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#176 How a “Mystery” Blogger Selects Product to Feature

getting featured by bloggers

Think you can’t keep a secret?   The blogger behind A Thousand Facets has hidden her identity for almost 9 years on her blog!   It’s so cool because she’s a big time blogger, but no one knows the woman behind the words.   Or maybe I should say, the woman behind the website –…

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#175 Blockchain + Responsible Sourcing to Tell a Better Story

blockchain responsible jewelry sourcing

Blockchain isn’t just about BitCoin.   In fact, cryptocurrencies were made possible because of Blockchain technology!   So what does this have to do with the jewelry and fashion industry?   Blockchain helps give a digital papertrail of each step in the manufacturing and sourcing process of a piece of jewelry.   So this means…

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#172 Strengthening Your Inner Fitness with Patricia Moreno

believe in your business

Business and life are integrated in so many ways. How we feel about ourselves and what kind of lens we view business through shapes our ability to actually succeed. Working that inner confidence muscle is exactly what our guest is going to help us work through today. I hope that you’re inspired by what Patricia…

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