originally wasn’t planning on becoming a master behind the bench for life, she got an offer she couldn’t refuse: a summer internship with Van Cleef and Arpels.

The insider knowledge she learned at this internship set her up for 3 things: industry clout, serious problem solving, and experience working in high design.

When she decided to start her own shop, she wowed her customers with her “mad skillz” and her experience.

She easily attracted clients like Todd Reed and Jennifer Dawes.*

She trusted her creativity to help guide the way when she had to make tough decisions or figure something out.

Because she was technical and creative she inherently became her biggest asset in business.

At times, it was hard to pull away and build a business or even focus on her ambitions of designing a collection.

Eventually, she trained a slew of jewelers and model makers to work in her shop with her.

This allowed her the freedom to work with top tier clients and take on customers of her own.

Be like Benji: own your mad skillz and build a team to support your growth.

*this is a hypothetical story.

Next steps:

It’s not like you can just think up ideas and wishful thinking makes them happen. While affirmations and vision boards are highly encouraged, its daily simple steps that build your company over the long term.

Next level for mad skillz is about setting up a business that can grow without you.


Be “New Skool” (instead of “Old Skool”):

One of the unique challenges of people with mad skillz is that sometimes you’ve been brought up in a family business. Tech and customer service aren’t always your forte.

One of the best ways to be a reliable source in the industry is to set up some of the business basics. If you manufacture, set up a website that’s easy to navigate where customers can contact you (please nothing from 2001)!

Website platforms like Squarespace for a simple portfolio site or Shopify for E-Commerce are easy to set up. They look luxurious and have minimal set up costs if you DIY.

Have an online and social media presence. In this day and age, you need it! Make it easy for people to find you!


Set timelines and stick to them:

Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than a late project. Whether you’re working with designers, brands or large companies, set a deadline for completion and stick to it. This alone will keep you top of mind.


Set up bench systems to move quickly:

You’ve got skillz, you know what to do. Set up bench and model making hacks that help you move more quickly on the bench. If you’re designing a production line for a client? Document the process so you can easily repeat the steps and give them a blueprint to repeat the design.


Set up back end systems for admin:

Be professional and deliver professional invoices to your customers. Use an accounting software, accept credit cards and bill on time. Organize your paperwork and keep it in a digital format. Be too legit to quit and your customers will always come to you first.


Take time for your own creativity:

Even if coming up with ideas for your own unique designs is challenging, make sure you’re spending enough time in the creative zone. Working your creative muscles will help you attract more direct customers and also make more money down the road.


Stick behind your work:

Create trust with your customers, especially designers. Have integrity with their original designs. Sign a contract or NDA if needed. Mistakes happen sometimes –take ownership if you mess up. Fully document your policies and fix pieces that aren’t made correctly.

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