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Mastering Wholesale Course Curriculum

A 5-week virtual program for Jewelry Designers


How to Get Started (Or Restarted) in Your Wholesale Business: The Basics

In the first module we will help you pull together the fundamentals of a wholesale business the RIGHT way. You’ll discover how to develop your collection with a wholesale strategy in mind, the essentials you need to create a total brand package, and our expert strategies for making the most of your wholesale experience.

  • Wholesale:: an Overview
  • Developing a Collection for Wholesale that Blows Buyers Away
  • Wholesale Essentials for Creating a Total Brand Package
  • Making the Most of Your Wholesale Experience

The New Economy of Wholesale

Wholesale has changed so much in the last 20 years, especially with the internet! In this module we’ll take you through the “New Economy” of wholesale and show you how you can leverage modern technology to improve your sales, maximize your production capabilities and get the results that designers like Chan Luu experience. Plus, you discover how to develop lasting vendor relationships to grow your wholesale business.

  • Now and Then:: The New Economy of Wholesale
  • How Buyers are Finding Designers in the New Economy + Wholesaling in the Internet Age
  • Production Secrets for Success in Wholesale
  • Secrets to Successful Vendor Relationships

Sales Support and Sales Systems: Relationship Marketing

Sales in wholesale is all about building and nurturing strong relationships with your retail accounts. You’ll discover our relationship building fundamentals and how to create systems to create a simple seamless process that keeps your retail buyers begging for more. We also have a secret power tool that is going to help you maximize the sales potential of every single account your land!

  • The Fundamentals of Relationship Marketing
  • Creating Sales Systems for Relationship Building
  • Developing Exceptional Client Experiences
  • The Power Tool that is Often Forgotten

To Rep or Not to Rep: The Ins and Outs of Sales Representation for Your Brand

Consistent sales are the lifeblood of your business and there are many ways to keep that flow of sales coming in! In this module we will give you the skinny on showrooms & reps (they may or may not be the solution you imagine them to be). We’ll also show you how to form a killer sales team to get orders flying in the door, plus some extra strategies for leveraging showrooms and independent reps to sell your jewelry (the right way).

  • Getting the Skinny on Showrooms & Reps
  • Wholesale Sales Systems: Forming an Effective Team
  • Successful Representation Strategies

Trade Shows: Fundamentals and Strategies

Tradeshows are still alive and kicking in the new economy -, but (like everything else) they have evolved quite a bit. If you don’t play it right, you stand to waste a lot of time and a lot of money! In this module you’ll discover how to select the right trade show for YOUR business-,how to build and merchandise a booth that gets buyers lining up outside of your booth!

  • Trade Shows: Are They Still Viable Places to Wholesale?
  • Trade Show Discernment: Selecting the Right Show for Your Business
  • The Fundamentals of a Booth that Attracts Buyers
  • Trade Show Best Practices

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We've Also Included the Following Resources & Bonuses:

F&TA Wholesale Lingo Cheatsheet

Get caught up quick on the wholesale lingo and you will be talking like a pro in no time. ($98)

F&TA Retail Store List

This will save you hours of data mining the internet in search of retail stores to contact. ($298)

F&TA Tradeshow Guide

It’s your turn to be the talk of the tradeshow. Learn how to stand out and shine! ($298)

F&TA Sales Templates

These professional templates will ad an immediately upgrade to your credibility. ($98)

F&TA Wholesale Guest Speaker Interviews

Interviews that complement each module PLUS many more that will be added on an ongoing basis. ($2498 – well really priceless)

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As always, we want you to be COMPLETELY SATISFIED with our Mastering Wholesale course. That’s why we offer a no-risk, money-back guarantee. Try it out for two weeks! If you do the work, show us your results and you are still not satisfied, we’ll refund your money. *Must ask for refund within two weeks of payment.

P.S. Mastering Wholesale — a self-paced course designed to teach you the fundamentals of building and growing a thriving wholesale business on your terms — is a MUST take course for any jewelry designer who has ever considered selling wholesale or who has struggled doing so. Try it now! P.P.S. With our money back guarantee, this is a completely RISK FREE opportunity. Click Here and begin your thriving wholesale career now!