#84 The #1 Way to Get More Traffic to Your Jewelry Website

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Having a jewelry business these days sort of requires you to double as a marketing guru.


Or at least it definitely feels that way sometimes!


You’re learning new terms like “sales funnel” “pixel” and “brand assets”


The big one I’m always hearing about is “website traffic.”



All this really means one thing; finding people who love your jewelry and getting them to buy!


Today, I’m throwing in my two cents about getting more traffic to your jewelry website.


At the end of the day, website visitors don’t pay the bills.


Sales pays the bills!


So you need more than just numbers on your site, you need those numbers in the bank!


But don’t worry, I’ve thrown in some ninja-like sales tricks, too.


Just ‘cause I love ya.


I’m waiting with the answers, all you have to do is hit play!

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Traffic that Converts


Getting high volume traffic to your website isn’t as great as it sounds. It’s gotta be the right kind of traffic if you’re looking to make any money. The first time you hear about something, are you ready to drop some cold hard cash? Probably not. You want warm traffic coming through your site. That’s right, repeat visitors!


Find out how in the show!


Eyeballs on Auto-Pilot


Once people sign up for your list, it’s all about the follow up. Having a sequence that automatically sends broadcasts is a pain-free way to get this done. Learn more advanced marketing strategies in the show like pointing people back to your website from emails to get the warm traffic you’re looking for!




Once they Buy, Get them Involved


Keeping your buyers engaged can be totally easy. Ask them to post a picture wearing their new piece on Instagram. Give them a hashtag to use so you can find them. You can email them asking for reviews and referrals. Remember, these are people who loved your jewelry enough to hit “buy”! They’re the hottest lead you have! Telling them what you want them to do next is super important.




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