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F&T - Testimonials V2_Karina Harris-02
"Sales for April were up over 430%"

Karina Harris
Owner, Waffles and Honey

When the majority of my shows cancelled this Spring, I was pretty nervous about recouping that lost income. Even though I wasn’t fully sure if I could capture those sales online, I went for it anyway using the online marketing ideas I learned during the Momentum 2-Day Retreat. Not only did I recoup my lost revenue, my online sales for April were up over 430% and I beat my super stretch goal for May by $6,000!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Twyla Dill
"I hit my sales goal of over $150K in the first year in the program. "

Twyla Dill
Owner, Twyla Dill Design

Before I joined Momentum, my online sales were sporadic, but after 3 months in the program, my online revenue had grown by 72%. Setting up systems and automation allowed me to grow my business even while taking 2 months off.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Kena Treadway-01
"I finally didn’t have any more excuses as to why I couldn’t do this."

Kena Treadway
Owner, Few Made Jewellery

The biggest jump was from $2k to $8k [per month], and now I’m at a point where I’m considering not continuing in my professional career outside of the jewellery business. It allowed me to be right where I was, and come in and get the help I needed. I’m super excited, and very thankful for this group.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Jeana Rushton
"It has worked!!"

Jeana Rushton
Owner, The Fox and Stone

On the advice of a coach, we upped our prices in hopes of attracting our dream client and IT HAS WORKED!! Even in this incredibly slow month we now have 4 fully custom engagement ring clients on the books and another 2-3 in beginning talks. This is the part of designing that I love and I am unbelievably excited!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Erin Heydenreich
"Pretty much everything I’ve learned about being in business, I learned from Flourish and Thrive."

Erin Heydenreich
Owner, Betina Roza

Last year was my best sales year yet. My sales were up by at least 30-40%, which is a huge jump in sales, but what’s more important to me is how I feel now about being in business. I no longer feel like I’m being steamrolled by all the things that I have to do in the business every day, and to me, that feeling is the biggest measure of success.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Katy Beh
"Huge Win!"

Katy Beh
Owner, KATY BEH Jewelry

It’s June 4th, and I just beat my last year’s TOTAL SALES for the whole year. Huge Momentum win!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Mary Ann Saville
"Flourish and Thrive Academy is literally what I’ve been looking for over the past four years."

Mary Ann Saville
Owner, Vedeli Designs

Being in Momentum, I have an entire staff of coaches who all have some sort of expertise who will address any problem you have. I have my Momentum members to touch base with in our Facebook group, I have mentors...There’s not a problem that I’m coming into in my business that can’t be solved with my community at Momentum.”

Ashleigh Branstetter
"If I had to describe Momentum in three words, I would say, 'lots of support!'"

Ashleigh Branstetter

Before I started Momentum, I would say my online sales were zero... I had people going to my website, but nobody was purchasing. Since starting Momentum, I've been having consistent sales each month! I totally feel supported by all the coaching I've received.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Fabi Giguere
"Anybody that doesn’t join doesn’t know what they’re missing."

Fabi Giguere
Owner, ACHIQ Designs Jewelry

You have so much support from the team. Every single person is just like having a personal consultant, and that is just priceless.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Yvonne Burkhardt-25
"Since I started with Momentum, I can definitely envision myself having a million-dollar, multimillion-dollar huge business that I've always dreamed about."

Yvonne Burkhardt
Owner, The Mala Babe

I feel like it's possible now. Before I started the program, I wanted it, but I didn't really feel in my soul that I could have it, and I feel like I can have it now, so that's huge.

F&T - Testimonials V2_GillianTrask
"Anybody that doesn’t join doesn’t know what they’re missing."

Gillian Karatassos
Owner, Gillian Trask Jewelry

"$2400 from my live FB show"

I now have in $2400 from my live FB show and still getting residual. What I did at that show is typically what I do in a month, so I’m very pleased. I made sure to put a buyer at the front of the show to set the tone, and the excitement trickled throughout. I did three giveaways, and two of them are set to buy in the next week. It was the best show I have had yet!!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Kajal Naina
"Today was my second $10K day."

Kajal Naina

Feeling like I’m walking in a dream. I launched my new collection last Tuesday. Sold 54 pieces of jewellery and made $53k in sales in 10 days!!! Today was my second $10K day and it feels surreal.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Dierdre Donnelly
"I sold $10K in the past 3 days."

Deirdre Donnelly

"$2400 from my live FB show"

I sold $10k plus in the past 3 days and a few more in the works! Raised my prices too!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Bridget Harriss
"I’m over the $10K per month sales goal!"

