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F&T - Testimonials V2_Karina Harris-02
"Sales for April were up over 430%"

Karina Harris
Owner, Waffles and Honey

When the majority of my shows cancelled this Spring, I was pretty nervous about recouping that lost income. Even though I wasn’t fully sure if I could capture those sales online, I went for it anyway using the online marketing ideas I learned during the Momentum 2-Day Retreat. Not only did I recoup my lost revenue, my online sales for April were up over 430% and I beat my super stretch goal for May by $6,000!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Kena Treadway-01
"I finally didn’t have any more excuses as to why I couldn’t do this."

Kena Treadway
Owner, Few Made Jewellery

The biggest jump was from $2k to $8k [per month], and now I’m at a point where I’m considering not continuing in my professional career outside of the jewellery business. It allowed me to be right where I was, and come in and get the help I needed. I’m super excited, and very thankful for this group.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Erin Heydenreich
"Pretty much everything I’ve learned about being in business, I learned from Flourish and Thrive."

Erin Heydenreich
Owner, Betina Roza

Last year was my best sales year yet. My sales were up by at least 30-40%, which is a huge jump in sales, but what’s more important to me is how I feel now about being in business. I no longer feel like I’m being steamrolled by all the things that I have to do in the business every day, and to me, that feeling is the biggest measure of success.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Yvonne Burkhardt-25
"Since I started with Momentum, I can definitely envision myself having a million-dollar, multimillion-dollar huge business that I've always dreamed about."

Yvonne Burkhardt
Owner, The Mala Babe

I feel like it's possible now. Before I started the program, I wanted it, but I didn't really feel in my soul that I could have it, and I feel like I can have it now, so that's huge.

Ashleigh Branstetter
"If I had to describe Momentum in three words, I would say, 'lots of support!'"

Ashleigh Branstetter

Before I started Momentum, I would say my online sales were zero... I had people going to my website, but nobody was purchasing. Since starting Momentum, I've been having consistent sales each month! I totally feel supported by all the coaching I've received.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Kajal Naina
"Today was my second $10K day."

Kajal Naina

Feeling like I’m walking in a dream. I launched my new collection last Tuesday. Sold 54 pieces of jewellery and made $53k in sales in 10 days!!! Today was my second $10K day and it feels surreal.

F&T - Testimonials V2_KateSydney
"I sold $1800+ on my website."

Kate Sydney
Owner, Kate Sydney Jewelry

Did a collection launch yesterday and had ten sales on my website ($1,800+). One woman hasn’t purchased from me in about four years - she bought four pieces! Yay for email marketing.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Wendy Prichard Hively
"I sold $1200 in one day."

Wendy Prichard Hively
Owner, CharlieMadison Originals

On Friday, I released a bracelet I designed exclusively for the Class of 2020 (my daughter is graduating from college, so this is extra near to my heart). I launched 25 bracelet sets Friday morning and sold out of them in 24 hours. I sold $1200 in one day and have a waiting list for when I restock the bracelets.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Jennifer Dawes
"F&TA is like a Masters program for my business."

Jennifer Dawes
Owner, Jennifer Dawes Designs

Working with Flourish & Thrive Academy has been like working on a Masters program for my business, but with a support system that is essential for any studio artist that works in solitude.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Alex Camacho
"I’ve hit goals I never thought possible."

Alex Camacho
Acid Queen Jewelry

With Tracy’s guidance and help from our amazing community, I’ve hit goals I never thought possible and have the confidence and tools to continue to build and grow my business. Tracy’s dream is to help designers like myself realize our dreams and without her help, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

"It’s been empowering knowing that I can create sales."

Gemma Rose
Gemma Rose Jewelry

It’s been empowering knowing that I can create sales. Before it felt like I was at the whim of destiny - I would wait for it to come to me. I now have these tools that I can use whenever - I look at my numbers and think 'if I want to get from here to there I can do X,Y,Z'. It’s built my confidence. I feel more self reliant.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Twyla Dill
"I hit my sales goal of over $150K in the first year in the program. "

Twyla Dill
Owner, Twyla Dill Design

Before I joined Momentum, my online sales were sporadic, but after 3 months in the program, my online revenue had grown by 72%. Setting up systems and automation allowed me to grow my business even while taking 2 months off.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Jeana Rushton
"It has worked!!"

Jeana Rushton
Owner, The Fox and Stone

On the advice of a coach, we upped our prices in hopes of attracting our dream client and IT HAS WORKED!! Even in this incredibly slow month we now have 4 fully custom engagement ring clients on the books and another 2-3 in beginning talks. This is the part of designing that I love and I am unbelievably excited!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Katy Beh
"Huge Win!"

Katy Beh
Owner, KATY BEH Jewelry

It’s June 4th, and I just beat my last year’s TOTAL SALES for the whole year. Huge Momentum win!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Mary Ann Saville
"Flourish and Thrive Academy is literally what I’ve been looking for over the past four years."

Mary Ann Saville
Owner, Vedeli Designs

Being in Momentum, I have an entire staff of coaches who all have some sort of expertise who will address any problem you have. I have my Momentum members to touch base with in our Facebook group, I have mentors...There’s not a problem that I’m coming into in my business that can’t be solved with my community at Momentum.”

F&T - Testimonials V2_Fabi Giguere
"Anybody that doesn’t join doesn’t know what they’re missing."

Fabi Giguere
Owner, ACHIQ Designs Jewelry

You have so much support from the team. Every single person is just like having a personal consultant, and that is just priceless.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Dierdre Donnelly
"I sold $10K in the past 3 days."

Deirdre Donnelly

"$2400 from my live FB show"

I sold $10k plus in the past 3 days and a few more in the works! Raised my prices too!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Bridget Harriss
"I’m over the $10K per month sales goal!"

Bridget Harriss
Owner, SailorMade

I decided to run a bundle sale on the last two days of July. It resulted in $2k in sales and got me over the $10K per month ecommerce sales goal!! Shooting for $15K this month.

F&T - Testimonials V2_MeganBo
"Online sales are up 695%"

Meghan Boehm
Owner, Megan Bo Designs

I'm 75% to my $15K goal for the month! Online sales are up 695% (yes, that is correct) from this month last year!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Barb Mason
"Finally, my email list is over 1000."

Barb Mason
Owner, Bobbi Kahn Jewelry

That’s hundreds more than it had been, and I’d been trying to grow my email list for ten years. Seriously? That’s amazing. 

Tracy is authentic, and she has created a trusting, caring, open, non-competitive place for everyone to just learn. 

F&T - Testimonials V2_Candace Stribling
"I have clarity on who my dream client is."

Candace Stribling
Owner, Candace Stribling Jewelry

My website is one that I am proud of because of what I’ve learned. I am learning more about how to drive traffic to the site. It is a work in progress, but I know I’ll get there with the encouragement and support of this community.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Wendy Prichard Hively
"Tracy has completely changed the way I run my business."

Wendy Pritchard Hively
Owner, CharlieMadison Originals

Tracy has completely changed the way I run my business and how I perceive myself as a business owner. She doesn't just talk the talk - she is passionate about helping other business owners succeed with her focus on specific activities that bring in sales. Her infectious enthusiasm and emphasis on mindset have motivated me to shift from working in my business to working on my business. She has been so much more than an inspiration to me – she has helped me to create a tangible vision for my company’s future, where I’m running my business full-time, instead of just dreaming about it.

"I did email promotions! AND I’m on track to double my sales."

Alicia Merrick
Alicia Merrick Art

November was officially my best month ever for online sales and it’s because I did email promotions! AND I’m on track to double my sales overall compared to last year! Yippee!