Here's a roundup of our favorite

jewelry & product

Business Tools & Resources

Business Operation Tools


Like regular email with all the power of the world’s most beloved search engine behind it, Gmail is versatile, accessible and savvy.

Google Drive
File Organization

No matter how many digital files you need to run your business, Google Drive has the capacity to keep them under control.

Team Communication

Need to get a quick message across to other members of your team? With Slack, you can keep all communications in the right channels.

Secure Storing/ Sharing Passwords

Passwords taking up too much brain real estate? LastPass is the life hack you need for more space and sanity.

Video Calls and Virtual Meetings

As much as we love a face-to-face meeting, a video platform like Zoom is a life-saver for busy and remote teams.

Productivity & Time Management

For Business owners looking for a simple and easy to use project management system

Running a business often means juggling multiple commitments simultaneously. Asana is the extra hand you need to make sure you never drop the ball.

Google Calendar
For easy schedule and time management

Losing your mind trying to keep track of your appointments? Every busy business owner NEEDS Google Calendar.

Creating Your Jewelry
or Creative Product Website

For hosting online stores and retail pos systems

You could spend countless hours building a great online experience for your customers – or you could let Shopify do the heavy lifting for you.

Email Marketing

For email and sms marketing automation

Meet your customers where they are and add a personal touch to your communications without sacrificing your personal time.

for easy pre-built templates & flows for email marketing

Good business is all about increasing sales while decreasing your workload, and Omnisend automations can help make it happen.

Live Video Streaming
(for Virtual Trunk Shows)

for streaming your love videos to multiple platforms simultaneously

(ie. Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, and more)
Done right, video can be a powerful marketing tool – and with a tool like StreamYard, you can get it right EVERY time.

Comment Sold
or the ability to live stream simultaneously across platforms and accept payments during a virtual trunk show

Whether you’re making jewelry or making sales, every goldsmith knows that it’s all about striking when the tools are hot.