Bridget Harriss
Owner, SailorMade

I decided to run a bundle sale on the last two days of July. It resulted in $2k in sales and got me over the $10K per month ecommerce sales goal!! Shooting for $15K this month.

F&T - Testimonials V2_KateSydney
"I sold $1800+ on my website."

Kate Sydney
Owner, Kate Sydney Jewelry

Did a collection launch yesterday and had ten sales on my website ($1,800+). One woman hasn’t purchased from me in about four years - she bought four pieces! Yay for email marketing.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Karina Harris-02
"We beat our goal by $6K."

Karina Harris
Owner, Waffles and Honey

Yippie! We beat our super-stretch May goal by $6K 🥳 it’s the most we’ve ever sold through our website in a month. It even beat our total 2019 May sales (which included our brick and mortar store and 7 pop up events) - so excited!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Wendy Prichard Hively
"I sold $1200 in one day."

Wendy Prichard Hively
Owner, CharlieMadison Originals

On Friday, I released a bracelet I designed exclusively for the Class of 2020 (my daughter is graduating from college, so this is extra near to my heart). I launched 25 bracelet sets Friday morning and sold out of them in 24 hours. I sold $1200 in one day and have a waiting list for when I restock the bracelets.

F&T - Testimonials V2_MeganBo
"Online sales are up 695%"

Meghan Boehm
Owner, Megan Bo Designs

I'm 75% to my $15K goal for the month! Online sales are up 695% (yes, that is correct) from this month last year!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Barb Mason
"Finally, my email list is over 1000."

Barb Mason
Owner, Bobbi Kahn Jewelry

That’s hundreds more than it had been, and I’d been trying to grow my email list for ten years. Seriously? That’s amazing. 

Tracy is authentic, and she has created a trusting, caring, open, non-competitive place for everyone to just learn. 

F&T - Testimonials V2_Candace Stribling
"I have clarity on who my dream client is."

Candace Stribling
Owner, Candace Stribling Jewelry

My website is one that I am proud of because of what I’ve learned. I am learning more about how to drive traffic to the site. It is a work in progress, but I know I’ll get there with the encouragement and support of this community.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Karina Harris-02
"Our April sales were up 430.2%"

Karina Harris
Owner, Waffles and Honey

So excited!! Our sales for April were up 430.2% over last April! I implemented a lot of things we talked about at the virtual live event, so thank you! Celebrating over here!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Wendy Prichard Hively
"Tracy has completely changed the way I run my business."

Wendy Pritchard Hively
Owner, CharlieMadison Originals

Tracy has completely changed the way I run my business and how I perceive myself as a business owner. She doesn't just talk the talk - she is passionate about helping other business owners succeed with her focus on specific activities that bring in sales. Her infectious enthusiasm and emphasis on mindset have motivated me to shift from working in my business to working on my business. She has been so much more than an inspiration to me – she has helped me to create a tangible vision for my company’s future, where I’m running my business full-time, instead of just dreaming about it.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Jennifer Dawes
"F&TA is like a Master’s program for my business."

Jennifer Dawes
Owner, Jennifer Dawes Designs

Working with Flourish & Thrive Academy has been like working on a Master’s program for my business, but with a support system that is essential for any studio artist that works in solitude.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Alex Camacho
"I’ve hit goals I never thought possible."

Alex Camacho
Acid Queen Jewelry

With Tracy’s guidance and help from our amazing community, I’ve hit goals I never thought possible and have the confidence and tools to continue to build and grow my business. Tracy’s dream is to help designers like myself realize our dreams and without her help, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

Flourish & Thrive

F&T - Testimonials V2_Tisha Abrahmsen
"Finding F&TA has given me exactly what I need"

Tisha Abrahmsen
Owner, Andre Glass

Before discovering Flourish and Thrive Academy, my business was barely surviving, sales were stagnant, and I felt alone and unsure what to do about it. I had no idea how other designers of fashion jewelry "made it”. Finding F&TA has given me exactly what I need to build a successful jewelry brand!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Lisa Roberson
"Community over competition."

Lisa Roberson
Owner, Rebel Soul Design

Flourish & Thrive Academy definitely lives up to the value of "community over competition!” It’s an active community of jewelry designers and makers who support and cheer each other on!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Lisa Vrooman
"Nothing here is cookie-cutter!"

Lisa Vrooman
Owner, Talks to Animals Shop

In less than 6 months, I’ve been able to go from hobbyist to running my business professionally. The F&TA programs have saved me so much time and money plus the quality of information they provide can be tailored to you and your vision of success - nothing here is cookie-cutter!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Helen Stiver
"I’ve doubled my sales each year."

