How can a piece of jewelry reflect the essence of who you are?

One of my clients recently called me a jewelry visionary.

I asked her what she meant and she said, “You have an innate ability to connect with people and get to the core of what they really want without them even knowing it.”

TRACY+ROBIN_PRINT-156-moreaboutIt's true. I pride myself in taking the time to understand my client on a deeper level. Because I love jewelry, I can't imagine a more perfect fit than designing custom pieces for clients who want something infused with personality, essence and meaning.

How did I get here?

My passion for design started as a child. I dreamed of creating wedding gowns and growing up, was always an artist in some respect. When I took my first jewelry fabrication class as a college elective, the seed was planted. My instructor became my mentor.

The rest is history. I started my first jewelry business as a hobby, designing for bridal parties, friends and families.

In my twenties, I quit my day job to follow my dream full time. That big leap resulted in my first legitimate brand, Tracy Matthews Designs, Inc. Over the years, I grew a pretty awesome following.

My Line was sold in over 350 retail outlets all over the globe (ABC home, Sundance Catalog, Bloomingdales, Anthro).

Celebs loved my work (Orlando Bloom, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, David Cooke).

My media coverage was abundant (InStyle, Lucky, Real Simple, TV Shows and Movies).

And I won awards….

Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion (2006)

JCK Rising Star (2007)

So why custom jewelry design?

The truth is, the choice to scale down, close TMD, and make my business about custom jewelry design was the right one for me at the time. The direction of my business wasn’t making me happy anymore.

Working directly with a client fulfills a creative yearning. I wanted to work one-on-one with my client to create the perfect piece for him or her. It’s no longer about my vision, but about bringing to life a piece that complements the client’s lifestyle, personal style and essence.

My approach is as unique as you are!

Like any artist, I have style influences. Mine come from fashion, art, vintage jewelry, nature, texture and color. When I am designing a piece for you, these elements might be considered, however, it’s really you, the client, that I am looking at.

My desire is to create something you will cherish, an heirloom that will be treasured for many lifetimes.

I love NYC! The city is a cultural hub where I am engrossed and inspired. Even if you don’t live nearby, that is no problem. In fact, most of my clients live in other parts of the country and the world. Thank goodness for the interwebs, it makes working remotely a piece of cake.

The cool part about NYC is that the most talented jewelers live and work here. My team of expert artisans are the best in the industry.

I would be honored to create something just for you!

Are you ready to get started? I thought so! Go here to get the process started and I’ll be in touch really soon.

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