Content Writer Position




This is a virtual position and we are willing to train the right person.

Flourish & Thrive Academy is the premier online education company for jewelry designers and makers. We specialize in  teaching designers and makers how to grow a jewelry brand with solid sales, marketing, and business skills. Our mission is to help them build a solid, profitable business that supports their big vision or lifestyle.

Company Mission:

To empower emerging jewelry designers and makers to create desire for their brands and build their businesses.

Company Vision:

We will be the premier online education resource for the jewelry industry by providing the best branding and business education, the best coaches, top rated and recognized podcast, the best industry networking opportunities, and the best scholarship programs and grants.

Core Values:

  1. Foster Community and Collaboration Over Competition
  2. Excellence in Products, Service, and Advice
  3. Transparency, Accountability, and Support
  4. Always be Learning and Teaching
  5. Integrity
  6. Develop and Maintain Strong Relationships with Industry Insiders

For more info about the company, click here.

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to work with a rapidly-growing, entrepreneurial company?

A company where you can be a part of an energized team and your efforts impact the company’s success?

If the answer is YES, then keep reading…..

  • Do you LIVE to write (like you can’t imagine doing anything else with your working hours)?
  • Does the challenge of writing in someone else’s voice get you all tingly inside?
  • Are you passionate about curating ideas and weaving together interesting details?
  • Are you constantly obsessing over how to craft the perfect story to prove a point?
  • Are you an awesome, positive person?
  • Do you enjoy collaborating on ideas with a small team to work towards big milestones?
  • Does the idea of finishing projects on time or early make you want to do a cartwheel?
  • Do you excel at managing your time and feel fulfilled when every box is checked off your to-do list?
  • Do you love the challenge of getting inside the head of a niche audience to speak to their struggles and provide solutions?
  • Does taking someone’s idea and running with it inspire words to stream from your fingertips and into your google doc?


  • Are you obsessed with jewelry? (not necessary)

If you are saying, Hells-Yes,  this might be the right position for you!

But we want to be crystal-clear because we are looking for a super-star who LOVES writing, wants to learn and grow and is pretty pumped to grow with a company and stay for awhile. That’s why….


  • You are just looking for a writing gig to pick up a few extra bucks.
  • You can only work at night or on the weekends. (Yes, the hours are flexible but availability between 10 am EDT to 6 pm EDT will be required at times.)
  • You are looking to build your own writing agency – and take on multiple clients. We are looking for someone who has the space to grow with us.
  • You don’t like being given direction and find it challenging following instructions. We ARE seeking a creative thinker and your input will be valuable.
  • You don’t enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and occasionally working on multiple projects at a time.
  • You have difficulty organizing your ideas and getting them on paper.
  • “Follow-through” is NOT your middle name.
  • You are a negative person.


  • Develop and manage content for instructional trainings/courses and create supporting materials such as a checklist, pdf’s, worksheets, etc.
  • Coordinate content creation & publishing of company newsletters (internal or external)
  • Develop and maintain proper messaging and consistency
    • Writes in an engaging, active tone similar to Tracy’s
    • Writing broken up by subheadings
    • Use of bulleted lists
    • Embedded links throughout the text as appropriate
  • Writes, schedules, and posts content online; maintains company web pages and blog(s)
  • Develop creative and effective content for press releases, websites, testimonials, case studies, and more as needed
  • Helps develop & document procedures to manage content
  • Monitors social media channels and conducts social listening; responds on topics related to company/industry
  • Design graphics for use with the appropriate content

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Good working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite and exceptional typing skills.
  • Strong writing, editing, and proofreading skills (includes editing other’s content)
  • Excellent language and grammar skills.
  • Experience in writing for the web, content management, and internet research
  • Experience with social networks and understanding types of content needed
  • Interpersonal skills – you will be working with a team and communicate with them on a regular basis and we need someone that enjoys working with others.
  • Ambitious – we want someone that is excited to grow with us!
  • Tech savvy – we use numerous online programs and we need someone that can learn fast and isn't afraid of using numerous programs.
  • A professional attitude and superior organizational and time management skills.
  • Self-starter – someone who thrives on completing projects independently and on-time.
  • Fast learner – someone who can pick up new systems and learn them quickly.


Pay – depends on skill set. Pay increase after 90 days depending on performance review.

Time Commitment:

We expect this position to build into about 30 hours per week. To start, we would like at least 20 hours a week initially, but may start out a little slower as you get up to speed with the business and Tracy’s tone. Potential to be full-time for the right person. If you learn fast and have the availability this could increase quickly. The schedule is flexible and you can work when you are most productive. We will discuss this more during the interview process. However, you will need to be available for collaboration and meetings  during the hours of 10am – 6 pm EDT Monday – Friday, as needed.

How to apply:

Deadline to apply is Wednesday, July 6th. Click the button below to fill out our application.





Once we receive the information we will contact you if you are selected for the next round and will follow up then with the next steps.