Helen Stiver
Owner, Charming Little Lotus

I spent hours on the internet searching for jewelry business info and made mistake after expensive mistake before finding F&TA. Now I’ve made lifelong friendships, received unlimited support, and doubled my sales each year. Without question, I’d recommend investing in yourself and your business by joining this incomparable community.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Celia Soonet
"I've found a wonderful community."

Celia Soonet
Owner, Soonets Jewelry


I defined a business plan, designed a whole new collection, re-launched my brand with a new website, and have found a wonderful community in 9 months after joining Flourish & Thrive Academy!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Juliet Erskine
"A tribe of peers and amazing coaches on tap!"

Juliet Erskine
Owner, Jules & Rose

I am so grateful to have a tribe of peers and amazing coaches on tap! Without F&TA I would feel really isolated in my own business!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Colleen Mauer
"I've seen a 15% increase in sales this year."

Colleen Mauer
Owner, Colleen Mauer Designs

Since I started F&TA I have definitely seen major growth in my business. In 2012 my business grew about 25%. I started working with Tracy & Robin right before the 2012 holidays and I saw such a spike in December it was unbelievable! Because of the amazing knowledge, support and community I have received from F&TA, I decided to continue working with Tracy & Robin and I am so glad I have. I have seen a 15% increase in sales this year and can not wait to see what happens as we approach the 2013 holidays!

F&T - Testimonials V2_MelissaCamilleri
"I’m bringing in 5 figures a month!"

Melissa Camilleri

My list of paying customers grew by 2500%, my social media following has skyrocketed to 16,000 and I now run a successful jewelry business that is bringing in 5 figures a month.

F&T - Testimonials V2_JeanetteWalker
"Tracy, I hope you know how awesome you both are sharing your knowledge and experience. TODAY’S JEWELRY WORLD NEEDS YOU!!!"

Jeanette Walker
Owner, Jeanette Walker Jewellery

Tracy, you’ve done an amazing job. I hope you know how awesome you both are sharing your knowledge and experience. TODAY’S JEWELRY WORLD NEEDS YOU!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I now have the tools I've been needing to fully realize my potential. I am no longer drowning in a sea of self-doubt. Your course has armed me with a blast of enthusiasm and confidence.

Laying The Foundation

F&T - Testimonials V2_NicoleGariepy
"I more than doubled my sales!"

Nicole Gariepy
Owner, Fantasea Jewelry

Before LTF, I was making $2000/month. The year I took the course, I made $35K. The next year, I more than doubled my sales, bringing in $75K. Laying the Foundation is a fantastic resource for solo-designers who want to make sales and live a better life.

F&T - Testimonials V2_MelissaCamilleri
"I get to work doing what I love."

Melissa Camilleri
Owner, Shop Compliment

Before Laying the Foundation, I had exactly 32 paying customers. Since taking LTF, I'm over 8,000 paying customers and 34.6K followers on Instagram. I now run a successful jewelry business that consistently makes more than 5 figures monthly.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Toby Myles
"Set yourself up for success"

Toby Myles
Owner, Ride Like a Girl Designs

Laying the Foundation is a requirement to set your business (and yourself) up for success! Before Laying the Foundation, I’d only sold 3 or 4 pieces and I was only making a few hundred bucks.

Now, I’m doing so well that I quit my full-time job to focus 100% on my jewelry business!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Andrea Li
"I’m selling out of my collections every season"

Andrea Li

Before joining Laying the Foundation, my business was directionless, expensive, and not turning a profit. I was referred to Flourish & Thrive Academy by a friend in my stone setting class. Even though my sales were slow, I was determined to invest in the program. After taking LTF and applying what I’ve learned, I launched my e-commerce website and I’m selling out of my collections every season.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Estelle Vernon
"My business has grown dramatically since joining Flourish and Thrive."

Estelle Vernon
Owner, Estelle Vernon Designs 


My sales have doubled since 2016 when I took the first challenge. What I’ve gotten out of F&T has helped me be more professional in the way I handle my business, and it’s given me a wonderful jewelry community who have been very supportive of my business. I highly recommend joining Flourish and Thrive and taking the LTF class.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Peggy Houchin
"It’s been incredible"

Peggy Houchin
Peggy Houchin Jewelry

The changes I’ve made have resulted in a 200% increase in my sales, which is awesome, and my social media following is up by at least 75%. 

F&T - Testimonials V2_Joanne Simmons
"In 2014 my profits grew by 65% compared to 2013."

Joanne Simmons
Owner, Silver Sculptor 

I don't think that would have happened without Flourish and Thrive Academy. The community of designers on Facebook alone is worth the investment. They're such a bunch of friendly, supportive, knowledgeable women. Without their support and guidance, I would know half of what I know today.

F&T - Testimonials V2_IrinaZhan
"The course is the reason I have a business today."

