How One Jewelry Designer Grew Her Online Sales 197% in 1 Year

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“What is going on? Things went nuts! It was like my best month! And after that, it was really consistent… My online sales grew by 197%. It’s crazy!”

Meghan was shocked to see her results after leaning into emailing her list more than she felt comfortable with!

Even though most of her sales originally came from wholesale accounts, Meghan of Meghan Bo Designs had an online business that was booming!

Now how in the world did Meghan Boehm, founder of Meghan Bo Designs accelerate her sales despite the worldwide economic meltdown? Read till the end because you’re gonna love her story.

As a little girl, Meghan loved collecting beads and making jewelry. But she put her passion on the back burner when she was growing up.

After she had kids, she rediscovered jewelry-making as a fun outlet as a busy mom. So she restarted her hobby which turned into a part-time job.

Meghan wanted to build her direct-to-consumer business online, but soon she realized…

There were a lot of things I didn’t know (about selling online) or even how to find someone to teach me. I didn’t know it was a “thing” where someone could teach me everything I needed to know about online sales.”

She was initially hesitant to join our program because like most busy moms, she said she doesn’t really spend money on herself.

But after binge-listening to our podcasts, seeing all the reviews, and researching thoroughly she realized…

“I actually think it was probably less expensive to join a program like this… Rather than paying for all these different people (to help me) which just doesn’t make sense. You know, you kind of piecemeal it out.”

So, Meghan participated in our Train Your Customers to Buy From You Online (TYC) program to grow her online jewelry sales.

What is TYC? 

It’s a 12-week done-with-you intensive workshop that can help you get cash flowing into your business, increase your average order value per sale, and turn your website into a sales machine that works around the clock. We’ll help you build lasting relationships and thrive during challenging times.

You’ll also get…

  • Live virtual coaching sessions with me, our FTA coaches and guest mentors
  • Real time marketing makeover sessions
  • Pre-recorded stand-alone trainings you can work on at your own pace
  • Hand holding and 2 unstuck calls
  • And so much more!

Remember when I said Meghan increased her sales 197%, after the TYC?

Well here’s what she said ultimately happened to her bottom line…

“My income went from 2 figures to 6 figures that year and I saw a HUGE HUGE change. Obviously a very good return on investment that year from joining the program.”

Indeed, it was LESS expensive for her to invest in our program rather than hire professionals by "piecemeal" or waste her valuable time experimenting on what might work.

So ~Contact.FirstName~, would you like to save your precious time, accelerate your sales and make your jewelry business thrive despite uncertainties?

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PLUS a Private Strategic 90-Day Holiday Planning Session w/ Feedback from your mentor if you pay in full.

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Hope you could join us and become our next success story, ~Contact.FirstName~.

xo, Tracy

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