F&TA 2017 Yearbook

We get asked all the time how graduates of our jewelry courses can stay connected.

This year we're delivering with F&TA's first ever Yearbook!


April Fool yearbook

Why Create a Yearbook?

We've thought long and hard about it…

  • Yearbooks look great on a coffee table
  • They make great paperweights
  • Nobody uses Facebook these days anyway

Do you want to be included in F&TA's inaugural Yearbook?

Do you stay up at night worrying about how you'll keep in touch with your jewelry course crew? Are you one of those cutting edge people who know Social Media isn't where it's at? Do you like carrying books that weigh more than you're dog?

If you can answer yes to those questions, sign up to be included in F&TA's 2017 Yearbook.

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Abby Biro, FTA Business Manager



Robin Kramer, FTA Co-founder


High School Sweethearts

Jess Gebauer, FTA Community Manager


Formal Dinners

Arielle Hale, Launch Manager


Pep Rallys


We Literally Offer None of Those Things.
BUT, what better way to connect a group of people this day and age than through a good old fashioned yearbook? So what are you waiting for? Let us know you want in!