Irina Zhan
Owner, Irina Victoria Jewelry

Before LTF, I was a girl with a hobby that I really loved. I went from wide-eyed and clueless to quitting my full-time job to work on my business! My biggest milestones have been: selling from my own website, opening wholesale accounts, creating relationships with industry manufacturers, building a focused social media following, and connecting with celebrities (who are wearing my jewelry)! 

F&T - Testimonials V2_Ana Maria Andricain
"I ended my year within $1000 gross sales of the previous year while taking back all of my weekends"

Ana Maria Andricain
Owner, Jewel Of Havana

Plus, instead of spending my weekends at markets, I focused on my website and it ROCKED this year! Instead of 3 web sales a month in the $60-$100 range, I averaged 3 web sales a day in the $300-600 range during the holidays!

F&T - Testimonials V2_NinaCooper
"Tracy will help you achieve your goals."

Nina Cooper
Owner, Nina Designs

Tracy Mathews is that friend who will take you by the hand and walk you through the critical steps of branding, strategy, and financial planning that are critical to achieving your goals.

Bundle Offers


F&T - Testimonials V2_Tahmi Deschepper
"I made over $2K in sales!"

Tahmi DeSchepper

I did The Profitable Urgency Promotion Plan System on Friday and ended up with a little over $2K in sales! My list is super cold as I haven't had a regular marketing plan so I was really impressed with the return on that investment! I think it's probably the biggest one day sales event I've ever had on my website (and it's been going since 2003).


F&T - Testimonials V2_Deniese Ruel
"I sold out of everything!"

Deniese Ruel
Owner, Dee Ruel Jewelry Design

I bought it and sold out of everything in my virtual sale!


F&T - Testimonials V2_Cathy Boutwell
"I made $1200 in two hours!"

Cathy Boutwell
Owner, Junk Drawer Designs

Held my first trunk show after purchasing the system and made $1200 in two hours! I would say it was a success, going to do one a month on a much smaller scale to keep my business going. Thank you for your know-how and willingness to share!


F&T - Testimonials V2_Nicole Andersen

Nicole Andersen
Owner, Anbe Designs

I bought this on Friday and I'm BLOWN AWAY at the value. I won't lie, I was a little skeptical about what I was paying for, but wow. I'm so glad I decided to take the leap!

Press Wins

F&T - Testimonials V2_Kate Hubley
"My design story made it into Forbes."

Kate Hubley
Owner, K8 Jewelry

I got a message late last night that my design story made it into Forbes - underscoring the importance of being able to tell your story and get it to the publisher FAST. I had the story written and photos submitted in under an hour after I found out about the article. I am very happy today.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Caroline Bruce
"My design featured on NY Live!"

Caroline Bruce
Owner, Caroline Bruce Designs


My crush cocktail ring was featured on NY Live today!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Kajal Naina
"My interview got published!"

Kajal Naina


Yay! Just saw that my interview with Expat Parent Magazine Hongkong got published. It's such motivation when one’s work is noticed and appreciated!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Marcia Newquist
"I am the featured artist for Art Fair on the Green."

Marcia Newquist
Owner, Creative Jewelry by Marcia

I am the featured artist for Art Fair on the Green next weekend here in La Crosse, WI. Each year one person is the featured artist. The La Crosse Tribune (La Crosse, WI is where I live pop: 53,000) interviews the artist. I was ecstatic when they put it in today's paper.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Wendy Prichard Hively
"I was featured in Military Spouse Magazine!"

Wendy Prichard Hively
Owner, CharlieMadison Originals


I was featured in this month's Military Spouse Magazine in their article, "21 Military Spouse Owned Businesses We Love." It's been about 7 months since I took Melissa Camilleri's advice and went all-in and focused on the military community. I've made so many wonderful mil-spouse connections and this is a result of continuing to show up, give back, and collaborate within my niche! Such an honor!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Allison Kallaway Young
"My marketing is working!"

Allison Kallaway Young
Owner, Allison Kallaway Jewelry


Newsletter went out and social media posts were made while I was at the Smithsonian show. VIPs are excited about the blue collection launch. My marketing is working!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Linda Allard
"I made the top 5!"

Linda Allard
Owner, Linda Allard Jewelry


I launched a Facebook campaign recently to enter a local contest for “best jewelry store”. I have a small display studio that is set up in a local gallery (so it met the criteria) and I got a call from the Richmond paper telling me I made the top 5.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Stephanie E.M. Coleman
"I just had my first feature in a major magazine!"

Stephanie E.M. Coleman
Owner, Mezari Atelier


I just had my first feature in a major magazine: Canadian House & Home! Getting orders and growing my list because of it.