Say Goodbye to Spinning Your Wheels Waiting for Sales...

This is

I’m Tracy Matthews

A jewelry designer, entrepreneur, podcast host, karaoke queen, tough-love lady and Chief Visionary Officer.

I’m OBSESSED with all things jewelry & business!

If you’re a jewelry designer or maker who wants to go from unknown and ignored to wildly successful (whatever that means to you)….you’re in the right place!

I’d Like to Officially Welcome YOU Home!

We’ve helped tens of thousands of jewelry designers and makers attract dedicated lifelong customers, spike their sales, and grow their brand recognition by partnering with top influencers and media all while working less hours and spending more time doing what they love! AKA traveling, being with friends & family, singing get the picture!

You love making beautiful jewelry, but you’re struggling to make sales because you just don’t know where to start!

can totally relate. The skill-set you developed in your master's program didn’t include teaching you how to sell or market your designs.

Or perhaps you’re a self-taught maker who’s tired of hearing your husband or close family members’ jokes about how your jewelry business is just a silly hobby or it’s time for a “real job.”

You fantasize about waking up each day to an inbox full of orders, dozens of new Instagram followers, and an awesome income you’re proud of!

But right now, that’s just not the case. You know you need some help, but hiring and managing even just an intern (let alone a marketing manager) feels like too much right now.

Perhaps you’ve even had some sales success, but you keep waffling about whether or not you should sell to Nordstrom, Anthropologie or Bloomies or stay focused on just the “mom and pop” boutiques. It’s all such a mystery to you, you’re ready to take your business to the next level, but you don’t know which direction to run?

We get it and we can help…



Waking up to the “cha-ching” sound of your Shopify website from 7 customers who bought something from you last month online.


Proving your husband wrong because your business is contributing thousands of dollars every month to your household income (who has the “real job” now?)


Spotting a complete stranger strolling down the street wearing your newest choker and studs.


Attracting great brand exposure by landing a placement on Oprah’s Favorite Things or a segment on the Today Show!


Doing a happy-dance because the Sundance Catalog AND Uncommon Goods accepted 2 of your designs for their Spring Catalogs.


Scoring a $5000 private commission (heck yes!) because your new client felt a strong connection with you after watching the video of your design process on your website.


Feeling like a true BOSS because you’ve hired some incredible A-Team players who have taken loads of work off your plate so you can focus on growing your biz and designing jewelry.

Success looks differently to everyone! It’s our mission to help you feel confident in YOUR power Turn your vision of success into reality!

The truth is…

You’re an artist! Your jewelry shouldn’t be collecting dust on a shelf or shoved in a closet.

It NEEDS to be WORN, enjoyed and celebrated!!


Lucky for you, I’m super stubborn and I actually get kinda p!ss#d when I see passionate jewelry business owners going through the unnecessary struggle of gaining exposure and excitement for their brand.! Usually, it’s because they don’t know what to do next, feel supported by those around them, or feel like they don’t have the time to make it happen.

So they throw in the towel and give up!

We don’t want that for you…


I know, because I was just like you about 15-20 years ago…

So as a natural problem solver, I set out to create a solution to a HUGE problem in our industry…filling in the “business education” gaps for jewelry artists, designers and makers like you who aren’t starting out with a bunch of industry connections, an MBA in digital marketing, or a billion dollar trust fund to rely on as their business takes off...

Our Motto:: Community and Collaboration Over Competition

It’s the key to success!

Along with my team of coaches and business mentors, we’re here to help your business (not to be cheesy)... 

Flourish & Thrive!

You might be wondering WHY I care so much about you, someone I’ve never personally met…

Well, as a jewelry designer (and maker) with 25+ years of experience building my own independent jewelry brand, Tracy Matthews Designs, Inc., I know how tough it can be to take your passion and turn it into a profitable business that supports your lifestyle.

After starting my first jewelry business back in the 90’s, I spent many years doing the whole “trial and error” thing, struggling to figure it all out on my own.

