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SOS Case Study: Ana Maria of Jewel of Havana

By Arielle | October 15, 2018

Before: She had pretty good sales, but she really wanted to scale it up to a level where she’s hitting that 6-figure business mark. She was feeling frustrated with herself…

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#170 13 Lessons Learned from Flourish & Thrive Live 2018

By flourishthrive | October 9, 2018
flourish and thrive review

Reviews of Flourish & Thrive Live are in – it was a total hit!   Maybe you’re coming down off the NYC high, getting out of the jetlagged fog, or…

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#169 How to Create a Beautiful Branded Photoshoot on the Cheap with Karina Harris

By flourishthrive | October 2, 2018
professional photoshoot for less

Great photography helps elevate your brand and build trust with customers.   But a beautifully branded photoshoot? Not always affordable!   There are ways to do consistent photoshoots on a…

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#168 How to Get Your Jewelry Into Luxury Retail with Delia Folk

By flourishthrive | September 25, 2018
sell jewelry to luxury retailers

Luxury retail is all about your brand, not the materials you design with.   Jewelry buyers are looking for exclusive brands, new designs, and fresh takes on trends!   So…

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#167 How One Designer Grew Her Sales by 400% in 4 Months with Kena Treadway

By flourishthrive | September 18, 2018
growing jewelry sales

Fear holds so many designers back from growing their jewelry sales to the level they really want.   Getting in a mindset of success requires you to take action when…

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#166 How a “Total Control Freak” Left Her Biz for 2 Months Without Going Under

By flourishthrive | September 11, 2018

There’s a point in your business where releasing control is the only way to grow.   You might feel scared or nervous to get help with administrative work, but if…

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#165 The Secrets of a Successful Influencer Strategy

By flourishthrive | September 4, 2018
influencer marketing for jewelry brands

Using influencer marketing for jewelry brands to grow brand awareness can be really effective.   Maybe you’re not sure how to partner with influencers, or which ones?   You’re not…

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#164 How to Use IGTV for Your Jewelry Business

By flourishthrive | August 28, 2018
IGTV for your jewelry business

Instagram recently added a new feature called IGTV and I’m excited about it!   The biggest reason is because it allows you to have your very own TV show –…

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#163 Top 10 Lessons Learned from a 5 Week Creative Sabbatical

By flourishthrive | August 21, 2018
growing your creative business

Growing your creative business starts with allowing yourself the space to be creative.   That might sound obvious, but as your business grows your attention gets pulled in all kinds…

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#162 How to Tweak Your Website Quickly to Increase Conversions

By flourishthrive | August 14, 2018
increase ecommerce jewelry sales

You don’t need to be a web developer to make simple changes to your website.   If you’re intimidated by the technical stuff, it’s can be pretty affordable to make…

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