Say Goodbye to Spinning Your Wheels Waiting for Sales...

This is

I’m Tracy Matthews,

A jewelry designer, entrepreneur, podcast host, karaoke queen, tough-love lady and Chief Visionary Officer.

I’m OBSESSED with all things jewelry & business!

If you’re a jewelry designer or maker who wants to go from unknown and ignored to wildly successful (whatever that means to you)….you’re in the right place!

I’d Like to Officially Welcome YOU Home!

Our Motto:

Community & Collaboration Over Competition


At Flourish & Thrive, we’ve helped tens of thousands of jewelry designers and makers attract dedicated lifelong customers, spike their sales, and grow their brand recognition by partnering with top influencers and media all while working less hours and spending more time doing what they love! AKA traveling, being with friends & family, singing get the picture!.

You love making beautiful jewelry, but you’re struggling to make sales because you just don’t know where to start!

I can totally relate. (More on my own struggles starting out down the page.) 

The skill-set you developed in your master's program didn’t include teaching you how to sell or market your designs.

Or perhaps you’re a self-taught maker who’s tired of hearing your husband or close family members’ jokes about how your jewelry business is just a silly hobby or it’s time for a “real job.”

You fantasize about waking up each day to an inbox full of orders, dozens of new Instagram followers, and an awesome income you’re proud of!

But right now, that’s just not the case. You know you need some help, but hiring and managing even just an intern (let alone a marketing manager) feels like too much right now.

Perhaps you’ve even had some sales success, but you keep waffling about whether or not you should sell to Nordstrom, Anthropologie or Bloomies or stay focused on just the “mom and pop” boutiques. It’s all such a mystery to you, you’re ready to take your business to the next level, but you don’t know which direction to run?

We get it and we can help…



Waking up to the “cha-ching” sound of your Shopify website from 7 repeat customers who bought overnight.


Erasing your husband’s doubts because your business is contributing thousands of dollars every month to your household income (who has the “real job” now?)


Spotting a complete stranger strolling down the street wearing your newest choker and studs.


Attracting great brand exposure by landing a placement on Oprah’s Favorite Things or a segment on the Today Show!


Doing a happy dance because the Sundance Catalog AND Uncommon Goods accepted 2 of your designs for their Spring Catalogs.


Scoring a $5000 private commission (heck yes!) because your new client felt a strong connection with you after watching  the video of your design process on your website.


Feeling like a true BOSS because you’ve hired some incredible A-Team players who’ve taken loads of work off your plate so your business grows while you focus on designing jewelry.


You've truly stepped into the role of visionary for your business, and your business is growing like crazy!

Success looks differently to everyone! It’s our mission to help you feel confident in YOUR power Turn your vision of success into reality!

The truth is…

You’re an artist! Your jewelry shouldn’t be collecting dust on a shelf or shoved in a closet.

It NEEDS to be WORN, enjoyed and celebrated!!


Lucky for you, I’m super stubborn and I actually get kinda p!ss#d when I see passionate jewelry business owners struggling to create buzz for their brand. Usually, it’s because they don’t know their next step.

So they throw in the towel and give up!

We don’t want that for you…

You might be wondering WHY I care so much about you, someone I’ve never personally met…

Well, as a jewelry designer (and maker) with 25+ years of experience building my own independent jewelry brand, Tracy Matthews Designs, Inc., I know how tough it can be to take your passion and turn it into a profitable business that supports your lifestyle..

Especially when your husband says “If you don’t start making sales soon you’re gonna have to go back to your retail job.”

Our Vision for YOU? To have the thriving jewelry business, you’ve always wanted.

…and for you to avoid all the business mistakes I made that added YEARS onto my learning curve.

That’s why I co-founded Flourish & Thrive with co-founder Robin Kramer.

She’s a soft spoken, sales and relationship bad-ass. While she’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, she’s also worked in sales arena for some of the biggest names in corporate retail like Gap, Inc., Williams-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel.

One of the things I’ve learned along the way is that I cannot, in fact, do everything! You and I each have a skillset to bring to our business, but neither of us has all the tools on our own.

Flourish & Thrive Academy is here to fill those knowledge gaps and hand you all the community and support you need -- to set you up with an airtight business primed for profitability!!

Here’s who’s on board to help you along the way.


Our Core Team

Tracy Matthews
Chief Visionary Officer and Creative Director

You’ve heard a bit about my story so I thought I’d share some fun facts about myself. My brain has a gajillion ideas and I feel a huge rush of excitement when I see those ideas come to life. My family is HUGE and 5 out of my 8 siblings are entrepreneurs or self employed. Karaoke is my jam and I love belting out a good tune (hello, Lady Gaga). Even though I have a lot of things I’m super pumped about, my biggest passion is empowering other “Creative Visionaries” like myself to lead successful teams and grow profitable businesses (yes, the Visionary Circle is coming soon). NYC is my home and when I’m not here, you’ll find me in California, Sun Valley or traveling around the world.

Robin Kramer
Co-Founder, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Chief Nurturer

If I had to describe my friend and co-founder, Robin, it would be hard to sum her up in just a few words. She’s a natural nurturer, master of relationships and sales expert. More than anything, she LOVES to help people so she’s a gift to have on our team. Born and raised in Dallas, TX, y’all might hear a lil’ southern “twang” come out of her mouth. The girl is a true fan and believer in all things “wholesale” so if you wanna sell to stores, she’s your gal. Sisterly bonds are strong and Robin is the 2nd of the four Kramer girls. Robin splits her time between Dallas, TX and Sausalito, CA.

Brianna Miller
Operations Manager + Idea Integrator
Jessica Gebauer
Superstar + Community Manager for Diamond Insiders
Quay Flom
Customer Relationship Specialist



Natasha Lakos
Success Specialist





Our Coaches

Nina Head SHot Larger File (1)
Sabina HitchenSabina is the founder of which includes her online publicity training programs, Press for Success. It’s here that she teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to get publicity for their businesses effectively, efficiently, and confidently.
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Janine Just Headshot

Values & Vibes

Our Why:

We believe in this digital world, that no designer or maker should ever feel alone. We believe that building a jewelry business or brand shouldn’t require extreme measures or years of trial and error. We believe that when we support each other, everyone wins. We do this because we truly care about your success and we do that with our free content, our online courses, our membership community and our coaching programs.

Our Mission:

To empower emerging jewelry designers and makers to have the confidence to leverage their talent and take control of their business success with the right exposure and clients.

Our Vision:

To be the premier online education resource for the jewelry industry by providing the best branding and business education, the best coaches, a top rated and recognized podcast, the best industry networking opportunities, and the best scholarship programs and grants.

Our Core Values:


How we make all this happen:

Yes, we have a bunch of resources available to you right now, all at no cost. Woot woot!

However, we’re only able to do that because we sell high-quality business programs & coaching. That’s how we’re able to give so much away for FREE, create this amazing, supportive community, and hire the best A-Team players from around the world!

We love feeling like Oprah and abundantly handing out high-value resources for free. But I can’t pay my water bill with ‘likes’ ‘downloads’ and Instagram ‘followers’...can I get a heck yeah?! Businesses need money to invest in providing their customers with the highest quality product & service.

Here at Flourish & Thrive Academy, we pride ourselves on offering you simply the BEST jewelry business advice and coaching available. Period. So we need the best courses, coaches, and community to pull that off!

What’s Your Jewelry Brand’s
Brilliance Factor?

Discover the special sparkle that only you have and learn how to use it to your advantage while building the jewelry business of your dreams!