Man, that was hard!

But eventually I gained some traction, started really getting recognized, and I did it!

I’m super proud of what I accomplished with very little help!

My designs were sold in over 350 stores internationally, coveted by top A-List celebs (Halle Berry, Orlando Bloom, Kate Hudson), and featured in the best magazines and TV shows like InStyle, Lucky, Real Simple and the Today Show.

In fact..not to brag, but at the height of my career, I was raking in close to a Million bucks in revenue a year!

That was awesome!


My Vision for YOU? To have the thriving jewelry business, you’ve always wanted.

…and for you to avoid all the business mistakes I made that added YEARS onto my learning curve.

One of the things I’ve learned along the way is that I cannot, in fact, do everything! You and I each have a skillset to bring to our business, but neither of us have all the tools on our own.

The only way to have all the skills you need to run a profitable business is to understand your strengths and get help from others on your weaknesses!

Eventually all the gaps will be filled, and you’ll have an airtight business primed for profitability!


So, I co-founded Flourish & Thrive Academy with my dear friend, Robin Kramer, a sales and relationship expert committed to supporting independent jewelry and accessories brands develop sales and wholesale strategy.

Now let’s talk about Flourish & Thrive and what we do….

Here’s what you get when you’re in our community…

Weekly business & lifestyle advice straight from Tracy’s Manhattan apartment in the form of our top-rated podcast, Thrive by Design.

Industry-leading virtual online courses to take you from unknown jewelry designer to unforgettable jewelry brand maven in as little as 8-weeks!


You have a unique learning style, we totally understand that, so we have an amazingly affordable membership community, the Diamond Insiders, where you can get ongoing feedback on your biz by me, Robin, our Diamond Insider coaches, and your jewelry designer peers!

The digital world and e-commerce market is changing constantly. That’s why we listened to you when you said you wanted 1:1 coaching and mentoring. We’ve partnered with amazing experts from across the digital industry to be coaches in our exclusive Strategic Online Success (SOS) Accelerator Program.

The SOS Accelerator covers all things “digital and e-commerce”. Our coaches range from PR and media placement experts, digital marketing and e-commerce strategy gurus, SEO ninjas, copywriting queens, DREAM client attraction advisers, systems and productivity pros and so much more! All of these experts are available to coach you 1:1 when you join our SOS Accelerator. It’s seriously an epic experience if you’re ready to take your online business to new levels.

I mentioned before, I cannot, in fact, do everything. None of this would be possible without support…..that’s why I’ve hired the most amazing team in the world to help me!

Meet Our Core Team

Tracy Matthews, Chief Visionary Officer and Creative Director

You’ve heard a bit about my story so I thought I’d share some fun facts about myself. My brain has a gajillion ideas and I feel a huge rush of excitement when I see those ideas come to life. My family is HUGE and 5 out of my 8 siblings are entrepreneurs or self employed. Karaoke is my jam and I love belting out a good tune (hello, Lady Gaga). Even though I have a lot of things I’m super pumped about, my biggest passion is empowering other “Creative Visionaries” like myself to lead successful teams and grow profitable businesses (yes, the Visionary Circle is coming soon). NYC is my home and when I’m not here, you’ll find me in California, Sun Valley or traveling around the world.

Robin Kramer, Co-Founder, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Chief Nurturer

If I had to describe my friend and co-founder, Robin, it would be hard to sum her up in just a few words. She’s a natural nurturer, master of relationships and sales expert. More than anything, she LOVES to help people so she’s a gift to have on our team. Born and raised in Dallas, TX, y’all might hear a lil’ southern “twang” come out of her mouth. The girl is a true fan and believer in all things “wholesale” so if you wanna sell to stores, she’s your gal. Sisterly bonds are strong and Robin is the 2nd of the four Kramer girls. Robin splits her time between Dallas, TX and Sausalito, CA.

