F&TA Dating App for Designers

When it Comes to Jewelry Lovers Dating, F&TA's Dating App For Jewelers is the Only Trade Show in Town!



Single Jewelry Designer?

This app is right for you if…

  • You are a single jewelry designer looking for love.
  • It's easier for you to hide behind you jeweler bench than put yourself out there.
  • You have a beautiful website, but still can't find that special someone.
  • The people you meet on Etsy always seem to just want something from you.

Are you ready to start YOUR jewelry design love story?

Is jewelry designer dating even still a possibility? What if a matchmaking service like the ones that connect rural farmers with each other was created for the jewelry industry?

Jewelry Design can be isolating, but one of the best methods of finding love these days is through the online world. That's why we created the F&TA Dating App for Jewelry Designers. Our service is the only dating app that caters to designers, boutique shop owners, and all-around jewelry lovers.

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Tracy Matthews

Tracy Matthews is a jewelry designer matchmaker extraordinaire (and very pleased BETA tester of this app!). It's no secret why she runs a side gig as a bespoke engagement ring and wedding band designer. That's just smart business.


Robin Kramer

Robin Kramer is a master of jewelry designer relationship building science. She offers pre-date consulting (put your best foot forward!) and has an uncanny ability to show designers how to stay matched forever.

There is more to life than being ridiculously good looking.
Before we found the F&TA Dating App for Jewelry Designers we were both just super models with a dream of designing eco-friendly jewelry for parakeets. After Tracy & Robin matched us together, it was like we could finally see clearly (also because the magazine photographer's camera flash broke). Now we live together in a small studio in the Amazon Rainforest designing jewelry for beautiful birds.
Sven & Svet, BirdsDeserveBling2.com
peter T
Your app saved my life, my business, but most importantly, my heart
So many of my past relationships have told me that my jewelry designing was a burden… literally. I had just about given up on dating when I found the F&TA Dating App for Jewelry Designers. It only took two weeks before I found that special someone who loved me for me and treat my designs as if they were their own. Thank you F&TA!
Peter the Designer, MrTgotnuthinonme.com