Our Jewelry Business Courses, Programs, and Expert Coaching Have Helped Over 8,500 Jewelry Brands Start, Grow, and Scale Using The Desired Brand Effect™ Methodology...

Whether you're just getting started as a new jewelry designer or are a seasoned designer ready to scale your jewelry brand, our team of mentors, coaches, and industry veterans are here to help you exceed your goals.

The Fast Cash Strategies
("Money Making" Mini Course)

We get it! Consistent cash float is something every maker, designer, and business owner needs every single day.

That’s why I’ve created a simple-to-implement mini-course to help you make more anytime you need a few hundred to several thousand dollars – like yesterday.

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Fast Cash Strategies Is For You If:

This is for jewelry designers, makers, artists, and creators who want consistent cashflow every single day.

How to Start a Jewelry Business Program (“Quickstart”)

This proven, step-by-step blueprint is perfect for you if you want to know what to do to turn your jewelry-making hobby into a real jewelry business.

Unlike other programs on the Internet, this program is from real, successful jewelry designers and implements The Desired Brand Effect™ Methodology.

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Quickstart Is For You If:

This is for jewelry designers, makers, artists, and creators who are just getting started and want to shortcut the learning curve and start a jewelry business today.

Laying the Foundation (LTF)

If you've already started your jewelry business, LTF will help put The Desired Brand Effect™ Methodology to work for you so you can naturally and easily build a list of repeat customers who keep coming back to buy from you every time you drop a new collection.

In just twelve short weeks, we'll help you transform your jewelry business into a business that works for you so you can spend more time doing what you love.

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LTF Is For You If:

This program is for jewelry designers and makers who want to generate consistent, predictable, and repeatable sales while insuring they have a strong, sustainable foundation for growth in-place.


If your jewelry brand is already doing six-figures or more and you're ready to take your jewelry business to the next level, Momentum will put advanced levels of The Desired Brand Effect™ Methodology to work for you so you can scale without crashing your business or your life.

This is the fast-track that wildly successful jewelry brands use to consistently generate passive website traffic, conversions, and daily sales.

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Momentum Is For You If:

This program is for you if you're an A-player ready for expert-coaching to help you strengthen the fragile parts of your business so you can enjoy more sales, more security, less stress, and a simplified way to grow your business without burning out.

The Desired Brand Effect™ (DBE)

The Desired Brand Effect™ is a time-tested, proven jewelry-business methodology that helps you expand your audience, grow your sales, and amplify your results with simple, actionable steps that anyone can take to turn their jewelry brand into an unforgettable, timeless brand.

The DBE was created by Tracy Matthews and was responsible for her jewelry collections doing over $8 million dollars in sales, being worn by A-list celebrities, and being featured in over 350 stores across the globe.

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When you create The Desired Brand Effect™️ in your business, you'll stand out in the saturated jewelry market with an unforgettable, timeless brand. 

1:1 Personalized Collection Review

Would you like one of our coaches to give you individual feedback on your collection and pricing? We’ll identify if you have the key components to a winning collection and give you feedback on how to tighten up the collection or expand on your current offer.

1:1 Website Audit

Would you like our website expert to give you feedback on your website? You’ve got just a few seconds to capture the attention of a website visitor!Do you know if your website is doing a good job?

Let us help you...

  • Identify design flaws that are causing people to leave your site before they purchase
  • Audit the 5 most important pages on your site to optimize conversions and sales
  • Organize your product pages so that they do the selling for you

1:1 Custom Coaching

Grow and scale your business 10x faster with 1:1 customized coaching from industry coaches with a proven track record for success!