Abby Biro, Business Manager & Miracle Worker

What can I say about Abby! Without her, we wouldn’t be here. She runs the behind the scenes of Flourish & Thrive Academy and makes sure this ship sales smoothly. I snagged her from the non-profit world in 2015 and lucky for us, she’s a fast learner and completely enveloped herself in managing an online biz. The girl makes miracles happen out of my crazy ideas. She lives in Prescott, Arizona with her husband, Brandon and two adorable daughters, Katelyn and Madison.

Jessica Gebauer, Superstar + Community Manager for Diamond Insiders

Jess joined the F&TA team in late 2016 and I don’t know what we ever did without her. As the owner/designer of Jessica Allison Jewelry, she was a natural fit because she “gets” you and your struggles. That’s how we quickly realized that community building was her superpower and right away she was supporting our membership, The Diamond Insiders. It’s hard to put someone in a box because Jess does so much more for the company than just manage our DI. She’s like the lifeline that helps us understand YOU so we can give you the best support. Jess lives in Jersey City with her husband, Tom, and their dogs XXX and XXX.

Rebekah Buege, Editorial and Content Manager

When we were looking for a content and blog manager, we never thought we’d end up with as amazing a writer as Rebekah. The girl knew nothing about the jewelry industry, but quickly picked up the lingo, learned my voice, and discovered how to solve your jewelry business problems like an industry insider. Rebekah manages all content on our blog, podcast, emails, and programs. She collaborates with me on a daily basis and takes my ideas and turns them into tangible lessons. Rebekah lives in Mankato, Minnesota with her fiancé, Zack (and their dogs Jack and Brody).

Sharon Kwon, Social Media Manager

It takes a village over here at Flourish & Thrive and as the business started to grow, we got Sharon on board. She’s the mastermind behind our social media and Pinterest curation. I love seeing the fun and creative ideas she comes up with to add to our assortment of standard posts. She has a wanderlust and at any given time she’ll be working remotely from an international locale.

Quay Flom, Customer Relationship Specialist

We love our people and the truth is that Quay is a jewelry maker, a graduate of our programs and a highly active member of our community. So when we were hiring a new Customer Relationship Specialist, it seemed only natural to bring her on board. She knows you and loves you already. Her calm sensibility and caring vibe are the perfect compliment to support our customers and extended community. Quay lives in Duluth, MN with her husband, XXX, and her children, XXXX.

Meet Our coaches


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Values & Vibes

Our Why:

We believe in this digital world, that no designer or maker should ever feel alone. We believe that building a jewelry business or brand shouldn’t require extreme measures or years of trial and error. We believe that when we support each other, everyone wins. We do this because we truly care about your success and we do that with our free content, our online courses, our membership community and our coaching programs.

Our Mission:

To empower emerging jewelry designers and makers to have the confidence to leverage their talent and take control of their business success with the right exposure and clients.

Our Vision:

To be the premier online education resource for the jewelry industry by providing the best branding and business education, the best coaches, a top rated and recognized podcast, the best industry networking opportunities, and the best scholarship programs and grants.

Our Core Values:

Foster Community and Collaboration Over Competition

Excellence in Products, Service and Advice

Transparency, Accountability and Support

Always be Learning, and Teaching


Develop and Maintain Strong Relationships with Industry Leaders

How we make all this happen:

Yes, we have a bunch of resources available to you right now, all at no cost. Woot woot!

However, we’re only able to do that because we sell high-quality business programs & coaching. That’s how we’re able to give so much away for FREE,create this amazing, supportive community, and hire the best A-Team players from around the world!

We love feeling like Oprah and abundantly handing out high-value resources for free. But I can’t pay my water bill with ‘likes’ ‘downloads’ and Instagram ‘followers’...can I get a heck yeah?! Businesses need money to invest in providing their customers with the highest quality product & service.

Here at Flourish & Thrive Academy, we pride ourselves on offering you simply the BEST jewelry business advice and coaching available. Period. So we need the best courses, coaches, and community to pull that off!

Check out one of the jewelry industry’s best kept secrets to business success, our signature course

Laying the Foundation!